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Dean Delray's "Let There Be Talk." This original podcast is a unique blend of rock, shock, and comic talk with some of the biggest names in music, comedy and entertainment. There's never a dull moment with your motorcycle riding, joke slinging host Dean Delray. So, strap on your helmets folks and get ready for one helluva ride!
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Today I sit down with Tyler Wells owner of my favorite restaurant in Los Angeles "All-Time"  for another Handmade edition of LET THERE BE TALK. Tyler has been a Porsche Mechanic, Bike Messenger company owner and Coffee Shop Owner before landing on his true love of life Restaurant owner. Tyler and his wife Ashley have built from the ground up of one of the greatest spots in LA ever. I always wanted to know how the Restaurant world works and what it takes and Tyler was the perfect guest. This man and his wife have pure passion for ever detail of their Restaurant and it was an honor to sit down with him. During these incredibly hard time we must all try and support small businesses.  Keep The Candles Lit. This episode is brought to you by CBD LION use the code Dean and get 20% off all items now.   
A few months ago I had on my friend Ed Shines and we dug way into the Art of Auto Detailing. During that episode we talked about Paint Protection and Car Wrapping which gave me the idea to seek out one of the best in the business. After some research I found Tyler O'Hara owner of American Wrap Company. Tyler is considered one of the top Auto Wrap and Paint Protection specialist in the world. Tyler and I sit down today for a long in-depth conversation about Auto Wrapping and Window Tinting. This is a fantastic Handmade episode brought to you by Mandscaped. Keep that package nice and trim with the Lawn Mower 3.0 Get 20% of when you use the code Delray. Click on the link 
Today my good friend Alison Mosshart returns to the show and talks about her brand new music, Her Paintings, Cars and the future of Touring. Alison has so much great stuff going on and it was an honor to have her back on the show for my first Zoom recording.  Her new single It Ain't Water is out on May 13th and a new video comes with it that she directed. Alison also talks about her amazing Paintings and a new Spoken word record. This episode is brought to you by my fantastic sponsor CBD LION the best source for clean CBD use the link and get 20% off when you use the code Dean
Today on another episode of Let There Be Talk I sit down with Actor/Musician Balthazar Getty and we go all over the board. At 13 years old Balt was cast as the lead in the film Lord Of The Flies and has not stopped working ever since. He's worked with David Lynch in Lost Highway and most recently the new Twin Peaks on Netflix. Balt is also a musician and is a member of the band Ringside as well as a DJ who has been traveling the word for the last few years spinning everywhere.  This is a fantastic episode that I know you guys are gonna dig. Stay Safe and Keep the Candles Lit.
Today is a Handmade edition with my guest Greg Howard guitar tech for almost 20 years for Mr Brad Whitford of Aerosmith. Greg has also worked with Green Day, AC/DC, Kings X and so many more. Besides being a Guitar Tech Greg also has an Amp company that he has partnered with Brad Whitford and Ossie Ahsen from Blockhead fame made right here in the USA. Hand made amps that Brad himself uses every night on stage with Aerosmith. Enjoy this episode and tell a friend. Done forget to leave a review and subscribe on iTunes or Youtube. This episode is brought to you by Knoob Guitar Pick Holder. Use the link now and stop losing your Picks  Also Blue Chew for the ultimate in Bedroom Performance use the code DELRAY for a free trial just pay $5 shipping 
