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Episode 220:  The attention grabbing headline of the the article in The Province newspaper on the morning of July 3, 2013 screamed, “RCMP foil Canada Day bomb plot”, the subheading read, “VICTORIA: Two British Columbians allegedly hatch scheme to blow up legislature.” Since March of that year, RCMP had been engaged in what they called Project Souvenir, a complex and expensive sting operation to gather evidence against two Surrey residents, John Stuart Nuttall, 38, and his common-law wife, Amanda Marie Korody, 29. The RCMP alleged that the pair were Islamist extremist bent on blowing up BC’s legislature buildings in Victoria and killing as many innocent Canadians as possible on Canada Day that year. On the morning of July 1, the couple had apparently placed three pressure cooker bombs strategically near concrete planters on the west and east sides of the Provincial legislature buildings.  The pair were taken into custody in the hallway of a hotel in Delta, B.C. where they had used a room, wired by cops for video and sound, where they had built their bombs and spoken openly about their plot to kill Canadians. But, as the truth came out, evidence revealed that Nuttall and Korody were not even remotely the devious threats to national security they’d been said to be and that the RCMP had in fact, according to court findings, entrapped the pair. The bombs had been inert, made using intentionally flawed designs and materials handed to the couple by the RCMP themselves during the more than one million dollar operation to bust them. Sources: John Nuttall | ReverbNation R. v. Nuttall, 2016 BCSC 1404 (CanLII), < > R. v. Nuttall, 2018 BCCA 479 (CanLII), < > Korody v. Canada (Attorney General), 2015 FC 1398 (CanLII), <> Friends of John Nuttall say he was a great friend, but was also troubled | 3 Jul 2013, 4 - The Province at 3 Jul 2013, 3 - Times Colonist at 4 Jul 2013, 4 - The Vancouver Sun at CKNW — NUTTALL & KORODY Video Vancouver Sun — Raw: Alleged terrorists Nuttall, Korody talk about Canada Day plot Vancouver Sun — Raw: John Nuttall, accused in B.C. terror case, speaks with undercover officer You searched for korody - BC Civil Liberties AssociationBC Civil Liberties Association Vancouver Sun — An alleged terrorist’s Surrey suite is revealed 97a Ave Canadian Press — B.C. couple walk free after entrapment ruling in terror case BC Terror Trial Reveals Gong Show RCMP Investigation Exclusive W5 interview: Terror plotters claim they were groomed by Mounties and were relieved bombs were fake W5: Undercover RCMP anti-terror investigation — YouTube Surrey Suite, BB TV — YouTube Terror trial video shows second thoughts — YouTube Canada Day crowd at B.C. legislature was target in thwarted bomb plot, police say — Victoria Times Colonist Nuttall and Korody, couple accused in Victoria legislature bomb plot, remain free after B.C. Court of Appeal ruling - BC | RCMP spent $1M on Victoria terror plot investigation, including $90K on Nuttall and Korody - BC | RCMP entrapment of B.C. couple in legislature bomb plot was ‘travesty of justice,’ court rules | CBC News Support the show: See for privacy information.
Episode 219 BONUS: In this episode we hear from several Dark Poutine listeners, and in one case, a family member of a listener, who are sharing their experiences and feelings around their own UFO encounters. Mike also shares his own experience as a youth, and at the end of the show Mike and Mathew talk about their recent visit to The Extraterrestrial Highway, Rachel, Nevada and the back Gate of Area 51. Support the show: See for privacy information.
Episode 219: In the first of two episodes released this week, Mike interviews Chris Rutkowski. Chris A. Rutkowski is a science writer who has devoted much time to investigating and studying reports of UFOs, writing about case investigations, and offering his insights into the broad UFO phenomenon publishing the annual Canadian UFO Report. Chris has authored numerous books on UFOs and two of his previous books, Abductions and Aliens and The Canadian UFO Report, were national bestsellers. He was recently referred to in a 2021 report to the Canadian Minister of Defense on UFOs in Canada as the person to which the government hands over reports of UFOs. He lives just outside Winnipeg. Sources: The Canadian UFO Survey Twitter - Chris Rutkowski Facebook Page - Chris Rutkowski, Writer Blog - Chris Rutkowski  Report a UFO in Canada - The Canadian UFO Survey Report a Canadian UFO Sighting — The Nighttime Podcast The Civil Aviation Daily Occurrence Reporting System (CADORS) UFO sightings: Canada’s defence minister briefed | CTV News Thematic Guides - Unidentified Flying Objects - Library and Archives Canada What does Canada do with reports of UFO sightings? — The Big Story Support the show: See for privacy information.
