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This show is all about horror, writing, and having a good time. If you're looking for in depth conversation about horror films, writing advice, with a little bit of off-topic fun thrown in then this is the place.
272 Episodes
If you wish to donate to us, use the links belowStreamlabs donation (your donation will appear on the stream) Lives Matter, Racism in America Part II
If you wish to donate to us, use the links belowStreamlabs donation (your donation will appear on the stream) author James Watts talks to Mr. Deadman and Kaibus about his book Beast of Sorrows, shares his grievance with the horror industry and more
Talking with Jon Goddi of Goddie Oddities. What is a dead/oddities dealer?
Racism in america

Racism in america


Let's have that talk about racism in Americathis should be fun.
Go here to vote on which celebrity would win in a horror scenario: Cardi B or Shania Twain with Dawn Ellis Shea of D & T Publishing about the ABCs of Terror, horror, and publishing
JOHN EVERSON, Covenant, and Horror
Byron Craft was on the show to talk about his book Cry of Cthulhu, Lovecraft, and Horror.
Horror author D.A. Roberts talks to Mr. Deadman about his book Apex Predator Blood Moon, his experience as a police officer, his hurdles as a writer, and horror.
Writing Racism, Lovecraft and Horror
Jason Statham VS Keanu Reeves, Horror Writing, and Aunt Jemima
Daughters of Darkness and Vampire Lust
Jimmy Pudge, Pussy Juice, and Other Vulgarities
Deadman's Tome Podcast - Horror Publisher, Scary Snippets, and JK Rowling
CTHULHU VS T800 Terminator
Writing Controversial Topics, Murder ASMR, and Horror movies
Wendigo, Western Horror, and Cancel Culture
The Audition (1999) Japanese Horror Film Review and Analysis
Deadman's Tome Podcast - Horror, Writing, and Content Policing. Talking with Curtis M. Lawson, author of Black Heart Boys' Choir, about horror, writing, demented kids in horror, and content policing.
Janny Jewsh VS PPP

Janny Jewsh VS PPP


Part 1 of the Dick Masterson internet drama saga
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Chris Kauffman Jr

Great podcast

Jun 26th

Robert Lilley

Great fun shared with y'all last night. 😊

May 16th
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