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Dead Fantasy - Unofficial Grateful Dead Fantasy Podcast
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Dead Fantasy - Unofficial Grateful Dead Fantasy Podcast

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Unofficial Dead Fantasy Setlist Podcasts

This podcast celebrates the music of The Grateful Dead and aims to deliver to your ears monthly "shows" that span across the complete catalog. Instead of redelivering complete sets as-is, each set will pluck tracks out to recreate a somewhat typical set ala the fantasy part.
53 Episodes
Episode 053 - March 2017 Set 1Shakedown Street (1982-04-17)Let it Grow-> Deal (1981-03-06)High Time (1980-05-16)Easy To Love You (1979-11-05)Dancin' In The Streets-> Franklin's Tower (1979-11-09)Loser (1980-05-02)CC Rider (1980-08-30)Scarlet Begonias-> Fire On The Mountain (1982-04-03)
Episode 054 - March 2017 Set 2Big River-> (1980-08-20)Looks Like Rain (1980-08-20)Bertha-> (1981-10-12)Samson and Delilah (1981-10-12)He's Gone-> (1981-07-11)Truckin-> (1981-07-11)The Other One (1981-07-11)Space-> (1978-10-17)If I Had The World To Give (1978-10-17)
Episode 052 - December 2016 Set 2 Morning Dew (1977-05-08)Not Fade Away-> Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad-> One More Saturday Night (1974-10-18)Uncle John's Band-> Estimated Prophet-> He's Gone-> (1979-12-26)Eyes Of The World-> China Doll (1974-10-19)St. Stephen-> The Other One-> Stella Blue (1977-03-20)China Cat Sunflower->I Know You Rider (1972-08-27)Terrapin Station (1977-12-29)
Episode 051 - December 2016 Set 1 Bertha (1971-08-26)Sugaree-> Little Red Rooster (1983-10-17)Mama Tried (1976-09-25)Row Jimmy (1974-06-18)Same Thing[1] (1993-03-27)Cassidy (1989-06-21)Peggy-O (1974-08-04)Let It Grow-> Althea (1980-06-20)Empty Page[1] s (1971-08-26)Broken Arrow[1] (1993-03-09)Bird Song (1972-10-18)From The Heart Of Me (1979-02-03)Dancin' In The Streets-> Wharf Rat-> Dancin' In The Streets-> Around & Around (1976-10-14)Alabama Getaway-> Promised Land (1987-04-19)[1] Dead Fantasy Debut
Episode 050 - November 2016 Set 2Help On The Way-> Slipknot!-> (1976-12-31)Shakedown Street (1981-08-28)Scarlet Begonias-> Fire On The Mountain (1991-02-20)Playing in the Band-> Drums-> Space > (1981-12-05)Dark Star (1972-04-24)Space-> The Wheel-> Playing in the Band (1981-12-05)The Mighty Quinn (1987-06-14)
Episode 049 - November 2016 Set 1Man Of Peace[1] (1987-07-04)Dead Man, Dead Man[1] (1987-06-01)Tomorrow Is a Long Time[1] (1987-06-01)Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms[1] (1987-06-01)John Hardy[1] (1987-06-01)Tangled Up in Blue (1987-06-01)I Want You[1] (1987-06-01)The Ballad of Ira Hayes[1] (1987-06-01)It Takes A Lot To Laugh, A Train To Cry[1] (1982)Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues (1993-06-11)When I Paint My Masterpiece (1993-06-11)Señor (Tales of Yankee Power)[1] (1994-04-25)Desolation Row (1986-05-10)Simple Twist Of Fate (1977-12-04)Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again[1] (1988-10-16)Forever Young (1988-11-26)The Wicked Messenger[1] (1987-07-12)Heart of Mine[1] (1987-07-19)Shelter from the Storm[1] (1987-07-26)He Was a Friend of Mine-> China Cat Sunflower-> The Eleven-> Death Don't Have No Mercy (1969-05-24)It's All Over Now, Baby Blue[1] (1974-02-24)[1] Dead Fantasy Debut