Episode 218: The history of humanity is rife with stories of unexplained things in the skies above us. Handed down first verbally and pictographically by way of depictions painted on cave walls and then in written accounts, there are scores of stories about strange lights and objects in the sky. Throughout the twentieth century and into the twenty-first, as human technology has improved, we have been able to better document and disseminate information about these sightings. Over the next two episodes, we have a look at unidentified flying objects, more commonly called UFOs. In this first episode we’ll take a brief look at the phenomena itself, the stigma surrounding it and recent admissions by governmental officials of the existence of these objects. As well, we will peek at some of the stories from right here in Canada that we haven’t already covered. I have had to pick and choose some of the more interesting and detailed reports, as there are more than 1000 reports per year and the database of reports in Canada alone is massive.  Sources: Chris Hadfield on exploring Mars and the growing conversation about UFOs | CBC Radio Former Arizona Governor says he saw a UFO during the 1997 Phoenix Lights - Wikinews, the free news source The Canadian UFO Report by Chris A. Rutkowski, Geoff Dittman - Ebook | Scribd ParaResearchers Of Ontario - Welcome To Our Space On The Web Simeon Perkins Records UFO sighting October 12, 1796 | Queens County Museum Canadian DND Report: Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) Canada’s UFOs: The search for the unknown - Library and Archives Canada Wilbert Smith on UFOs Project Magnet and his Contacts with the Boys from Topside — YouTube Pentagon UFO videos - Wikipedia Documents | NAVAIR - FOIA Civil Aviation Daily Occurrence Reporting System — CADORS: Report 2016P1783 Credible UFO Reports Are Being Ignored, Declassified Canadian Government Documents Reveal UFO sightings: Canada’s defence minister briefed | CTV News List of artificial objects leaving the Solar System - Wikipedia US10144532B2 — Craft using an inertial mass reduction device — Google Patents Walker ‘stunned’ to see ship hovering high above sea off Cornwall | Science | The Guardian NINA HAGEN 1985 “Gods Of Aquarius” (English) IN EKSTASY — YouTube Support the show: See for privacy information.
Episode 217: In the early hours of March 27, 2010, Holly Bartlett, 31, was found unconscious and badly injured under the A. Murray MacKay bridge in Halifax, Nova Scotia, 350 metres away from her home. She died the next day in a Halifax Hospital. Holly, a grad student at Dalhousie University, was fiercely independent despite her disability. She had been completely blind since she was thirteen years old. Holly’s autopsy indicated she’d imbibed alcohol and that she had sustained “blunt force injury to the head (…) attributable to a fall” and that the manner of death was accidental. Police did a brief investigation determining that after cabbing home from a night out with a friend, Holly became disoriented and lost due to the combination of her alcohol consumption and her blindness. Somehow, Holly had wandered down two steeply graded streets away from her home and toward the harbour, had made her way through a hole in a chain link fence, down a steep embankment, and fell 7 metres off a concrete abutment under the bridge across Halifax harbour. They called Holly’s death accidental. Holly’s family and friends in the Justice for Holly group were not satisfied and pressed for further investigation into her death.  Sources: What Happened to Holly Bartlett? | CNIB Documentary What Happened to Holly Bartlett Seasons | Accessible Media Inc. Podcast What Happened to Holly Bartlett Podcast | Accessible Media Inc. Sights Unseen — YouTube Holly Elizabeth Bartlett 1978-2010 - Holly Bartlett witness changes key details in death investigation | CBC News Review to be held into blind woman’s death: Halifax police | External review confirms 2010 death of Holly Bartlett was accidental - Halifax | Police handling of Holly Bartlett’s death criticized in review | CBC News Review of Investigation Into The Death of Holly Bartlett | PDF | Polygraph | Victimology Holly Bartlett’s unlikely journey | City | Halifax, Nova Scotia | THE COAST Police announce independent review into Holly Bartlett’s death | News | Halifax, Nova Scotia | THE COAST Telling Holly’s Bartlett’s story, again | Arts + Culture | Halifax, Nova Scotia | THE COAST Holly Bartlett’s family is angry with Halifax police What happened to Holly Bartlett? : UnresolvedMysteries Holly Bartlett: Autopsy & Clothing - Album on Imgur Imgur: Map, based on police report Home | CNIB NEADS - Financial Aid Directory JAWS® – Freedom Scientific Support the show: See for privacy information.
The Legend of La Corriveau

