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The audio side of Legitimately intriguing true stories from history, science, and psychology. Audiobook-like narration with sound effects and music.
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-052- The Spy Of Night And Fog by ⚠️ Damn Interesting
-051- Radical Solutions

-051- Radical Solutions


French mathematician Évariste Galois lived a full life. When he wasn't trying to overthrow the government, he was reinventing algebra.
One of Poland’s most beloved and honored World War II veterans was not Polish at all: he was a 500-pound brown bear named Wojtek.
-049- Dead Reckoning

-049- Dead Reckoning


The 18th century misadventures of HMS Wager and her reluctant crew
The little known story of an age-old scam
The secret runaway success of Kenneth Gandar-Dower’s racing cheetahs.
The most expensive, bizarre, and obscure work ever created by Dr. Seuss.
Working almost single-handedly, visionary Argentine filmmaker Quirino Cristiani created full-length animated films between 1917 and 1931. He has since been all but forgotten.
-044- The Curse Of Konzo

-044- The Curse Of Konzo


In 1981, an international group of doctors identified the devastating disease behind a perplexing outbreak of paralysis in northern Mozambique.
Amanda Theodosia Jones was a 19th-century poet, entrepreneur, and inventor who found inspiration in some unlikely places.
The opening of a canal in 1848 led to the birth of modern financial derivatives, and the early demise of some of the men who traded them
In the 1950s, an anonymous terrorist planted a pipe bomb in a New York City public space. Then another. And another.
Britain’s practice of transporting convicts to American colonies was a fearsome punishment, but not for the chronic criminal James Dalton.
-039- Fire And Dice

-039- Fire And Dice


The story of a tragic hotel fire of Rube Goldberg proportions.
As a civilian, the beloved American Civil War general and two-term president failed at every attempt to make money. Except for one.
A 300-year-old hunt for the unsung hero of Salzburg.
-036- Foreign Exchanges

-036- Foreign Exchanges


He made a name for himself organizing the world’s most important economic conference, only to have it tarnished by an outrageous accusation.
During WWII, 36 American conscientious objectors volunteered as subjects in a brutal science experiment to measure the body's response to starvation.
A remote bay in Alaska is home to an odd and occasionally catastrophic geology. In 1958, a handful of people experienced this firsthand.
-033- The King's Letters

-033- The King's Letters


The 15th-century scholar who upset the Korean aristocracy by creating a native script for the Korean language, and thus wean it off Chinese characters.
Comments (5)

John Read

Can't get enough ,absolutely brilliant!

Feb 28th

Phillip Laity

love the work guys this podcast is always damn interesting. very well put together and narrated.

Oct 7th


I have been a Random Fact Fiend since birth and you still never fail to teach me something I didn't know! Always interesting and fun to listen to!

Feb 2nd

Anthony Reader

Another amazing episode. I knew nothing of the event before hearing this, and now feel I have a good understanding. And it really was Damn Interesting.

Jan 19th

Niniane Mackenzie

Your podcasts are phenomenal. With each episode, I experience a subtle "wow" moment as I learn about an otherwise obscure piece of history. Thank you.

Apr 9th
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