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You're invited to listen to Debt Warriors Radio as J. Carlton Ford shares 3 fool-proof tips to use when talking to creditors. You'll also hear our opinion on a listener question about "pay to delete" letters.
That's right. Richard Lustig has won the Lottery Grand Prize seven times. You're invited to listen as Richard discusses how he may be able to show you how to win a Lottery prize or two yourself and pay off your debt.
You're invited to listen to Debt Warriors Radio as guest Ken Gilbert who practiced law for almost twenty years before starting, shares information to help consumers being harassed or sued by debt collectors to fight back cost-effectively.
You're invited to listen as J. Carlton Ford tells you six super fast credit fixes. "Carlton" also shares the long lost six c's of credit. You'll find this show informative and helpful.
Listen to this Consumer Credit Boot Camp Training Session as Carlton Ford shares two budget calculation tricks that everyone can't afford to ignore. Carlton also has a special free offer for the first 100 people...
Tampa Florida: Dianne McLeod is suing a Debt Collector for causing her husband, Stanley to die of a heart attack. Debt Warriors shares what Rights Dianne is using to possibly win up to $16,000 in Damages.
You're invited to listen and discover what you can do (for yourself) to fight Credit Card Interest Rate increases. Debt Warriors, J. Carlton Ford explains 4 low cost ways you can reverse shocking Credit Card Interest Rate hikes.
Listen to this episode of Debt Warriors Radio as Debt Warrior, J. Carlton Ford provides information that every American seeking to file personal Bankruptcy should know. Don't file Bankruptcy until after you listen to Debt Warriors Radio.
Debtors Revolt Online! Last week Ann Milch fired the first shot in what is becoming known as the proverbial first shot that has started a Debtor Revolt. Why are so many Debtors Revolting against the Banks and Credit Card Companies? Listen to Debt Warriors Radio as to find out.
The best way to get out of debt is to earn more income. Listen to this podcast Debt Radio features special guest Josh Garcia. Find out why it may be best to strike out on your own, and create your own job.
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Matt Drake

audio quality of the podcast is pretty rough

Apr 24th
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