The Legend of La Corriveau


Episode 216: In Quebec, on April 15, 1763, after a supposed confession and hasty trial by an English military tribunal, 30-year-old Marie-Josephte Corriveau was convicted of murdering in brutal fashion her second husband, Louis-Étienne Dodier, and was sentenced to death. She was hanged with haste, three days later. Her body was then put on display in a form-fitting metal cage and placed at a crossroad where for the next five weeks, she stood as a warning to others considering domestic homicide as an answer to an unhappy marriage. When her cage disappeared locals believed that the Devil himself had come and taken Marie-Josephte to hell. It said that La Corriveau's spectre haunts the crossroads still. Sources: Marie-Josephte Corriveau - Wikipedia Uncertain Justice by F. Murray Greenwood, Beverley Boissery - Ebook | Scribd Killing Women by Wilfrid Laurier University Press - Ebook | Scribd The History of Gibbeting by Samantha Priestley - Ebook | Scribd La destinée de la Corriveau « Histoire du Québec Légende de la Corriveau – Voyage à travers le Québec Les anciens Canadiens - Philippe Aubert de Gaspé Il était cent fois La Corriveau : anthologie : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive - Macabre Discovery Canadian Mysteries of the Unexplained: Investigations Into the Fantastic, the Bizarre and the Disturbing Biography – CORRIVEAU, MARIE-JOSEPHTE, La Corriveau – Volume III (1741-1770) – Dictionary of Canadian Biography The Legend of La Corriveau: Québécois Folklore and The Politics of Nation-Making in Canada by Leslie Savath La Corriveau: A woman victim of Society? by Isabelle Parent View of From Vilified to Victorious: Reconceiving La Corriveau in Anne Hébert’s La Cage | Studies in Canadian Literature La Corriveau | The Canadian Encyclopedia The Hanging Cage That Held An Infamous Québec Murderess - Atlas Obscura Canadian Urban Legends: La Corriveau of Quebec City | NUVO A Shrine for Marie-Josephte Corriveau and for all women who are victims of domestic violence - UBC Library Open Collections A Shrine for Marie-Josephte Corriveau - KooZA/rch Classic French-Canadian Folktales: Volume I (English Edition; Annotated) eBook : Beaugrand, Honore, Frechette, Louis-Honore, Peters, Hammerson: Kindle Store Cage of la Corriveau on display in Lévis | CBC News La Corriveau: The Gibbet of Quebec — YouTube French Mourning in the 1700s - Geri Walton Support the show: See for privacy information.
Episode 215: Mary Celeste, formerly Amazon, was an American registered, Nova Scotia built brigantine that was found abandoned on December 4, 1872, some 740 km off the Azores, Portugal. The fate of the 10 people aboard remains a mystery almost 150 years later. Sources: Fisherman’s Memorial | Lunenburg NS Sable Island | Maritime Museum of the Atlantic The Rime of the Ancient Mariner (text of 1834) by… | Poetry Foundation The Mystery of the Mary Celeste. Part One: The Facts - Daily Nautica The Mystery of the Mary Celeste. Part Two: Theories - Daily Nautica The Mystery of the Mary Celeste. Part Three: the Rediscovery of the Cursed Ship - Daily Nautica Solved: The Mystery of the Mary Celeste | UCL News - UCL – University College London Mary Celeste - The Arthur Conan Doyle Encyclopedia Mary Celeste Monument – Diligent River, Nova Scotia - Atlas Obscura Mary Celeste | The Canadian Encyclopedia Mary Celeste - Wikipedia 6 Famous Unsolved Mysteries That Have Totally Been Solved | Weetabix Mary Celeste — YouTube The story of the “Mary Celeste” : Fay, Charles Edey : Internet Archive Ghost ship : the mysterious true story of the Mary Celeste and her missing crew : Hicks, Brian, 1966 : Internet Archive Phantom Ship , The : Henry Passmore : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive The Galley of Count Arnaldos, by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Colossal Squid ~ MarineBio Conservation Society   Support the show: See for privacy information.
Episode 214: On November 25, 2011, neighbours around the four-plex at 51st Avenue and 47th Street in the town of Innisfail, Alberta heard a bang which shook their homes. Some said sounded like a gunshot, others said it sounded like someone dropping a heavy pile of wood. The dining room window of one the corner suites had been blown outward, glass was strewn throughout the yard. Police were called to the scene by a bystander inside the home and found a horrific scene. The home was full of smoke and debris. There at the dining room table, still in her wheelchair, first responders discovered the body of 23-year-old, Victoria (Vicky) Shachtay who’d died in what appeared to have been an explosion. Sources: Innisfail | The Canadian Encyclopedia R v Malley, 2015 ABCA 213 (CanLII), R v Malley, 2017 ABCA 186 (CanLII), Malley (Re), 2014 IIROC 10 (CanLII), Malley (Re), 2014 IIROC 29 (CanLII), Blast that killed Vicky Shachtay was a ‘targeted attack’: police | National Post Stepfather told victim not to open Christmas gift that turned out to be bomb | CTV News Friends, family gather to remember Vicky Shachtay - Disabled woman killed by parcel bomb — YouTube A defining case | Royal Canadian Mounted Police Bombing suspect arrested, police hold conference — YouTube Brian Malley loses last appeal chance - Pipe bomb - Wikipedia The pipe bomb: a modern terrorist weapon - PubMed GUILTY - Canada - Vicky Shachtay, 23, paraplegic, killed by bomb, Innisfail, AB, 25 Nov 2011 Financial advisor found guilty in blast that killed disabled woman — Bomb that killed paraplegic Innisfail mom Vicky Shachtay disguised to look like Christmas presents, Red Deer court told | Edmonton Sun Friends, family gather to remember Vicky Shachtay - Charges laid in bombing murder of Vicky Shachtay - Victoria Shachtay’s caregiver testifies about moments before fatal explosion Mysterious package killed Alberta mother | CBC News Canada ‘extremely lucky’ to face few bomb threats, attacks: RCMP - iPolitics Presentation to Finance Committee Re: Disability Tax Credit Regarding Bill C-462 | Council of Canadians with Disabilities Vicky Shachtay’s step-dad issues statement about her murder | CTV News Investment Executive: Brian Malley Articles Global News: Victoria Shachtay | News, Videos & Articles Red Deer Advocate: Vicky Shacktay Articles Victoria-Shachtay | National Post Unsolved Murders. Help us solve a crime today. Home A machinist in rural Ontario flipped the switch on a flashlight that arrived in the mail. Then it exploded | The Star 16 years later, police still don’t know who killed Paavo Henttonen | News | Support the show: See for privacy information.
