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Nashville local Daniel Donato, a dying breed, has been in the music industry since the age of 14. He has toured the entire country 3 times over, and has played over 2,000 shows from Honky Tonks, VFW halls, to the Grand Ole Opry. Fueled by a hyper curiosity, Donato brings on artists, creatives, and industry entities from music and beyond to fulfill his mission to reveal the honest human element in anybody’s career and life story. Through genuine and unfabricated discussion, Donato aims to trace patterns of success that every listener can learn from and apply to their own life experience to empower and fulfill their individual potential.
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Episode #43: Robert Henry

Episode #43: Robert Henry


Northwest country artist, Robert Henry, released his first EP, “In the Works” in August of 2020. The six song EP mirrors the trials and tribulations of a musician’s 2020 experience. Fueled by his old soul and deep vocals, Henry is bringing the more traditional country feel back to Nashville while developing a sound that’s uniquely […]
Kristian Matsson is one of our generation’s most influential Folk artists. His unforgettable live show that is composed of material from his 5 albums and 2 EPs have garnered him a global following of millions of listeners. Support this podcast on Patreon! Join the Cosmic Country Cub! Listen on Spotify! Listen on Apple Podcasts! Watch […]
Episode #41: Alex Williams

Episode #41: Alex Williams


Alex Williams is a Country Artist that has received great praise in the subgenres of Alternative Country, Outlaw Country, and Neotraditionalist Country from his full length release “Better Than Myself.”  SUPPORT THIS PODCAST ON PATREON! JOIN THE COSMIC COUNTRY CLUB – FOR FREE! LISTEN ON SPOTIFY!LISTEN ON APPLE! WATCH ON YOUTUBE!
Episode #40: Trevor Larkin

Episode #40: Trevor Larkin


Known for his stellar guitar work with Allen Stone, and his podcast Trevor Larkin Talks and Listens, Trevor is now releasing his own self-produced music independently that is available on all platforms now. JOIN THE COSMIC COUNTRY CLUB HERE! BECOME A PATRON AND SUPPORT THIS PODCAST HERE! WATCH ON YOUTUBE! LISTEN ON SPOTIFY! LISTEN ON APPLE!
Vinyl Ranch is the premiere brand that infuses Country music with pop culture. Diplo along with Miley Cyrus wear their releases. David Wrangler is the mastermind behind the brand’s unique content, large following, and distinct aesthetic.  LISTEN ON APPLE PODCASTS! LISTEN ON SPOTIFY! WATCH ON YOUTUBE! STAY COSMIC. SUPPORT US ON PATREON.
Susto is a fantastic example of a DIY success. They have 4 albums under their belt, with millions of streams monthly, and a global listener base to boot. The Alt-Rock act is signed to Rounder Records, under the imprint ACID BOYS. LISTEN ON SPOTIFY HERE! WATCH ON YOUTUBE HERE! LISTEN ON APPLE PODCASTS HERE!
Jobe Fortner and Ryan Nelson are two Country artists and singer-songwriters that represent the modern era of Country music that Nashville is currently producing in a tasteful light. They’ve both been featured in many major music publications and have toured across the US developing a very loyal fan base, respectively.  Join the Cosmic Country Club to […]
Episode #36: Caitlyn Smith

Episode #36: Caitlyn Smith


Caitlyn Smith is a Billboard charting Country artist with two full length records out, and song cuts by Country music royalty such as Garth Brooks and Dolly Parton along with other musical powerhouses such as John Legend, Meghan Trainor, and James Bay. #COSMICCOUNTRY #COSMICCOUNTRY #COSMICCOUNTRY  LISTEN ON SPOTIFY! LISTEN ON APPLE PODCASTS! WATCH ON YOUTUBE!
CBD is a wonderful organic supplement that can enhance your life in positive ways. Ian Leadon, one of Tennessee’s leading experts in this industry, comes on to talk about our new endeavor ‘Cosmic Country CBD,’ and just what all the buzz is about around CBD.  #COSMICCOUNTRY #COSMICCOUNTRY #COSMICCOUNTRY LISTEN ON SPOTIFY HERE! LISTEN ON APPLE […]
Nick Shoulders comes from the world of DIY metal music, yodeling, and a nose to the grindstone work ethic by the way of the hills of Arkansas. His stellar YouTube videos of obscure covers and original songs have earned him viral success in the world of Americana and Country music.  WATCH ON YOUTUBE HERE! LISTEN ON […]
Jesse Lee Jones is the owner and proprietor of the home of traditional country music, Robert’s Western World. This venue is responsible for my love of country music. It is where I discovered Honky Tonk music  and put in my 2,000 hours of stage time. Jesse is an iconic figure in the Nashville music scene […]
Jason Link was the first artist to have join him on stage. Had it not been for him, who knows what I would be doing with my life. He has been a mentor to me for over a decade. He is a phenomenal songwriter, father and husband, and a dear friend to me.  WATCH ON YOUTUBE […]
ACM Award Nominated and Capitol Records Nashville Artist Caylee Hammack just released her debut album ‘If It Wasn’t For You,’ which she co-produced. Caylee is an entrepreneurial minded and creatively driven force that is changing country music song by song. She also has collaborated with Alan Jackson and Reba McEntire.  LISTEN ON APPLE PODCASTS HERE! LISTEN ON SPOTIFY […]
Joshua Lee Turner has accumulated over 500,000 YouTube followers, gained millions of views on his videos featuring his original take on classic songs of yesterday, and stellar songs of now. He independently released an entirely self produced and self curated album this year titled ‘Public Life,’ that has an innovative full video experience to accompany each […]
Bahamas (Afie Jurvanen) just released the 5th studio effort of this project titled ‘Sad Hunk.’ He has received Juno Award nominations in several categories, worked with Robert Plant, Jack Johnson, The Lumineers, and has done several world tours since the start of this project in 2008.  WATCH THE FULL VIDEO. LISTEN ON APPLE PODCASTS. LISTEN ON […]
Brent Mason is the winner of 12 ACM awards, a nominee of the Musicians Hall of Fame museum, and is the most recorded guitarist in the history of Nashville’s prosperous recording industry. He is also, in my humble opinion, the most influential Telecaster player that has ever lived. A collaboration with Fender Guitars has yielded […]
At the age of 25, Oregon native Corey Harper has garnered success on a global scale with independent music releases of acoustic pop-centric inspiration that have been acclaimed by millions of listeners and blue chip media outlets such as Rolling Stone, Nylon, Teen Vogue, and Billboard. LISTEN TO AUDIO HERE! WATCH VIDEO HERE!
Chase Bryant is a left handed Telecaster slinging, world-wide touring country music artist. Based out of Nashville, he’s had his own original songs land in the top 10 on Billboard charts, he has shared the stage with Brad Paisley opening tours for him, and is a descendent from a long line of musical maestros, most […]
Joe Bonamassa is an 11 time number one Billboard Blues Charts topping artist. He has toured the world for over 30 years, generating millions of fans, selling out historical venues such as the Sydney Opera House, Ryman Auditorium, Radio City Music Hall, Red Rocks, and the Royal Albert Hall with Eric Clapton joining him on stage. […]
Jason Stoltzfus tours with music giants such as Zac Brown Band, George Strait, Blake Shelton, Eric Church, along with dozens of others. He has climbed through the ranks of the industry from clubs to the world’s largest stadiums. He is a renowned photographer with publications from Rolling Stone, American Songwriter, and many more. LISTEN ON […]
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