Today on a brand new episode of Let There Be Talk my guest is the  incredible John Dolmayan drummer for one of the heaviest most original bands I have ever seen System Of A Down. John sits down with me and talks about the history of System and how he joined the group in the early days. Also we get into what its like to work with producer Rick Rubin, Why there is no new record,John's love of comic books and of course his new covers project These Grey Men. It was an honor to talk to John. His drumming is fierce and totally original and he has mad passion for what ever he does no matter what the project is. We also talk about his brand new comic book he is writing that will be out in July. Thanks for tuning in and remember keep the candles lit. This episode is brought to you by CBD Lion the best CBD products on the market. Use the code Dean for 20% off all products. 
Today on Let There Be Talk #525 it's the return of the Metal Master himself Brian Slagel, CEO of Metal Blade Records. Brian has been on the show 3 times now and every time he delivers some incredible Heavy Metal History and this time is no exception. I thought it would be cool to have Brian back on to talk about those early days of Metallica and the Thrash Metal scene. This was recorded late January 2020 during my celebration of Thrash Metal but I wanted to hold it until the DVD release of Murder in The Front Row.  Brian and I also talk about his recent move to Las Vegas, The future Metal Blade Museum, The Raiders new stadium, Slayers Last tour ever and Stand Up Comedy. Keep the Candles Lit everyone. Stay inside wear a mask and wash them hands. This Episode is brought to you by Use the code DEAN for 20% off the best CDB Products made. 3rd party tested.
Today on another episode of Let There Be Talk I sit down with Director Adam Dubin. From co-directing Beastie Boys music videos "(You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (To Party!)" and "No Sleep till Brooklyn", to directing A Year and a Half in the Life of Metallica feature-length documentary for Metallica and their music video "Nothing Else Matters". My guest Adam Dubin sits down with me today and talks about his brand new documentary-film "Murder In The Front Row" - The San Francisco Bay Area Thrash Metal Story that is about to be released on DVD April 24th. This film in incredible and a must see. You can Pre-Order now on Amazon. This is a killer episode brought to you by CBD LION your one stop CBD Shop use the code dean for 20% off right now. 
Today I sit down with Tony Esposito and Nick Wilkerson from the fantastic band White Reaper.  I sat down with the guys a few weeks ago after their soundcheck at The Troubadour in Los Angeles and dug into all things White Reaper including how their new record You Deserve Love came about, The music scene in Louisville Kentucky and of course what its like being on Elektra Records. Make sure you check out all their music and also follow them on Instagram and Twitter  This episode is brought to you by my new sponsor RSG METALWORKS making hand made 4X4 Sliders for your OFF ROAD needs. Use the code DEAN100 for $100 off. Fix up that Toyota 4-Runner or Tacoma 
Today on another episode of Let There Be Talk my good friend Marcus King returns to the show to catch up on whats been happening with his career over the last few years. Marcus was last on the show June 3rd 2018 and since then his career has exploded. Tune in and here all out his latest solo record, touring, moving to Nashville and of course his Cadillac El Dorado. This episode is brought to you by Blue Chew use the code DELRAY for a free offer. Just pay $5 shipping and be on your way to a fun night with your partner.
Today my guest is Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame Drummer Chris Layton.  Chris is a full on Legend who has played drums with Stevie Ray Vaughan, Arc Angles, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, John Mayer and so many more. Chris is in the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame and he is also a Grammy  Winner. Last Saturday I sat down with Chris in Austin Texas at his Drum Studio and dove deep into this mans career.  I know you guys are gonna dig this one. Brought to you by use the code Delray for a free trial. Just pay $5 for shipping and you are on your way. Also brought to you by Use the code Dean for a fantastic discount. Candles Lit  DDR
#520:Brian Posehn/ Comedian