Episode 213:Toronto theatre magnate and enigmatic millionaire Ambrose J. Smalldisappeared without a trace on December 2, 1919, only a day after having made a lucrative deal to sell his ownership interests in his chain of theatres including the Grand Opera House in Toronto. People interested in the case suspected one of two theories were the most likely for the tycoon’s abrupt disappearance — either Small had run off and had into hiding under his own steam, or someone had abducted and very likely killed him. This case has become one of Canada’s oldest mysteries as more than 100 years later, there is yet no answer as to Small’s ultimate fate. Sources: Ambrose Small Case | The Canadian Encyclopedia Canada West | The Canadian Encyclopedia $1,750,000 in 1919 → 2022 | Inflation Calculator Biography – SMALL, AMBROSE JOSEPH – Volume XIV (1911-1920) – Dictionary of Canadian Biography Disappearance of Ambrose Small - Wikipedia The Doe Network: Ambrose Small - 1891DMON The Mysterious Disappearance of Ambrose J. Small | Grand Theatre London What Really Happened to Ambrose Small? | Maclean’s | January 15, 1951 How the mystery of Ambrose Small became Toronto’s most captivating cold case | The Star The Mystery Of Ambrose J. Small, The Missing Millionaire - Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Ambrose Small, Toronto’s most sensational mystery The Grand Mystery of Ambrose Small Ambrose Small, The Ghost of the Grand Theatre Investigations following the finding of these human bones near Humber… News Photo - Getty Images AMBROSE SMALL: CANADA’S COLDEST CASE CLOSED! The Missing Millionaire by Katie Daubs | Penguin Random House Canada Canadian Mysteries of the Unexplained: Investigations Into the Fantastic, the Bizarre and the Disturbing Wild Talents by Charles Fort - Ebook | Scribd Mysteries of Ontario by John Robert Colombo - Ebook | Scribd Ghost Stories of Canada by John Robert Colombo, Jillian Hulme Gilliland - Ebook | Scribd Support the show: See for privacy information.
Episode 212: On the afternoon of January 27, 1993, the day before her 20th birthday, Sian Simmonds, a student who was working he way through school, was found dead in her basement suite in the Guildford neighbourhood of Surrey, B.C. She had been shot and bludgeoned. Neighbours had heard screams coming from her suite. Only days later, a man named David Schlender was arrested. Already on bail for the attempted murder of one of his cocaine dealers the year before, Schlender told police he’d been hired by another man, Brian West, to commit the murder in exchange for wiping an outstanding drug debt. The investigation of Brian West led to another man, Josephakis Charalambous, the Simmonds’ family doctor who had hired West to murder Sian. Eighteen months before her murder, Sian and her older sister Katie had filed grievances with the BC College of Physicians and Surgeons alleging sexual assault by Charalambous. Rather than face censure by the College and risk losing his substantial annual income, Charlambous had sought to silence the girls. As the truth came out about the doctor, his carefully constructed facade of the community minded healer came tumbling down revealing an ugly pattern of violence and predatory behaviour toward young women and girls. Sources: Betrayal of trust | Maclean’s | DECEMBER 12, 1994 R. v. West, 1997 CanLII 3157 (BC CA), < > R. v. Charalambous, 1997 CanLII 3363 (BC CA), < > Mountie Seduced My Wife. I Want a New Trial — Charalambous v. Canada (Attorney General), 2009 FC 1082 (CanLII), < > Charalambous v. Canada (Attorney General), 2015 FC 1045 (CanLII), < > Charalambous v. Canada (Attorney General), 2016 FCA 177 (CanLII), < > Charalambous v. Attorney General of Canada, 2017 CanLII 1337 (SCC), < > Doctor denied day parole 27 years after hiring hitman to kill teen | Vancouver Sun Scandalous Case had Public Riveted — Documentary pays tribute to parents of murdered children - New West Record Family Physician Hired a Hit Man to Silence Her…Permanently - Medical Bag Serving Life 25-One Guard’s Story — Scribd Dr. Death M.D. by David Pietras - Ebook | Scribd Doctors Who Kill by Carol Anne Davis - Ebook | Scribd Fatal Prescription: A Doctor without Remorse by John Griffiths | Goodreads Medical Ethics | The Canadian Encyclopedia About CAVEAT Support the show: See for privacy information.
Episode 211: On January 27, 1896, in the tiny community of Bear River, Nova Scotia, popular fourteen-year-old Annie Kempton was brutally murdered in her home while her parents were out of town. The crime, papers said, was the worst ever seen in the province up to that point and there was an outcry for swift justice on the heels of the slaying. Two days after the crime, Peter David Wheeler, 26, an immigrant, was arrested and charged with the murder. In July of that year, Wheeler was found guilty of the crime and after his trial, made a confession that some have come to see as coerced. He was hanged less than 8 months after the murder in the middle of the night as a crowd was allegedly on their way from Bear River to lynch him. Sources: Nova Scotia Archives - Admiral Digby Museum Place-names of the Province of Nova Scotia : Brown, Thomas J : Internet Archive In search of justice for Peter and Annie | The Chronicle Herald Bear River Historical Society | Nova Scotia, Canada Peter Wheeler, Murder of Annie… - Admiral Digby Museum | Facebook Justice Denied - Atlantic Books Stories of our Local Characters The Lynching of Peter Wheeler by Debra Komar - Ebook | Scribd Maritime Murder: Deadly Crimes from the Buried Past eBook : Vernon, Steve: Kindle Store Graveyard Tour | Fall For Bear River Annie Kempton (1881-1896) - Find a Grave Memorial Folksongs from Southern New Brunswick : Creighton, Helen, 1899- : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive Bear River tragedy retold in ‘Annie Kempton’ | SaltWire Support the show: See for privacy information.
The Murder of Ardeth Wood

