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Children Peace and Security is a new podcast series produced by the Dallaire Institute for Children, Peace and Security. Producers at the Dallaire Institute bring together subject matter experts on the recruitment and use of children in conflicts, combined with individual testimonies, and all those interested in ending the recruitment and use of children in conflict through in-depth interviews and storytelling. Dallaire Institute guests will explore new ideas on everything including training, advocacy and new research findings to help prevent the recruitment and use of children.
4 Episodes
In this edition,  we explore the Security Sector Engagement in preventing the recruitment and use of children.Peacekeeper Jacquelyn Nakayenze explains how a community approach during their mission in #Somalia helped them learn about how the #AlShabab militant group was using children.And host Amara Bangura asks the Dallaire Institute's Anthony Di Carlo about the importance of implementing the Vancouver Principles on Peacekeeping and the Prevention of the Recruitment and Use of Child Soldiers.
A Children’s Rights Upfront (CRU) Approach seeks to elevate children’s well-being higher up on the international peace and security agenda both in terms of making it a priority for all actors, as well as by ensuring children and youth participate in peace processes that impact their future. This month, Amara spoke with Lt General Dallaire about the importance of the Children’s Rights Upfront (CRU) Approach. The Acting Director of the African Centre of Excellence for Children Peace and Security (ACoE), Francisca Mujawase, tells us the work of the ACoE. And Arsene Tshidimu talks about the Dallaire Institute Radio programs in The DRC,  their success and his work with the security sector in the country.  
Despite the UN and other international legal entities naming this a serious crime, millions of girls and women around the globe live with the terrifying threat of sexual violence in conflict every day.This month, Amara spoke with Princess Koroma, Sarah Ajith and our Executive Director Dr. Shelly Whitman. Princess was abducted by rebel forces when she was just 7 years old, she survived sexual violence and being forced to fight. She’s now president of the Sex workers in Bombali District, Northern Sierra Leone.Sarah Ajith is the founder of the Supporting Women in Governance (SWIGO) organization in South Sudan.Dr. Shelly Whitman spoke as a subject matter expert and highlights what the Dallaire Institute for Children, Peace and Security is doing to help end horrifying crimes against women and children.
10 Years of Impact

10 Years of Impact


In this first episode of our Children, Peace and Security Podcast, we started by looking at what we, the Dallaire Institute for Children, Peace and Security, have done over our first 10 years as an organization, to help end the recruitment and use of children in violence. Our founder,  General Romeo Dallaire and the Dallaire Institute's Executive Director Dr Shelly Whitman spoke about the early days of the organization, the challenges and what they have achieved in the last 10yrs.We were also fortunate to have South Sudanese Youth Advocate Anyieth Makuei Anyieth join us, to speak about his experience being used by an armed group at age 11.
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