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Daniel Kolenda is a missionary evangelist, who has led more than 22-million people to Christ face-to-face through massive open-air evangelistic campaigns in some of the most dangerous, difficult, and remote locations on earth. As the successor to world-renowned Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke, Daniel is the president and CEO of Christ for All Nations - a ministry which has conducted some of the largest evangelistic events in history, has published over 190 million books in 104 languages and has offices in 14 nations around the world. He also hosts an internationally syndicated television program and is an author of eight books including the bestsellers, 'Live Before You Die’, and ‘Slaying Dragons.’

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In the first episode of 2021, Daniel Kolenda tackles a very difficult issue with honesty and transparency. He discusses the public falls of several high profile Christian leaders. He considers why leaders fall and how we can guard our hearts and minds.Segments:2:22   Shake up of 20204:25   Hidden blessings of 20206:55   Trials of 20207:40   Basis for this episode9:13   Learning key lessons10:11 Public statement from Ravi Zacharias International Ministries 13:37 Four Reasons Leaders Fall and Four Ways to Guard Yourself14:46 Reason #1 - Complacency20:04 Reason #2 - Burn out25:00 Reason #3- They Lose their enjoyment of God and ministry27:42 Reason #4 – They lose their fear of God29:20 Four Ways to Guard Yourself 30:44 #1 – Kill your pet dragon34:58 #2 – Mind in the beginning what matters in the end42:33 #3 –Feed the good stuff44:57 #4 – Stay satisfied47:04 Key to the Christian lifeHelpful links:Patreon account: Dragons (Book): Before You Die (Book): God (video series on YouTube): questions to questions@askdk.comContact:FacebookTwitterInstagramYoutube
Description:Just when you thought 2020 could not get anymore strange, now some crazy things are about to happen in the heavens. Some scientists think this might be what the wise men saw in the sky over Bethlehem and what Matthew described in his gospel, known as the star of Bethlehem. Could it be? And what does it mean? Daniel Kolenda shares his thoughts on this interesting news, the Star of Bethlehem, the Magi and more on this edition of Off the Record. Links – mentioned in the podcast:Newsweek Article: What Is the Christmas Star? Iconic Planetary Alignment Will Appear in December After 800 Years Article: The Star of Bethlehem was Probably a Rare Planetary Alignment of the Magi book and bundle: of the Magi on Amazon: Introduction5:06 Leaving the 2020 Drama Behind6:19 Newsweek Article 9:14 The Reason I’m Discussing the Star9:30 Inverse Article 12:04 What Did the Magi See?16:08 Stepping into Speculation and Looking at Scripture22:42 Reading from The Mystery of the Magi24:18 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!ContactEmail: questions@askdk.comFacebookTwitterInstagramYoutube
Description:Hear from Anni Bonnke, the widow of Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke, exactly one year after his passing (December 7, 2019). Anni shares about her personal life and how the Bonnke family is coping, her thoughts on 2020, the impact of COVID, and what Reinhard would have said and done this year, and more.Segments0:25 Introduction1:46 “How is Anni doing?” Hear firsthand her response2:57 A year since Reinhard passed3:23 Anni talks about the Bonnke Family6:32 Impact on the family after Reinhard’s passing7:37 Honoring Anni8:18 Reflecting on 2020: what would Reinhard think and do?12:24 Anni’s experiences and views in 202016:33 Advice from Anni on handling tough times18:29 What’s next for Anni and how to keep in touch20:24 A message to you from Anni22:18 Thoughts about Heaven23:11 Anni prays for you24:30 Final words from AnniContactEmail: questions@askdk.comFacebookTwitterInstagramYoutube
Nearly a year after Reinhard Bonnke’s passing, I pay tribute to one of God’s greatest generals and open up -for the first time - on what it was like saying goodbye to my dear friend, mentor and spiritual father. Segments0:00 - Why I’m Breaking Silence one year later on Reinhard Bonnke’s Passing 3:52 - Reinhard’s Passing from my Perspective 11:15 - Introduction of Video Tribute to Reinhard 12:41 - The Most Significant Missions Journal I ever wrote15:37 - Founder’s Day 20:03 - What Would Reinhard Do? 24:05 - My Personal Greeting to the Bonnke Family27:31 - What Reinhard Would say to You28:06 - The Importance to Preach the Gospel 31:46 - Reinhard Bonnke’s Thoughts about the Future 34:32 - Ministering to the One38:14 - Andrew Colby Opens Up on his Goodbye with Reinhard  39:20 - Reinhard Bonnke’s Answer to Meeting Jesus 40:50 - Closing Thoughts ContactEmail: questions@askdk.comFacebookTwitterInstagramYoutube
Daniel Kolenda continues his interview with his long-time friend, Evangelist (and now pastor) Todd White. This heartfelt discussion of recent controversies in Todd’s life will encourage every listener. In this episode (part 2 of the conversation), Daniel and Todd discuss what “preaching a false gospel” actually is. Todd also shares about some of the most challenging times in his life and dynamic ministry. This powerful episode concludes with a special prayer by Todd White.Segments00:24 - Introduction and addressing recent allegations about Todd White’s ministry04:16 - Todd White speaks about learning from various Christian teachers06:56 - Todd White's demonstrated joy in his walk with the Lord08:44 - Todd White clarifies statements about preaching a full or false gospel11:30 - Todd White's reaction to his critics13:09 - Todd White's thoughts on repentance14:30 - Todd White's accident and pruning process18:13 - Another side to our loving God26:57 - Not letting sin “take you out”28:48 - Sharing Christ out a heart of love30:37 - Todd White's prayer for blessing and unity32:37 - Daniel Kolenda concludes with a prayer for repentanceContactEmail: questions@askdk.comFacebookTwitterInstagramYoutube
Daniel Kolenda sits down with his long-time friend, Todd White to discuss some of the controversy that has followed Todd in recent years. In this episode (part 1 of the conversation) Daniel asks Todd some pointed questions about his position on topics like the Divinity of Christ and grace.Segments00:30 Todd White introduction02:07 The purpose of this interview03:23 Discussing the controversy07:40 On the divinity of Christ16:00 On repentance, grace, and more27:10 What's coming in part 2 of the interviewContactEmail: questions@askdk.comFacebookTwitterInstagramYoutube
In this first episode, Evangelist Daniel Kolenda talks about some of his original thoughts about starting a podcast. He also describes the challenges of interacting and responding to questions on social media, plus the benefits and flexibility of creating an audio podcast. You will also hear how Daniel approaches the creative process for sermons, books, and other resources, and the variety of content he plans to share in future episodes. Segments00:00 - Welcome to the New Podcast  01:48 - Why am I creating a podcast?  03:00 - Social Media Interaction & Response  05:02 - Creative Process & Grist for the Mill 07:17 - Personal Opinions & Informal Topics  08:55 - Benefits of a Home-based Audio Podcast10:12 - Future Podcasts & Themes  ResourcesLive Before You Die (Book)90 Days to Life (Podcast)ContactEmail: questions@askdk.comFacebookTwitterInstagramYoutubeMG7bVag8puZnxK9orYkx
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