The Murder of Ardeth Wood


Episode 210: In the summer of 2003, Ardeth Wood, a 27-year-old PhD candidate studying philosophy at the University of Waterloo, was enjoying a well needed break at her parent’s home in the Orleans neighbourhood of Ottawa. In the early afternoon of August 6, 2003, wanting to take advantage of a beautiful, warm summer day Ardeth borrowed her brother’s bike to go for a ride. Ardeth never came home. Ardeth’s disappearance triggered one of the largest searches in Ottawa’s history up to that point covering the almost 200 kilometres of bike paths around the capital city and its suburbs. Five days later, Ardeth’s body was discovered. She’d been drowned on purpose and then hidden by her killer in a densely wooded area along the banks of Green’s Creek. Police had no suspects. Fearing for their own safety, many of the residents of Ottawa were terrified to use the parks and bike paths for some time even with increased police patrols. It would be more than two years before charges were laid against the man accused of Ardeth’s murder. Sources and Further Reading: The Disappearance of Ardeth Wood An Anthology of True Crime by Pete Dove - Ebook | Scribd Ardeth Wood - Wikipedia Murder She Solved - The Pathway Predator - Dailymotion Video Ardeth WOOD | Obituary | Ottawa Citizen Ardeth Mary Margaret Wood (1975-2003) - Find a Grave Memorial The value of virginity? « University of Waterloo — September 10, 2003: Scholarship remembers murdered grad A Mother’s Grief – The Healing Power of Forgiveness | Nourished Motherhood Blog Archived Ardeth Remembered Archived A death that touched an entire city Ardeth Wood murder resonates 10 years later | CBC News Interview with Colum Wood — YouTube Global study on homicide Kristen Gilchrist (2010) “Newsworthy” Victims?, Feminist Media Studies, Support the show: See for privacy information.
Episode 209:Daleen Kay Bosse, was a 26-year-old, wife and mother of Cree heritage and member of the Onion Lake First Nation in Saskatchewan near Saskatoon. On May 18, 2004, after a night out with friends Daleen did not return home. Her family grew worried. When she still hadn’t come home the next day Jeremiah, Daleen’s husband, contacted police, who, initially did not respond with much enthusiasm, telling Jeremiah and Daleen’s concerned parents to wait; that she would probably either come home or check in soon. Daleen’s family organized searches themselves and two weeks later Daleen’s car was found abandoned, but there was no sign of the missing woman. It would be more than four years later that Daleen’s family would find out what had happened to their missing loved one. Daleen had been murdered by a man named Douglas Richard Hales, who, during a Mr. Big sting, had admitted to killing the woman and the led police to Daleen’s charred remains. Sources: Onion Lake – Cree Nation The Encyclopedia of Saskatchewan | Details — Treaty 6 The Encyclopedia of Saskatchewan | Details — Frog Lake Massacre Frog Lake Massacre - Wikipedia SACP | Missing Persons Database Daleen Bosse Obituary (2008) - Saskatoon StarPhoenix NWAC - Daleen’s Story Family hires investigator to help locate daughter MMIWG & Violence Prevention • Native Women’s Association of Canada Home Page - Final Report | MMIWG R v Hales, 2014 SKQB 411 (CanLII), < > Highlights from the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal, 2015 | CanLII Man says he killed woman because she laughed when he couldn’t perform sexually | Philippine Canadian Inquirer Douglas Hales guilty of 2nd degree murder of Daleen Bosse | CBC News GUILTY - Canada - Daleen Bosse, 26, Saskatoon, Sask, 18 May 2004 Muskego Family Gets Some Closure - First Nations Drum Newspaper Mother recalls trauma of daughter’s disappearance, murder Daleen Bosse | News, Videos & Articles Kristen Gilchrist (2010) “Newsworthy” Victims?, Feminist Media Studies, The Different Stories of Cree Woman, Daleen Kay Bosse (Muskego) and Dakota-Sioux Woman, Amber Tara-Lynn Redman: Understanding Their Disappearances and Murders through Media Re-Presentations and Family Members’ Narratives News camera allowed in Saskatchewan court for first time - J-Source Saskatchewan man found guilty of killing Onion Lake Cree Nation woman, 25 - APTN News Karina Wolfe case echoes Daleen Bosse murder | 650 CKOM Finding Dawn by Christine Welsh - NFB Douglas Hales’ appeal decision, Nov 23 2015 — YouTube Hales appeal dismissed. - Free Online Library Tasha Beeds – Walking With Our Sisters 2021 National Action Plan Home • National Family and Survivors Circle Support the show: See for privacy information.
The Donnelly Family Massacre

