DiscoverClarity Compressed: Build a Better Business Through Better Brand Development
Clarity Compressed: Build a Better Business Through Better Brand Development
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Clarity Compressed: Build a Better Business Through Better Brand Development

Author: Paul J Daly

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If you're looking for "marketing hacks" from a "guru", you're only chasing short-term results. This isn't the podcast for you. After spending 15 years building a multi-million dollar business, Paul J Daly is sharing the experiences and perspective that grew him from an entrepreneur in Upstate New York to an inspiring leader, a national speaker, and sought-after business consultant. By focusing on brand development, company culture, and crafting better marketing, Paul J Daly is leading the charge for entrepreneurs and small businesses to align their marketing, messaging, company culture, operations, leadership development, and everything in between to drive long-term success; all in the spirit of CLARITY.
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I’m in the throes of the deep work it takes to follow through on one of those inspiring moments I had a couple of months ago.
Death of the Brand Era??

Death of the Brand Era??


I heard a brilliant interview on the CMO Podcast on which the guest, NYU Stern School of Business clinical professor Scott Galloway said that the sun is setting on the “brand-era”. What-the-whaaaat???
Being present is not the same as hearing.Being present, doesn’t equal hearing, and hearing doesn’t equal understanding, and understanding doesn’t mean implementing and implementing doesn’t mean succeeding.
A two-star review just came in for my recent book, “The Automotive Manifesto”. It actually got me excited. It came from Amy. Not only am I honored that she, bought, read, AND took the time to review, but she also had some valid perspectives. I thought it would be good to talk about it head-on in this weeks show.
How to Get Yourself UNstuck

How to Get Yourself UNstuck


Everyone gets ‘stuck’ in life. I just did in a MAJOR way. The new site we launched for Congruent took about 10 times longer to develop then if we had been building a site for a client. Why? Because it was ours. Because we were too close to it. Because that’s what happens when objectivity leaves the room.
If you’ve been confused, disheartened, suspicious and/or frustrated with your branding and marketing spend, there is probably good reason.
I’ve been getting myself into a little trouble lately. I just don’t understand how the conflict of interest in the current agency model has lived on for so long. Charging clients fees which are based on a percentage of ad spend just seems crazy to me. Some of the metrics justifying that spend seem even crazier. Most of them aren’t even tied back to meaningful measurables.
Would you rather spend your marketing dollars on ads, or on content that’s created to optimize lasting brand connection? There is an existing conflict in the ad world that is forcing many organizations into ad spend that is out of balance. Because the economy is good right now, I feel like no one is paying attention and I want to start the conversation.
A lot has changed in the business world since I first ventured out to start my own business with a few thousand borrowed dollars and a rusty 1984 Chevy Astro. In the 17 years since there are so many things that 2019 Paul would have been able to teach 2003 Paul. I guess that’s why experience really matters.
I recently visited Bergstrom Automotive, a dealership group out in Wisconsin, and a thought came to me. Are you doing something because it’s relevant to the culture, or are you being authentic with yourself in what you do?
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