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Wilson Cruz wins the prestigious Vito Russo award; Star Trek Online Stormfall lands on PC; Marina Sirtis’s new film is available to stream; and The Orville has released a new trailer for season 3. Plus we’ve sadly lost more members of our extended Star Trek family, who I will tell you about. More stories: Michael G. Hagerty obituary Jack Kehler obituary Kenneth Welsh obituary George Perez obituary Star Trek show and tell: Star Trek: Picard Countdown comics
The Star Trek Book of Friendship is a new book about friendships throughout the franchise, lovingly told in conversation form by co-authors and friends Robb Pearlman and Jordan Hoffman. We're talking about the book and why it was important to make, and I force them to prove that their friendship is genuine (for science!). Get your copy (out May 10, 2022) 👉
Please note: there are some minor audio issues in the middle of this week's episode, due to streaming difficulties during recording. Two members of our extended Star Trek family have passed away recently; Paramount has finally announced a launch date for Paramount+ in the UK and Ireland; and the reviews are in for Star Trek: Strange New Worlds - and they’re pretty good! Additional stories: Neal Adams obituary David Birney obituary Paramount+ launch dates in the UK and Ireland Roddenberry, Goldsman and Robinson on Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Rotten Tomatoes on Strange New Worlds Strange New Worlds phone wallpapers Jesse Heinig interview about Star Trek Online Star Trek dress socks review
Lower Decks season 2 is coming out on Blu-ray this summer; LeVar Burton is set to be honored with a Lifetime Achievement Emmy; and we’re looking forward to The Orville season 3...ON TOP OF this week’s finale of Picard season 2 and the premiere of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.
If you can’t wait for May 5th to see Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, I might be able to help you; tickets are now on sale for limited theatrical showings of Star Trek: The Motion Picture; and you can own the bourbon featured in Star Trek: Picard - if you’re lucky! Today’s stories: Strange New Worlds at the Paley Center Strange New Worlds plot synopses Star Trek: The Motion Picture in theaters Colorado whiskey in Star Trek: Picard Congratulations Dr. Mohamed Noor! Bonus content: Smell like the Rio! The first ever episode of Daily Star Trek News!
Catching up on last week’s news from Star Trek: Mission Chicago, including a new Prodigy video game, a Lower Decks season 3 teaser and details on next year’s con; I’m checking in on what Nicholas Meyer has to say about his Khan miniseries; and what if there had been an animated version of Star Trek: The Next Generation? TODAY’S STORIES: 👉 Kathryn Hays obituary 👉 Star Trek: Lower Decks season 3 teaser 👉 Star Trek: Prodigy: Supernova video game 👉 Spock and M'Benga's first names 👉 Nicholas Meyer on Khan 👉 John de Lancie for Playmates Toys 👉 Animated Star Trek: The Next Generation 👉 Roddenberry film cels 👉 Daily Star Trek News TeePublic
HUGE Star Trek: Picard news as the entire Next Generation bridge crew is heading back to the stars - together! We’ve got more trailers (characters and show) and art for Strange New Worlds; the Voyager documentary ‘To The Journey’ has released behind the scenes footage; and three members of our Star Trek family have recently passed away: Marvin J. Chomsky, Estelle Harris, Nehemiah Persoff.
WonderCon 2022! As we get back to a “New Normal," the Star Trek community lives in historic times: five series in the works and more on the way, plus feature films, live and animated; a social media revolution allowing creatives to share and interact like never before; and a pandemic whose silver lining has left behind a revolution in virtual experiences. So, what are the most amazing paradigm shifts for the Star Trek series, fandom, and their intersection? And what might be right around the corner? “Dr. Trek” Larry Nemecek (Portal 47, The Trek Files) moderates a panel of SoCal Trek podcast hosts: John Champion (Mission Log), James Kerwin (In Isolation), Alison Pitt (Daily Star Trek News), and Jessica Lynn Verdi (Mission Log Live).
Star Trek: The Motion Picture Director’s Edition is finally on its way to 4K streaming on Paramount+ (but that’s not the only way you can watch it!); it looks like Prodigy is on its way to Europe with Nickelodeon; and last week’s Virtual Trek Con 3 included a touching and special award for Discovery actor Kenneth Mitchell.