The Donnelly Family Massacre


Episode 208: On Feb 4, 1880, just past midnight 5 members of the Donnelly family (A mother and father, two sons, and a niece) we brutally murdered by a mob in their homes just outside of Lucan, Ontario, in Biddolph township. A crime that happened 142 years ago this month, but it is one that had its roots in the distant past, and that has echoed into the future in Canada right up to today.  The family and their story became legendary, and often shocks people into the realization of how dark, and unforgiving life in early Canada could be. Numerous books, songs, tv shows, plays, and films have been made about the murders. There is even a Craft Beer brand in Ontario called The Black Donnelly’s Brewing Company, will illustrations of the family on their bottles. If you grew up in Ontario the massacre was actually part of the school curriculum. This is a case of victim blaming on a huge scale. Myths and legends sprung up about the family — perhaps somewhat to appease the guilty conscience of society. Even up to the early 1980’s if you went to Lucan people would say ‘we don’t talk about the Donnellys’ Sources: [The Vigilante Massacre | Maclean’s | June 1, 1950] [Heaven and Hell on Earth: The Massacre of the”Black Donnellys”] [Black Donnellys - Wikipedia] [History | Lucan Museum] Support the show: See for privacy information.
Episode 207: After World War II, Canada’s economy rose. Work was much easier to come by than during the depression. Even though he’d been able to secure decent employment, family man and world war veteran with movie star good looks, Edwin Alonzo Boyd, was bored. He’d had his share of trouble already and was feeling the itch again. In the fall of 1949, he robbed his first bank. This crime kicked off events that would lead to one of the most infamous Canadian criminal gangs of the era. Over just a few years, The Boyd Gang, named for their charismatic de facto leader, Edwin, robbed numerous banks broke out of one of Canada’s toughest prisons, not once but twice. To some, they were folk heroes. However, public sentiment turned firmly against them after members of the gang, Steve Suchan and Lennie Jackson, murdered Toronto Police Department Sergeant of Detectives Edmund “Eddie” Tong and severely wounded his partner Roy Perry. Sources: Regina v. Boyd, 1953 CanLII 88 (ON CA), Edwin Alonzo Boyd: Life and Crimes of Canada’s Master Bank Robber by Nate Hendley Fatal Intentions by Barbara Smith - Ebook | Scribd Line of Fire by Edward Butts - Ebook | Scribd John J. Robinette by George D. Finlayson - Ebook | Scribd The Desperate Ones by Edward Butts - Ebook | Scribd Now You Know Canada’s Heroes by Doug Lennox - Ebook | Scribd Lost Rivers — Don Jail Historicist: Titillating and Terrorizing Toronto - Torontoist — Archived Geocities — BOYD GANG Toronto’s Infamous ‘Boyd Gang’ - CBC Archives CBC Archives — Suchan and Jackson hanged back to back Edwin Alonzo Boyd | The Canadian Encyclopedia Toronto Feature: The Boyd Gang | The Canadian Encyclopedia WHAT THE BOYD GANG FIASCO CAN TEACH US — Macleans Magazine — 1952 » 1952: Lennie Jackson and Steve Suchan, of the Boyd Gang Support the show: See for privacy information.
Episode 206: Starting on the evening of June 29 and going into the early morning of June 30, 2002, Lisa Marie Young, a 21-year-old indigenous woman, was celebrating with friends in her hometown, Nanaimo, B.C. It was not only Canada Day long weekend, but also her friend Dallas’s birthday. The group went to several nightclubs and then attended a pair of house parties outside the city. Lisa left the party with a man the group had met just that evening. There were several frantic texts from Lisa shortly after her departure indicating she was afraid. Lisa Marie Young has not been heard from since. The man she was seen with while leaving the party was later identified as a local 27-year-old man named Christopher William Adair. Adair now refuses to speak to police and has left the country. Nanaimo RCMP presume Lisa has been murdered and her remains have never been found. In the days before the recording of this podcast, an anonymous donor contacted advocates for Lisa offering $50,000 reward to locate her remains. It’s time to bring Lisa home. Someone knows where she is. Maybe you can help. When she went missing, Lisa Marie Young was 21 years old. She was 5’4” (163 cm) tall and weighed 115 pounds (52 kg). She had long dark brown hair, brown eyes. Lisa has a tattoo of a band of flowers with a heart in the middle that circles her upper right arm. She was wearing a black skirt, black top, black high boots and a silver hoop necklace. If you have any tips or information regarding Lisa Marie Young’s disappearance, please call RCMP Corporal Markus Muntener directly at 250-754-2345 #BringLisaHome Promo Dealing Justice - Podcast Sources & Further Reading Disappearance of Lisa Marie Young - Wikipedia Native Women’s Association of Canada — Lisa’s Story Native Women’s Association of Canada (NWAC) YouTube — Lisa Marie Young — Nanaimo Crime Stoppers McColl Magazine - Lisa Marie Young, Missing Women Lisa Marie Young Help Find Lisa Missed by family and loved ones from Nanaimo+ Since June 30, 2002 Lisa’s Song by Allison Crowe — MP3 Island Crime Podcast Lisa Marie Young: Reward offered for location of missing Nanaimo woman | CTV News Lisa Marie Young — Facebook Group Main | Lil’ Red Dress Project Final Report | MMIWG MMIWG2S Inquiry — Master List of Report Recommendations MMIW — Calls for Justice Family seeks closure 10 years after daughter’s disappearance | Ha-Shilth-Sa Newspaper Case 26: Lisa Marie Young - Casefile: True Crime Podcast The Disappearance of Lisa Marie Young — True Crime Files The Disappearance of Lisa Marie Young - Part I - Canada Day Weekend : UnresolvedMysteries The Disappearance of Lisa Marie Young - Part II - The Man in the Red Jaguar : UnresolvedMysteries The Disappearance of Lisa Marie Young - Part III - The City Without Pity - Conclusion : UnresolvedMysteries CSO - Search Traffic/Criminal By Participant Name — Christopher William Adair Support the show: See for privacy information.
Episode 205: In this Away Game we are off to post World War One Germany where in the early 1920s, a brutal serial killer, Fritz Haarmann, killed at least 27 young men and boys. Many of his crimes, it appears, were committed to impress his lover, a man named Hans Grans. Although Haarmann admitted it was he who murdered and dismembered the victims, he claimed that ultimately, in a few cases, it was Grans who chose who was to die. Sources: Weimar Republic - HISTORY List of German serial killers - Wikipedia Author & Radio Host | Alan R. Warren Butcher of Hanover: Fritz Haarmann by Alan R. Warren Support the show: See for privacy information.
