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An advice podcast from an expert in learning the hard way. Jenna Rammell is a content creator, business owner, wife and mom of four kids. You can find her online on Instagram @jennaskitchen and
7 Episodes
On Part One Jenna visits with Carol Tuttle who is a healer, educator, self expert and author of Jenna's favorite parenting book The Child Whisperer. This body of work helps to see yourselves, those you love and your children in a raw and real way helping to repair relationships. You can find out more about Carol by visiting and thechildwhisperer.comUse code DEARJENNA for a discount making The Child Whisperer $15!
On episode 5 of the Dear Jenna Podcast a reader asks "how do I support my adopted partner?" Jenna shares her own adoption story, and explores ways to support the adopted people you love in your life. As always, you can find Jenna on Instagram @jennaskitchen, and on her holistic health website,
On episode 4 of the Dear Jenna Podcast host Jenna Rammell answers the question from a listener "how do I find joy in motherhood when I don't like it?" We get clear on our emotions being layered and explore ways we can lighten the load of a really tough job!You can follow Jenna on Instagram @jennaskitchen and shop her world renowned skin care line at
Jenna answers the question from K “how do I let go of toxic friendships?” Brene Brown's anatomy of trust: questions to dearjennapodcast@gmail.comFollow Jenna on Instagram @jennaskitchen
Jenna answers emails from readers and gives advice from her own personal experience. On today's episode she answers the question "how do I feel confident when I feel fat?"You can email your questions to
Jenna breaks down 5 ways to finding and rediscovering your passion. 



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