Episode 048 - October 2016 Set 2Estimated Prophet-> Eyes Of The World-> Why Don't We Do It In The Road[1] (1984-06-27)I Fought The Law[1] (1993-03-14)Good Lovin'-> La Bamba-> Good Lovin' (1987-09-23)Louie Louie[1]-> Samson and Delilah (1988-04-05)Get Back[1] (1987-01-28)Greatest Story Ever Told-> Devil With The Blue Dress[1]-> Good Golly Miss Molly[1]-> Devil With The Blue Dress (1987-09-09)Foolish Heart-> I Want to Tell You[1] (1994-07-01)It's All Too Much[1] (1995-03-18)Take Me To The River[1] (1995-04-01)Let The Good Times Roll-> Feel Like A Stranger (1988-04-30)The Weight (1990-03-28)Satisfaction[1] (1980-11-26)Blackbird[1]-> Brokedown Palace (1988-06-23)[1] Dead Fantasy Debut
Episode 036 - May 2016 Set 1Cold Rain and Snow (1971-02-21)Greatest Story Ever Told -> Johnny B. Goode (1971-02-18)Smokestack Lightning (1971-02-19)Hard To Handle[1] (1971-02-24)Bertha (1971-02-24)Loser (1971-02-23)Next Time You See Me[1] (1971-02-23)Cumberland Blues (1971-02-24)Candyman (1971-02-18)Easy Wind[1] (1971-02-19)I'm A King Bee (0197-02-21)Dark Star -> Wharf Rat -> Dark Star -> Me and My Uncle (1971-02-18)Truckin' -> Not Fade Away -> Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad -> Not Fade Away -> Turn On Your Love Light (1971-02-24)Morning Dew (1971-02-23)[1] Dead Fantasy Debut
Episode 045 - September 2016 Set 1Bird Song (1973-09-07)Let Me Sing Your Blues Away[1] (1973-09-08)Weather Report Suite-> Let It Grow (1973-09-11)Loose Lucy (1973-09-12)Row Jimmy (1973-09-15)Looks Like Rain (1973-09-17)Greatest Story Ever Told (1973-09-20)The Other One (1973-09-21)Truckin' (1973-09-24)China Doll (1973-09-26)Eyes Of The World (1973-09-07)[1] Dead Fantasy Debut
Episode 046 - September 2016 Set 2Shakedown Street (1991-09-10)Scarlet Begonias-> Victim Or The Crime-> Fire On The Mountain (1991-08-16)Truckin'-> New Speedway Boogie-> Uncle John's Band-> Dark Star-> Drums (1991-06-17)Space-> All Along The Watchtower (1991-08-13)Rubin and Cherise (1991-03-17)The Mighty Quinn (1991-09-09)Forever Young[1], Touch Of Grey (1991-11-03)[1] Dead Fantasy Debut
Episode 047 - October 2016 Set 1Playin' In The Band (1972-11-15)Hey Bo Diddley[1]-> I'm A Man[1]-> I've Seen Them All[1] (1972-03-25)Good Lovin'-> China Cat Sunflower-> Good Lovin' (1972-01-02)Sugar Magnolia- Caution (Do Not Stop On Tracks)-> Uncle John's Band (1972-03-22)[1] Dead Fantasy Debut, with Bo Diddley
Episode 043 - August 2016 Set 1Shady Grove[1] (1991-12-08)I'm Just Here To Get My Baby Out Of Jail[1] > The Wind And Rain[1] (1987-12-04)Ragged But Right[1] (1987-10-21)Spike Driver Blues[1] (1986-11-14)Troubled In Mind[1] (1987-10-31)Turtle Dove[1] (1987-12-17)Diamond Joe[1] (1987)Russian Lullaby[1] (1991-08-25)Summertime[1] (1993)The Streamlined Cannonball[1] (1975)The Maker[1] (1994-02-06)Shining Star (1994-08-14)I Shall Be Released[1] (1990)So Many Roads[1] (1995-07-09)After Midnight-> Eleanor Rigby Jam-> After Midnight (1980-01-20)[1] Dead Fantasy Debut
Episode 042 - July 2016 Set 3The Music Never Stopped-6> Cold Rain and Snow (2016-06-10)Jack Straw (2016-07-26)Cassidy-> Deal (2016-06-21)Big River-> Friend Of The Devil (2016-07-27)Next Time You See Me (2016-07-03)Truckin' (2016-07-07)West L.A. Fadeaway (2016-07-22)Athea (2016-07-27)China Cat Sunflower-> I Know You Rider (2016-06-21)Uncle John's Band (2016-07-29)Standing On The Moon (2016-06-20)Eyes Of The World (2015-11-15)
Episode 041 - July 2016 Set 2Estimated Prophet (1978-05-07)Playin' In The Band (1973-11-30)The Other One (1983-03-13)New Potato Caboose (1968-10-12)Lost Sailor-> Saint of Circumstance (1981-12-05)Looks Like Rain (1990-04-02)Weather Report Suite-> Let It Grow (1973-11-21)Feel Like A Stranger (1993-06-26)Hell In A Bucket (1983-10-17)I Need A Miracle (1989-10-16)The Music Never Stopped (1978-04-24)