Episode 204: Between 1957 and 1964 in Montreal, Quebec, experiments were undertaken that compromised and invaded people’s minds, their agency to make decisions for themselves removed and their brains mucked about in, both physically and psychologically. These barbaric, Orwellian experiments often involved mind expanding drugs like LSD, sensory deprivation, shock treatments and periods of sleep induced for weeks at a time as well as other treatments that could easily be called torturous. They were sponsored by the most notorious branch of the United States government, the CIA, the Canadian government as well as other shadowy organizations with funding coming even from the Rockefellers. The goals behind the research, it seems were to develop brainwashed, zombie-like ‘recruits’ who would do the bidding of these groups without question or conscience getting in the way and to develop new methods of psychological torture to aid in enemy interrogation. All of it took place right here in Canada. The research was overseen by Dr. Donald Ewen Cameron, an eminent and well-respected psychiatrist at McGill University’s, Allan Memorial Institute with unwitting Canadian psychiatric patients used as Guinae pigs. The project was called MK-ULTRA. Sources: D. Ewen Cameron, M.D., F.R.C.P.C. Donald Ewen Cameron Donald Ewen Cameron | The McClaughry’s Blog CIA MKULTRA / Mind Control Collection - The Black Vault MKULTRA files : Free Texts : Free Download, Borrow and Streaming : Internet Archive The Most Dangerous Game : Josh Shore, Paul Shore : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive The Curious Career of Dr. Ewen Cameron Psychological Warfare | RAND Mind Control & MK-ULTRA MK Ultra Project - Commission on Assisted Dying George Cooper Report Ewen Cameron, 1986 : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive MK Ultra: CIA mind control program in Canada (1980) - The Fifth Estate — YouTube Brainwashed: The Secret CIA Experiments in Canada - The Fifth Estate — YouTube CIA Mind Control Survivors Seek Restitution From Canadian Government SAAGA — Survivors Against Government Abuse Brainwashed | CBC Podcasts | CBC Listen Ravenscrag, Montreal - Wikipedia Allan Memorial Institute - Wikipedia Project MKULTRA - McGill Declassified: Mind Control at McGill | The McGill Tribune Reader CIA Brainwashing McIntosh Montreal MKULTRA Experiments | The Canadian Encyclopedia The toxic legacy of Canada’s CIA brainwashing experiments: ‘They strip you of your soul’ | Canada | The Guardian Victims of CIA’s MKUltra Mind Control Program Are Fighting Back | Gaia Mind Wars by Marie D. Jones | Goodreads The Search for the Manchurian Candidate: The CIA & Mind Control by John D. Marks | Goodreads Poisoner in Chief: Sidney Gottlieb and the CIA Search for Mind Control by Stephen Kinzer | Goodreads Maisonneuve | Distant Relatives Trudeau government gag order in CIA brainwashing case silences victims, lawyer says | CBC News Brainwashed: The echoes of MK-ULTRA | CBC News Social Media and the Brain US claims Russia planning ‘false-flag’ operation to justify Ukraine invasion | Russia | The Guardian Support the show: See for privacy information.
Episode 203: On May 7, 1992, after the McDonald’s restaurant on Kings Road near Keltic Drive in Sydney River, Nova Scotia, closed for the night and the overnight crew was coming in and the evening crew was leaving. Three young men, armed with a shovel handle, knives and a .22 calibre pistol robbed the establishment. They beat, stabbed and shot 4 of the restaurant workers, killing three, Jimmy Fagan, 27, Donna Warren, 22, and Neil Burroughs Jr., 29, and critically wounding 20-year-old, Arlene MacNeil, who was permanently disabled both physically and mentally, requiring round the clock care until her death in 2018. The crime’s brutality brought unwelcome international media attention to the small town, especially when the truth came out. To almost everyone’s surprise, days after the murders, it quickly became evident that the brutal crime had been committed by three, fairly well-liked young men from the area. They’d robbed the place for its cash, making off with a tiny fraction of what they had assumed would be in the restaurant’s safe. Sources: Sydney River McDonald’s murders - Wikipedia R. v. Muise, 1992 CanLII 4046 (NS SC), < > R. v. MacNeil, 1993 CanLII 4442 (NS SC), < > R. v. MacNeil, 1993 CanLII 4449 (NS SC), < > R. v. Wood, 1993 CanLII 4535 (NS SC), < > R. v. Muise (No. 1), 1993 CanLII 4555 (NS SC), < > R. v. Muise, 1994 NSCA 198 (CanLII), < > R. v. Wood, 1994 NSCA 239 (CanLII), < > R. v. MacNeil, 1995 NSCA 10 (CanLII), < > Twenty years of heartache | The Chronicle Herald N.S. McDonald’s killer granted full parole | CBC News McDonald’s killer Darren Muise ‘financially secure’ and ‘living a good life’ on parole: documents - Halifax | McDonald’s murderer ‘financially secure’ and ‘living a good life’: parole documents | CTV News Derek Wood, convicted in McDonald’s murders, denied day parole | CBC News Wood v Warden (Atlantic Institution), 2017 CanLII 67340 (NB CA), < > Derek Anthony Wood and the Sydney River McDonald’s Murders - Christopher di Sydney River McDonald’s killer loses appeal | SaltWire One of three men convicted in McDonald’s murders awarded unescorted absences   - Halifax | 24 Sep 2000, 28 - The Winnipeg Sun at Murder at McDonald’s: The Killers Next Door eBook : Jessome, Phonse: Kindle Store Support the show: See for privacy information.
Episode 202: Mathew Charles Lamb was a troubled and disturbed youngster. He was born in Windsor, Ontario, unwanted, to a teenage mother and bounced from one relative’s home to another, never having close relationships with any of them. To him they were merely his keepers. The rules they laid out for him to follow were bothersome to him. Young Matt was incorrigible. He became violent early on, many of the other kids in his family and in the neighbourhood were terrified of him. After a number of run ins with local police and several violent incidents involving firearms, one including a shootout with police, Mathew Lamb was jailed  in the Kingston Pen for the first time — he was just 16. At 18 years old, only days after an early release, Mathew Charles Lamb, went on a shooting spree in Windsor, killing two strangers and wounding two more. Sources: City Of Windsor Canada’s Most Dangerous Places 2020 - The Windsor Star - Google News Archive Search Mathew Charles Lamb | Murderpedia, the encyclopedia of murderers Read Watching the Devil Dance Online by William Toffan | Books Mathew Charles Lamb - Wikipedia House of Commons Debates, 30th Parliament, 2nd … - Canadian Parliamentary Historical Resources New Book Documents Canada’s First Spree Killer and Windsor Native Matthew Lamb | 519 Magazine Book - The Psychopath Test About: Mathew Charles Lamb   Support the show: See for privacy information.
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Sean Rosenau

