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A bunch of daily self recordings by yours truly.
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Well, this is it. It's been a fun journey but it's time to end this. See you when I see you!
2020-04-08 humor

2020-04-08 humor


Learning how to utilize humor. The Yes, And book: On an unrelated note, this is one funny youtube video!
You can find the episode in the link below:
My plan to eventually study a few ancient texts. Ignore the Buddhism originated from Hinduism part, that's not exactly true and just goes to show my ignorance.
2020-04-05 simplify

2020-04-05 simplify


On simplifying our lives.
2020-04-04 talismans

2020-04-04 talismans


Short riff on talismans and placebos.
Too much information to consume.
2020-04-02 memoir

2020-04-02 memoir


The desire to write a memoir of my life in 2013.
Talking about nihongo con teppei in Japanese.
A short meta little rant about me being overly self-conscious about recording my daily recording series.
Why typing speed isn't really that important, especially if you can't utilize it properly yet.
Begin with the end in mind
2020-03-28 generosity

2020-03-28 generosity


In the midst of a pandemic, it helps to be generous.
A follow-up on yesterday's recording.
2020-03-26 eighty-six

2020-03-26 eighty-six


Going to eighty-six my local copies and rely solely on the cloud for this.
On what to do with your stockpiled food.
2020-03-24 FUD

2020-03-24 FUD


Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt.
The difference between kids and grown-ups
Distracted myself and procrastinated a lot today
I've started reading Are you smart enough to work at Google? By William Poundstone. For a preview of the book, see the link below and and click "Look Inside" to read: It's a really interesting book, and here is a discussion thread on the job interview question parody in Reddit:
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