#520:Brian Posehn/ Comedian


Today on Let There Be Talk the great Brian Posehn stops by and talks all about his new Comedy Metal Album "Grandpa Metal" Brian has always been a Metal fan and over the last 6 years he has been recording on and off with some of his Metal friends to make Grandpa Metal. People like Scott Ian, Gary Holt, Kim Thayil and Alex Skolnick just to name a few all played on this record. Brian is a fantastic comedian who has been in the game for over 30 years. Tune in and hear us dive into some metal and comedy talk. Candles Lit my friends.
Today I sit down with a former Racing Champion and current CEO of Dream Racing Mr. Enrico Bertaggia. Enrico starting racing professionally in 1982 and continued for almost 25 years. After his retirement he new he didn't want to leave the racing world so he opened Dream Racing in Las Vegas. Dream Racing gives civilians an opportunity 2 drive real race cars and Super Cars on a track. This place is one of my favorite places in the world. To be able to drive a Ferrari 488 Pista or a Porsche GT2 RS on the track is unreal . It was an honor to talk to Enrico and his life is very inspiring. Enjoy this episode brought to you by Simplisafe use the link for a free 60 day trial   
#518:Adam Goldberg/Actor

#518:Adam Goldberg/Actor


Today on Let There Be Talk my friend actor Adam Goldberg stops by for some serious lunacy.  Adam and I dive deep into many rabbit holes today including Cameras, Clothing, Film, Acting and of course Dazed and Confused. Adam has been a working Actor most of his life and has even worked with Steven Spielberg in the epic war film Saving Private Ryan. One of my favorite films that he did is The Salton Sea. This is a must see film. Thanks for tuning in and don't forget to go to for all my upcoming tour dates. 
Today we have a full on legend on the show. Guitar God, Riff Master and Rock N Roll Hall of Famer, Mr Brad Whitford of Aerosmith. It was an honor to sit down with Brad last week in Las Vegas where they are in the middle of their Deuces are Wild residency at the MGM Park. Brad is what I call the glue of Aerosmith. His Rhythm and Lead playing have been the inspiration of many guitar gods today including Slash of Guns n Roses. Brad also wrote some of the great Aerosmith classic like Last Child, Nobody's Fault, Kings and Queens and many many more. I wanna thank Brad's Guitar Tech, Greg Howard for setting this up and being a fantastic friend and also Heidi Weaver my old land lady for the invite to Vegas. This episode is brought to by CBD LION use the code Dean for discounts on all you CBD needs. use this link. 
Today on the show we have the return of my good friend Marc Maron. Marc has been an incredible friend over the last 9 years and it was amazing to sit down with him on a long car ride between Grand Rapids and Milwaukee and talk about whats been going on over these last 9 years. 7 years ago Marc had me on his podcast WTF and it completely changed my life in so many ways. Marc has been doing Stand Up Comedy for over 30 years and his podcast WTF just past the 10 year mark. Over the last 5 years he has also become a fantastic actor working on Projects like his own TV show Maron as well as some great films like The Joker and Sword of Trust. This is definitely one of my Favorite episodes and I think you guys are gonna dig it.   This episode is brought to you buy SimpliSafe Use the link for a fantastic offer 
Today I sit down with a real Rock n Roll legend, Guitar Player/Songwriter for The Doors, Robby Krieger. This man is one of the most Original sounding guitar players ever. Robby and I get into all kinds of topics ranging from Songwriting, Amps, Guitars, Drugs and of course Jim. The Doors were inducted into the Rock n Roll hall of Fame in 1993 and have sold over a 100 Million Records. It was an Honor to talk to this man on stage at the place it all began, The Whisky A Go Go. I wanna Thank Amy, Mikeal Maglieri and The Whisky for making this dream happen. This show is brought to you by CBD LION use the code DEAN for a great Discount.   
Today I continue my celebration of early Bay Area, Thrash Metal with the legendary drummer Andy Galeon. Andy has been playing drums professionally since he was 9 years old. This man instantly became a star behind the kick bashing it out in his band Death Angel. Some of his earliest gigs were opening for Mercyful Fate, Metallica and Megadeth. Andy sits down and talks about his long career in Thrash Metal and the ups and downs of the music biz. Hope you guys enjoy this episode. Make sure you tweet and share on all your social media platforms.
#513:Kirk Hammett/Metallica

#513:Kirk Hammett/Metallica


Today I continue my Thrash January here on Let There Be Talk with the King of Thrash Metal himself Mr. Kirk Hammett of Metallica. Anyone who listens to this podcast knows how much this means to me. For the last 8 years I have wanted to sit down and talk to this man and I cannot think of a better Time than Thrash January. I will never forget this and I really hope all of you enjoy this as much and I did. Keep The Candles Lit. Love Live Ray and Cliff Burton. This episode is brought to you by my fantastic sponsors  CBD LION use the code DEAN for amazing discounts. Also protect your house with a Free 60 day trial of Simplisafe. Don't let the Burglars win.  
On todays episode of LET THERE BE TALK I continue my tribute to the early Bay Area Thrash Metal scene with an incredible guest Mr Brian Lew. Brian is a Co-Author of the greatest Trash Metal Photo book ever published called Murder In The Front Row. This Book is a perfect documentation on the early Bay Area Thrash Scene and now the inspiration for the new documentary of the same name. I own the Book, Saw the Documentary and I was also part of this scene and I have to say both the Film and Book are masterpieces. Look for a spring release of the DVD with tons of bonus footage and get the book right now. Follow @murderinthefrontrow for all the updates and cool photos on Instagram. 
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Joshua David Osterman

I love Dean's energy and interviews! Not to mention his life has been epic because he's always followed his dreams! Dean, you truly Rock!

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Need ID Indeed

great one!

Dec 17th

Cara Mia

Awesome Interview. I loved how you geeked out together over watches, Dumble App's and other artists. I always thought John Mayer wasn't given enough credit for his guitar playing and intelligence. This whole interview proved that he is a genius, an investigator with wicked talent. Thanks for this inspiring conversation. I just need to check out all the albums mentioned and listen with new ears. My mind has been blown!

Nov 6th

Andrew Green

you are awesome dood!! love the podcasts

Mar 21st
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Andrew Green

this is bar none. the best interview with MY absolute rock god DAVE MENNIKETTI

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top notch interview

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Raw Snapshot

Gotta love Dean! Great podcast brother! 🙌🙌🙌

Sep 29th

Michael Parker

that shooter Jennings recommendation was pure gold. you should do a song recommendation for each podcast

Jul 23rd

Eric Enriquez

Great insight on RATM that is rarely heard of... it's usually Tom or Zachs side we hear of... Now to get Timmy C on!

May 22nd

Eric Enriquez

Loved this podcast! Gave me goose bumps hearing Brad describe everything.

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Gringo Star🌟

great show.

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