Late Star Trek producer April Nocifora is honored in Discovery, while politician Stacey Abrams makes a surprise appearance; Strange New Worlds casts Paul Wesley as their version of Kirk; Star Trek: The Next Generation is leaving Netflix soon; and I’ve got more details about that once-in-a-lifetime William Shatner experience.
It’s special guest time again on Daily Star Trek News! Kent Mages is the founder of MassPersona, makers of Minikin, 3D custom printed figurines. They’re bringing their unique experience to Star Trek: Mission Chicago, along with a special experience with William Shatner, so we’re chatting about that, along with the future of fan experiences. LEARN MORE 👉 Minikin and William Shatner at Star Trek: Mission Chicago  👉 Book your tickets
Star Trek's Yeoman Colt, Laurel Goodwin, has passed away; we've finally got a teaser trailer for Strange New Worlds; gameplay footage of the upcoming Star Trek: Resurgence; and there's a great, one-of-a-kind experience with William Shatner coming to Star Trek: Mission Chicago. Other links: Mike and Denise Okuda ADG Lifetime Achievement award Show and tell: Obsessed with Star Trek
Star Trek guest star Mitchell Ryan has passed away; Picard adds Star Trek Online ships to its on-screen canon; The Boston Museum of Science is raising money to fund a new statue remembering Leonard Nimoy; and Discovery producer Olatunde Osunsanmi inks an overall deal with CBS Studios. Additional links: Star Trek Online documentary My Life at Warp Speed QMx Qraftwork’s papercraft models Star Trek: Lower Decks: The Badgey Directive, new game coming soon
Questions over the Kelvin crew for Star Trek 4; Playmates Toys announces new Prodigy action figures; and Discovery wins big at the Make-up Artists and Hair Stylists Guild Awards. Plus I’ll remind you how you can score a free copy of the new audio drama from Simon and Schuster, Star Trek: Picard: No Man’s Land. Plus, we’re remembering Star Trek guest actor Sally Kellerman, who passed away this week.
ViacomCBS is no more, as the company transitions to Paramount Global; J.J. Abrams confirms the Kelvin Timeline crew for Star Trek 4; a peek into the music for Strange New Worlds; and did you see the new Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness trailer? And if that wasn’t enough, details on how you can score a free copy of the new audio drama from Simon and Schuster, Star Trek: Picard: No Man’s Land.
Saying goodbye to special effects wizard Douglas Trumbull; Out Magazine features the cast of Star Trek: Discovery on a series of special covers; Prodigy producer Aaron J. Waltke spoils season 2; and how you can be a part of Star Trek: Mission Chicago.
There's a new preview of the upcoming Raffi and Seven audio drama No Man’s Land; first-look images of Star Trek: Picard season two; new key art for Strange New Worlds; and TCA announcements for Section 31 and Starfleet Academy. Plus stick around for show and tell and this week's poll!
Kate Mulgrew makes her debut in Star Trek Online; speculation about the future of Star Trek: Picard; there’s awards and chatter for Trek personalities (Doug Jones and David Gerrold); and Playmates Toys brings back classic Trek action figures. Plus show and tell and this week's poll!
A roundup of last week’s TREK*talks, which raised over $70k for charity; Star Trek: Discovery picks up a couple award nominations (here and here); Hallmark gives us a sneaky peek at its upcoming Star Trek Collection; and of course - alllll the new dates and renewals for Star Trek Universe shows! (Discovery, Picard, Lower Decks and of course Strange New Worlds.)
Welcome to a very special edition of Daily Star Trek News! This weekend I was asked to host not one but TWO panels at TREK*talks, an 8-hour livestream event to benefit the Hollywood Food Coalition, produced by the Trek Geeks Podcast Network and Roddenberry Podcasts. Overall, the event raised over $60,000 for this great cause. In this panel, hear from stunt coordinator Dennis "Danger" Madalone, composer Dennis McCarthy, production designer Rick Sternbach, and producer Ronald B. Moore. To watch the entire event back, and to find out how you can contribute to the Hollywood Food Coalition, just head to
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Your fangirl moments were soooooooo adorable ☺️ On a sidenote, I love this podcast of yours and am so happy I found it thanks to Trek Geeks. Keep up the great work! 😁

Mar 6th


Trek Geeks brought me here. I have no regrets haha. Love this, keep up the good work! 😁

Sep 19th
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