Episode 040 - July 2016 Set 1I'm A King Bee (1971-04-17)Ain't It Crazy[1] (1971-04-28)Good Morning Little Schoolgirl (1969-02-08)Alligator (1968-01-22)Big Boss Man (1966-07-03)It's a Man's Man's Man's World (1970-04-09)It Hurts Me Too[1] (1972-04-14)Operator (1970-09-18)She's Mine[1] (1970-05-15)Katie Mae[1] (1970-05-15)Easy Wind (1970-09-20)Good Lovin' (1972-04-16)Turn On Your Lovelight ((1970-09-19)[1] Dead Fantasy Debut
Episode 039 - June 2016 Set 2Arabia[1] (1991-12-08)Dark Star (1989-10-09)Cassidy-> Uncle John's Band-> Cassidy (1993-05-27)How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved by You)[1] (1973-07-11)Peggy-O (1978-04-16)Jack-A-Roe (1977-05-18)Run for the Roses (1982-04-10)It Must Have Been The Roses (1975-09-28)Rubin and Cherise (1991-04-07)Looks Like Rain (1977-06-07)Bird Song (1990-07-21)Till The Morning Comes (1970-10-31)Eyes Of The World (1974-08-06)Sugar Magnolia (1972-08-27)Brown Eyed Women (1977-05-28)Tangled Up In Blue (1990)That's What Love Will Make You Do (1980-03-01)They Love Each Other (1975-12-31)When I Paint My Masterpiece (1985-10-16)Standing On The Moon (1990-03-30)Ramble On Rose (1977-05-19)Midnight Moonlight (1978-03-28)Shining Star (1993)To Lay Me Down (1974-06-24)Brokedown Palace (1971-12-07)The Stranger (Two Souls in Communion) (1972-05-10)If I Had The World To Give (1978-08-01)Attics of My Life (1970-06-06)Scarlet Begonias-> Fire On The Mountain (1985-07-01)Not Fade Away-> St Stephen (1977-03-18)And We Bid You Goodnight (1989-10-26)[1] Dead Fantasy DebutMuch love Silas+Ava!
Episode 038 - June 2016 Set 1Tore Up Over You (1976-08-22)Think[1] (1974-01-17)Sugaree (1975-10-24)He Ain't Give You None[1] (1974-11-16)The Harder They Come (1974-06-04)That's Alright Mama (1975-06-22)It's No Use[1] (1974-10-04)Just Kissed My Baby[1] (1974-11-28)Neighbor Neighbor[1] (1974-08-30)Are You Lonely For Me, Baby[1] (1974-02-09)Mission In The Rain (1975-11-17)I Want To Tell You[1] (1976-02-22)Lonesome and a Long Way from Home (1976-04-03)[1] Dead Fantasy Debut
Episode 037 - May 2016 Set 2Help On The Way-> Slipknot!-> Franklin's Tower (1984-04-21)Hey Pocky Way (1989-10-20)Shakedown Street (1982-04-06)Looks Like Rain (1986-03-25)She Belongs To Me[1] (1985-04-07)Estimated Prophet-> Eyes Of The World-> Drums-> (1980-08-30)Space-> Morning Dew (1986-03-24)Truckin'-> The Other One (1982-04-06)The Wheel-> Wharf Rat-> Sugar Magnolia (1984-04-19)Turn On Your Lovelight (1987-03-31)Stella Blue (1987-03-31)[1] Dead Fantasy Debut
Episode 033 - March 2016 Set 2Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues (1991-10-31) Let It Grow (1991-10-31) Estimated Prophet-> He's Gone (1991-02-20) Playing In The Band-> Uncle John's Band-> Terrapin Station-> Drums (1991-02-21) The Last Time (1990-02-25) Drums-> Jam-> The Other One-> Wharf Rat-> Turn On Your Love Light (1990-12-04) Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad-> One More Saturday Night (1988-12-31)
Episode 032 - March 2016 Set 1Cold Rain and Snow (1974-10-20) Beat It on Down the Line[1] (1974-10-19) Sugaree (1977-03-18) Peggy-O (1977-06-07) Me and Bobby McGee[1] (1972-12-12) You Win Again (1972-03-05) It's a Man's Man's Man's World[1] (1970-04-15) Mama Tried-> Mexicali Blues (1978-10-17) Stagger Lee (1978-10-21) Black Throated Wind (1973-11-11) Friend Of The Devil (1978-10-22) El Paso (1972-12-12) Here Comes Sunshine (1974-02-23) China Cat Sunflower-> I Know You Rider (1974-10-20) I Need A Miracle (1978-10-21) [1] Dead Fantasy Debut
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