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Author: Dr. Angela Butts Chester

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Daily Spark with Dr. Angela is faith talk radio for everyone to enjoy. A lively space where inspiration, motivation, and empowerment meet. So grab your coffee (or tea) and enjoy the encouragement this morning show brings.
276 Episodes
Your divine connection with the Creator begins before you are born. Join me as Kathryn explains this point of view.
This book talks about the powerful and amazingly honest look at how you walk alongside your partner.
Homeopathy is a medical system based on the belief that the body can cure itself. Join me as Geread presents his views in his book "God is a Homeopath."
Join me as I talk with children's book author Therese Glover about a sometimes tough topic. See how she addresses attempting to remove the fear of death from children.
Invasions of the "biblical kind." Enjoy this interview with Rev. Janette Jones about her book Cloudy Witness.
Evangelist Deirdre Hunt talks about her book and ministry, Spiritual Growth for Women Ministry, Breaking Shackles.
Talking with musical guests HeIsTheArtist and Chris Bender.Pt. 1 - HeIsTheArtist new song "Boom"Pt. 2 - Chris Bender new song "Glad In It"
It was August 1968 and nine-year-old Anttonia Barten was enjoying her last day of summer camp in Bohemia, Czechoslovakia. Join me as I talk with the author to find out how this story ends.
Interview with author Flabia Thembeka about her book "Please Handle Me Carefully For I Have Been Broken." The book focuses on and exposed the spirit of rejection.
Part 1: Dr. Dororthy Weaever -The Devil's Love WebPart 2: James Grace - Under the May Day Tree
Divine Sweetness are Love Aspirations coming from the goddess Saraswati, the Flowing One. Fertile with illuminating wisdom, love, and peace. Enjoy flowing gently on her open river like the gracious white swan into the peaceful source of blissful ecstasy and realize that you are divine in sweetness
Join us as Latina shares how to break free from bondage.
Dr. Rich highlights her journey of discovery that alcohol – our social drug of choice – has led tothe incarceration of individuals with prenatal alcohol exposure who unwittingly commitunsophisticated crimes and are often left holding the bag in crimes they are duped intocommitting.
"I Know a Blessing When I See One" with Clifton Jones, Jr. - Part 1."Perfect Witness" with Richard Cody - Part 2.
Discovering your power and purpose in this world.
Discussing his book "A Treasure Chest of Best-Loved Poems" with Dr. James Lockhart.Why Richard Lynch “Thinks He’ll Carry It On” with his newest project.
How poetry became a voice in the life of the Author on his journey to find faith.
Discussing his book "Brian Injury Cant Stop Me" with Armando Vargas.A visit with band Walker Cay on their latest project and dealing with COVID19.
“Earl Fee is Running” Earl Fee is a retired nuclear power consultant, author, poet, motivational speaker, artist, and also aworld-class runner and hurdler with 60 world records from age 57 to 90. The world records indicate the correctness of his healthy lifestyle. In 2005 and 2020 he was recognized by the World Masters Athletics as the Overall Male Master Athlete of the World. He has had five books published: How to Be a Champion from 9 to 90— The Complete Guide to Running— 100 Years Young the Natural Way (on anti-aging)—The Wonder Of It All (120 of his first poems)—and Earl Fee Is Running (an autobiography book), published in 2019. His poetry book, Living With Spirit, was published in in early 2020. He is still going strong at age 91 in 2020 with a biological age of about 15 or 20 years younger than his birth age─which adds further credibility to the anti-aging methods in his anti-aging book.
Exposing World-Wide Deception and Revealing Truths according to Boyd McNeil.
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