So did the RCMP set up the people because of the Boston bombings? Fucking canadian cops trying to make themselves look good on OUR ACTUAL tragedy.

May 23rd

Chelsea Lynn

Wow the police really failed in this investigation. They didn't even investigate. They had already made up their minds that it was an accident. They didn't look at the camera footage that probably would have solved this. They didn't collect evidence on the scene. They all need to be fired. Her poor family will probably never have closure because of the failures of the police.

May 4th

Joe Kerr

oh shut up and get on with it. 18 minutes in and it's just stupid facts about pirates 😂😂😂

Apr 18th

sarah cross

I love you guys (although I still miss Scott) but laughing while talking about the residential schools is totally inappropriate... cringe 🙁

Feb 19th

Chris Melbourne

Time to unsubscribe. I'm not going to be one of the people that complain about the hard work put into a free service. I will just walk away.

Jan 3rd
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Brad Campbell

I have been face to face with this lady in Montague, I always thought she was weird.

Dec 29th

Full Metal Jackalope

This was great. Loved it!

Dec 21st

zimby zimbabwe

I forgot how ghey canadians were

Dec 13th

zimby zimbabwe

you gentlemen are so brave talking about these issues on here, real groundbreaking stuff guys ✊

Dec 11th


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Yes guys! I really enjoyed this great heart felt episode! Go for it again! So many lives lost, I am very sorry for all of the strong families. I believe it is just wrong that those hurt people have to deal with revictimization each time they have to face their losses when serial killers make multiple attempts to be released. That is just not justice whatsoever!

Dec 1st

an interested party

I just love you guys!

Nov 24th


Missing White Women Syndrome, a derivative of the term coined by Gwen Ifils which was in fact *Missing White Women Search Syndrome*. It may have once referred to the wider media's selective bias in the few missing persons cases they give attention to. It is now since devolved into an appropriate outlet for the misogyny of Lefty leaning dudes doing their darndest to otherwise appear woke.

Nov 6th

John Paul


Oct 27th

Release The Kraken

I love this podcast and the people who make it happen!!!

Oct 4th

an interested party

Matthew has such a great laugh!

Sep 15th
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Amy Lapratt

He looks like the Zodiac sketch. Just saying. Regardless, he's a monster.

Sep 2nd


I'm so glad you got rid of your wife that sounded like a giggly 3 yo. almost gave up in your podcast.

Aug 30th

Sha Shep

oooh not well informed about psychopathy!

Aug 24th

an interested party

I really enjoy this podcast. I thank you for your compassion.

Jul 18th


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Thanks great episode , MD, USA

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