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Join me as I talk about the book Miracle of the Prayer Cloth with author Farida Aubain. The faith and trust in God and the power of God's love.
Oscar the Osprey - a children's book with an uplifting moral message about overcoming the physical hurdles in life.
Faith talk radio that inspires, empowers and enlightens you to walk in faith and purpose.
Faith talk radio that inspires, empowers and enlightens you to walk in faith and purpose.
Author, Jerry Lane talks about his book "The Road to Prosperity." Birthed out of his discoveries exploring the Palmetto Trail right off his property in South Carolina.
Let's talk about accountability and alignment! Biblical Headship: Making Sense of Submission to Authority by Dr. John Polis.
God's call to health and healing. Judith Radasch Stickler author of Full Circle: A Witness to Healing through Science, Faith and Just Plain Living.
Faith talk radio that inspires, empowers and enlightens you to walk in faith and purpose.
Retired, Worked at the Children’s Hospital. Training to be a massage therapist. I went toPhoenix College. Did some editorial pieces cartoons. Omega paper. I am a pianist and I do Yoga. I create music and make videos. Sunny slope high school grade school Washington grade school.
The author graduated of “The William Patterson University of New Jersey”. He was awarded a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science in 1975, with supporting class interests in Philosophy, “leading to a life long journey”.
Teaching since 2007, Steven is currently in a middle leadership position at a Christianschool. Attaining his Masters of Education (Leadership and Management) in 2018, his encounter with secular postmodern philosophy at university gave him a desire to explore Christianity at an intellectual level.
I was born in Oxford England in 1961. At school I was more on the creative side that the academic, and successfully competed in many sports. It wasn’t until I grew older that I became more interested in other subjects. Over the years I have had various jobs, and have worked abroad in various countries.
Walking God's Tightrope with Evangelist and author, Victoria Lloyd.
Join me as I talk with Professional Organizer, Janet M Taylor. Janet has been an organizing expert since 1994 and is the owner of Totally Organized, LLC. Janet has appeared in 2 episodes of HGTV’s Mission: Organization and was crowned “The Clutter Free Queen” on The Rachael Ray Show.
Join me as I talk with Anthony Page about his book "Silence of the Lad Why Men Stop Talking."
Join me as I talk with John about his book "The Boy Killian."
Join me as I talk with Barry Sankey about his book "Seven Cuts of Wood A Spin Black Project."
Join me as I talk with Link Thompson about his book "Honoring our Creator."
Join me and children's book author A.G. Sinko as we talk about her new book "Blossom and The Dragon."
Join me as I talk wth author Janice Reneau Clendennen about her new Christian fiction novel "The Messenger."
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