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Author: doug copeland

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We at Dangerous Minds Podcast, are seeking to explore further weekly, the tech and the people behind this growing community of Biohacking, Grinding, Implantable Technology, Hard Sciences, and Information Security. Please feel free to reach out to us with questions, or comments. You are welcome to find us here, at or email us at and, perhaps we might one day talk to you about the work and or projects you’re exploring and developing. Society considers us dangerous, we are not dangerous but invested into the future, and seeking to find it, with every implant, procedure, project, experiment and or software program. Come with us while we explore the DIY Evolution. Until then, Seek the spark!
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Nuage Laboratoire


Feb 21st

Vadim Ugov

Sound quality is so bad I can't understand what is being said

Jun 26th

Max Gisborne

I really enjoy the show.

Mar 18th
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