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Deadman's Tome podcast is a variety show covers everything from horror writing, horror movies, filmmaking, youtube drama, and fringe communities. While the show has a comedic bent to it, some many heartfelt moments have been explored on the program. #horror #writing

Live on YouTube every friday at 9:30pm, then podcast available shortly after.
138 Episodes
Bo Chappell and Dustin Yoak of Geek-Men and the Masters of the Thundernerds podcast join Mr. Deadman and Tammy Gyarmathy to talk about the horror video games we played and enjoyed. We get into Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Eternal Darkness, and more
John Wolf - Horror, Writing, and Monster Madnessfunny news#horror#writing
Support the stream: Deadman tries to summon a succubus using helpful advice from Wordpress blogs and anonymous internet sources (4chan/reddit).How bad could this be?#horror#writing
Support the stream: about Urban Legends tonight with guest Tony Evans. We'll talk about Urban Legends that may or may not have an element of truth to them such as the Mothman, the Bunny Man, Candy Man, Witches that turn people into black panthers, the goatman, and more.#horror#writing
Life. Sometimes life can be great and amazing, filled with good times, pleasant moments, and comfort. Other times, life can be strenuous, and toilsome, filled with hardships, pain, and misery. What makes life much more complicated is that we never get to choose the hand we're dealt, and our experiences differ based a lot of factors. variables that are much more complicated than this simple podcast could even dare explain, especially in such limited time. But while life is relative, as humans we share needs and desires, things that often help us during hard times. Whatever they may be.This isn't a contest about who has it the hardest, but a conversation about how we navigated through our hardships and how we deal with the shroud of negativity that tries to consume us. #motivational#horror#writing
Support the stream: Mazer is a Canadian who was born in Victoria, British Columbia, and grew up in the prairies of Northern Alberta. After spending the majority of her life in the Great White North, she migrated south to Texas. She is a connoisseur and creator of horror, science fiction, and fantasy. Many moons ago, a rampant love of reading led her to believe she could weave a good tale herself, and now she is an award-winning author with ten novels under her belt, as well as stories published in various anthologies.
Support the stream: T. Lyddon is an award winning writer, producer, director and special make up effects artist known for the films Cut Up (1994), Zombie! vs. Mardi Gras (1999), Horror Anthology Movie Vol. 1 (2013) and Vol. 2 (2014) and the forthcoming feature First Man on Mars (2016). Short films include The Cordyceps Principle (2013), Thing in the Shed (2013), Footage Found Arabi (2013) and By the Hair of the Head (2014). He also filmed over 100 live indigenous and traditional music videos in South America for HowlingEarth.Com. His latest project is a feature length film called Witch Tales aka Cuentos de la Bruja (2018) now in production in Peru through June of 2018.#horror#indie
Support the stream: Dietz, the uncredited face of Pazuzu in The Exorcist. Elieen Dietz has a new book called Exorcising My Demons.#horror#writingNo Mr. Deadman tonight because he went too hard on pumpkin spice
Support the stream: is the Hat Man? Have you ever seen him? Some say that the Hat Man comes to visit during your weakest moment and is a sign that you need to immediately change your ways! So does that make the Hat Man an interventionist? Is he a spirit that tries to help or is he a collector of souls, or just something made up?Is the Hat Man a shadow person or are shadow people something else?Let's set aside our bias and go deep into the lore, history and stories of the Hat Man.
Mr. Deadman Summons a Ghost

Mr. Deadman Summons a Ghost


Support the stream: say you should NEVER use a Ouija board by yourself, but Mr. Deadman is willing to do that and more in order to summon a ghost. Is this a smart idea? No, of course not. Do not try this at home. Mr. Deadman is determined to provoke a ghost to satisfy his skepticism, but is it worth it. We will find out.To help, Mr. Deadman has acquired a cursed doll and ghost potion from off the internet.
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Great podcast

Jun 26th
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