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We're Getting Divorced

We're Getting Divorced


People get married for different reasons. Unfortunately, some people find out the reasons their spouse married them during the divorce. Pain. Heartbreak. Spousal betrayal. Betrayal of self. Pervalia and Vincent McIntosh are about to hit send on filing their divorce papers. This gut-wrenching episode is titled, "We're Getting Divorced."
Have you heard that men marry when it's the right time and not necessarily the right one? Well, Josh Young has become intentional in his pursuit for a wife. It's the right time, but he's also adamant in finding the right one. This mentally stimulating convo with this 30-something king will inspire you to embrace the "Right Time, Right One."
Marriage is on the job training. Many of us marry with unrealistic expectations and when those expectations aren't met, unfortunately, they're tempted to call it quits. Get ready to catch your breath for this witty conversation with comedian Marcus D. Wiley as he gives brothers an inside look into the covenant of marriage. This beloved episode is titled, "Things I Wish I Knew Before Marriage."
Finding love is truly out of our control. Becoming healed beforehand is 100% within our power. Shameka Dwight, a singer-songwriter who often writes about her love journey, is looking forward to her future husband becoming the muse of her ballads because she's patiently "Waiting for Love."
Wouldn't our love lives be healthier if people were more honest? Aren't you tired of meeting people's representatives? Do you think you're capable of simply telling the truth? Budding TikTok star, Camish Hopkins, has been extremely truthful about her relationship woes and this intimate conversation encourages us all to just "Tell the Truth".
Exotic beauty is often delicately wrapped in microaggressions. Is it a fetish to date outside of our races? Why are women of certain racial groups only labelled as "exotic." Linda Ngo, a Vietnamese American, has felt like a check off the list of many guy's fantasies. Laterras' IG Live last week triggers questions from Linda about their intimate relationship two years ago and the yellow couch becomes extremely personal on the topic of "Exotic Love."
If love showed up in a package you wasn't expecting, would you open it? Would you accept it? Would you own it? Meet Cassandra and Carl Robertson, an interracial couple with 30 years in the marriage game who knows a thing or two about "Enduring Love."
Interracial couples trigger others who are often unaware of their own biases. Sekou Lewis and Mattie Steger are no strangers to judgmental stares by onlookers. As they approach their wedding date, June 25, 2022, they transparently share their love story. It will truly challenge viewers on, “The Color of Love.”
Men say they know a woman is their wife fairly quickly. Today’s guest, knew his wife was the one at the tender age of twelve. Meet the Copelands. Be inspired by their “Fairytale Love.”  
Our journey of love takes us in directions we never expected. Some times a loss helps us gain perspective on what truly matters most. Rochelle Ritchie, a highly intelligent news commentator, experienced the loss of a loved one that lead to "Discovering Self."
Emotional, financial, and spiritual success is defined differently for each individual. Breeny Lee, from the UK, graces the podcast with a transparent conversation about how defines success and how her commitment to Christ is the center of it all.
Every episode is orchestrated by God. However, in this episode, God decides to make a cameo appearance. Pastor Toure’ Roberts speaks a prophetic word into Laterras’ life and shares principles on “Finding Balance.”
We are constantly being bombarded with negative audible influences that seep into our ear gates and plant seeds into our hearts and minds. GooGoo Atkins sits on the yellow couch to share her failures and successes in today’s episode titled “Guard Your Ears.” By the way, today is GooGoo's birthday so help me wish her a Happy birthday.
We’re quite sure you’ve said something before that you wished you could take back. Right? Well, the old adage, “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me” is the biggest lie. Today’s guest is Pastor Eben Conner and he’s keeping it L.I.T. during our discussion, “Guard Your Mouth.”
Are we truly aware by how much our eyes influence our perceptions? Often times, we kid ourselves with the notion we rarely judge by sight. We are inundated by countless images that shape our reality. Today, let’s share a cordial conversation with Jay Bradley, former cast member of OWN’s “Ready to Love,” to hear his take on what it means to “Guard Your Eyes.”
This conversation became extremely personal when today's guest, Danai Maraire, began transparently sharing a heartbreak she experienced years ago. Today's episode deep dives into what it means to "Guard Your Heart."
Being guarded in these dating streets is actually a good thing. As a matter of fact, the bible instructs us to be guarded in a few critical areas. This is the first episode of our 5-part series titled, "Guarded." Today’s episode is a casual conversation with a good friend, Kameika Smith, as she shares her dating woes and how important it is to “Guard Your Mind.”
Let's catch up with the Whitlowes. We last saw them on S.3, E315: For Better or Worse; they were on the verge of divorce. DFW Podcast partnered with Honor Sithole to provide marriage therapy. Watch how the Lord moved in this bonus episode titled, "Renew Love."
"I'm not looking for a relationship." That can be one of the worst statements to hear from someone you are interested in. However, take it at face value and as a cautionary sign to not proceed any further, if you are dating with intentions. Andre Notice is in a season of his life in which he's transparent in his encounters with women and quickly give notice that he's "Not Ready to Love."
One of the worst things you can ask a single individual is “Why aren’t you married?” Though it’s a common question, it can be taken rather intrusive and laced with judgment. Meet a 54-years-old bachelor, Rob Perry, who knows far too well the experience of being asked this inquisitive question in today’s episode simply titled, “Why Aren’t You Married?”
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