DiscoverDeep Energy 2.0 - Music for Sleep, Meditation, Relaxation, Massage and Yoga
Deep Energy 2.0 - Music for Sleep, Meditation, Relaxation, Massage and Yoga
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Deep Energy 2.0 - Music for Sleep, Meditation, Relaxation, Massage and Yoga

Author: Jim Butler

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The new Deep Energy podcast. A 60 minute New Age, Ambient, peaceful journey of sounds for Sleep, Meditation, Relaxation, Massage and Yoga
97 Episodes
Deep Energy - BONUS EPISODE - One With Nature - A Guided Sleep Meditation with Debbie Boucher- Music for Sleep, Meditation, Relaxation, Massage, Yoga, Reiki, Sound Healing and Therapy
Hi everyone and welcome to the Deep Energy Podcast. This is a podcast of New Age and Ambient Electronic Music. You can find out more about me and all of my music at including all of the links to my social media pages. I’m mostly on Instagram and Facebook. You can e-mail me at: ............. Welcome to a BONUS Podcast!! This podcast ‘One with Nature’ is a guided meditation to help with sleeping. There is a 15 minute guided meditation at the very beginning and then 45 minutes of quiet peaceful music and nature sounds to complete the sleep process. Debbie Boucher wrote and is reading the guided meditation.  Her voice is extremely calming and peaceful and perfect for this type of meditation. Here is a little bit about Debbie: My name is Debbie and I am a mom, wife, sister, aunt, friend, co-worker, blogger, Reiki Master and Meditation Artist. One of my life purposes is to inspire and touch people’s lives through my meditations.  I hope you find joy, comfort and relaxation as you listen to One with Nature. My second life purpose is giving Reiki to people and animals.  If you would like to schedule a long-distance Reiki session or to learn more about me, please visit my website at With warm regards, Debbie Hope everyone enjoys this. It’s a little different from what is usually on the podcast, but when I was presented with the opportunity to be a part of this and send this out to my listeners, I decided why not!! Peace,  Jim    ………………………   There are ads at the beginning and the end of the podcast. If you pause the podcast and restart it again, depending on how you listen to it, another ad may start. The ads are a necessity to generate income to keep the podcast going. If you would like to hear or download the music without the ads, please go to my BandCamp page at: As always thanks for the support, it is appreciated and never taken for granted.    
Comments (23)

Nehemiah Winter

it's relaxing.

Feb 3rd

Jeff Clement

stop advertising! holy crap.

Jan 16th

Jacob Smith

WTF commercials ruined the whole experience!!! please cut them out. unsubscribe

Dec 23rd

Galynne Davis

The commercial at the end of these podcasts is completely jarring and not cool when one is using to FALL Asleep! Otherwise these would be perfect.

Dec 8th


loud Mercedes commercial just before kind of ruins the idea of this podcast

Dec 6th

Dave Nelson

it would have been great if your advertising didn't wake me up from the deep sleep the music put me in. so i changed to a different station.

Nov 13th

Whit Mounc

Dave Nelson curious what station you are currently using, i don't want to be annoyed by ads either!

Jan 28th

Margaret Griego

I'm looking for music for my cellphone. music from the 1970

Aug 5th

Joel Marion

wow, that one was NOT relaxing. I put it on to fall asleep to, and it woke me up.

Aug 1st


Helps me get to, and stay peacefully, asleep.

Jul 6th

Bosse Jodes

this just helped me re-compose myself after a tough day. Thank you.

Mar 1st


♥♡Deep Energy..esp. the long drum solo. excellent!

Feb 21st


Soo ok now #83 is my fav!

Jun 30th

Amina Moussaoui

this just help me To sleep thank you 😴😴

Feb 21st

Glenn Whitehead

I'm looking for whale song. Can someone help, please?

Feb 17th

Lucy Santa Rosa

This is my favorite podcast for sleep help. Thank You!

Jan 29th

Cheri Bibber

yes yes yes....smoking a cigarette now

Jan 25th

charles kuykendall

where's the link for the survey?

Dec 25th


great podcast. I keep it on to fall asleep and for meditation sessions.

Dec 9th

Gary Herman


Nov 30th



Nov 21st

O mio babbino caro

thanks a Lot. really relax me.

Nov 7th
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