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The world’s most prominent business leaders, entrepreneurs, and political figures sit down with the editors of Bloomberg Businessweek to talk about their experience and share their insights on the state of business and the global economy.
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Richard Plepler, a quarter-century veteran of the network, talks to Bloomberg Businessweek Editor Megan Murphy about what’s next.
We recently sat down with Ginni Rometty, IBM CEO, Chairman and President, at the Cornell Tech campus on New York's Roosevelt Island as part of Bloomberg's Sooner than You Think conference. Since she took the helm of IBM in 2012, the company has undergone another wholesale reinvention, and faced a series of challenges — from how it prepares its workforce for the jobs of tomorrow, to carving out its future on artificial intelligence and cloud-based computing infrastructure. Ginni comes from a tougher background than many know, and her vision for her company, and her own personal mark, stood out.
Robert Kraft, founder and CEO of the Kraft Group, was a Patriots fan long before he was the NFL team's owner. He bought his first season tickets in 1971 for what was to him at the time an astronomical sum of $1,000. Twenty-three years later, he bought the team for the again astronomical price of $172 million -- the highest price ever paid for a sports franchise at the time. Bob Kraft is now worth more than $5 billion, and the Patriots have won five Superbowl championships as one of the most successful sports franchises in recent times. We sat down with him in New York to talk about how you manage superstar talent, that Deflategate scandal, and his decades-long friendship with President Donald Trump.
Canada’s prime minister talks trade, milk, marijuana, housing bubbles, and Donald Trump.
The Tribeca Film Festival, one of the leading independent film festivals in the world, turns 16 this month. Founded in the aftermath of 09/11, a festival born to bring creative life back to downtown New York has developed over the years into an event intended to push the boundaries of the entertainment industry, from its commitment to diversity to its investment in new forms of storytelling, such as video games. We sat down with two of its founders - legendary actor Robert De Niro and his longtime producing partner Jane Rosenthal, to talk about what they've learned through their decades of working together, what they think of the Trump administration, and whether they think they are any good at what they do.
Melinda Gates is the co-chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. As head of one of the world's largest philanthropic organizations, she pushes to save lives and speak out on the developing world's toughest challenges. We spoke with Melinda late last month in Seattle, ahead of the release of the foundation's annual letter, and talked about how important it is to improve access to contraception, how to keep more women in science and technology, and the unique relationship she and her husband have with legendary investor Warren Buffett.
In this episode, we speak with Jamie Dimon, the billionaire CEO of JPMorgan whose storied business career includes stints at Citigroup and American Express. The New York Times once called him "Obama's favorite banker.'' But for now, it looks like he won't be joining the Trump administration. We caught up with Jamie in mid-December in Detroit, where he was speaking at the restored Garden Theater about the bank's $100 million investment in revitalizing the city.
When we spoke with President Obama in June 2016, the world looked like a very different place. The U.K. was poised for a referendum on whether to remain in the EU, and all the smart money was betting the answer would be ``yes.'' Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were slugging it out in the polls. For many people, a Clinton victory seemed all but guaranteed. We all know how THAT turned out.\u0010\u0010In the rare Oval Office interview, President Obama spoke candidly about free trade, why his daughters won’t work on Wall Street, and what he’d do if he were a CEO.
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