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A mix of Aprils finest melodic house music. Featuring tracks and remixes by Shingo Nakemura, Qrion, Talamanca, Roald Velden, Jay FM and more So Miguel - Hope in Balance ( Jody Wisternoff and James Grant remix) Anyasa - Birha Blood Groove and Kikis - Let me Hold You Shingo Nakemura - Focus Talamanca and Roald Velden - Silk Road Qrion - Its All Over ( Moon Kyoo remix) Anyasa - Kaise Husa and Zedya - On My Own Nora En Pure - Tribe of Kindness Lukysh - Crossroads (DJ Version) Elypsis - Open Your Eyes Hessian - Rain Jay FM - Intuition Andy King - Catana (Monojoke Remix) Elypsis - Drift
A mix of deep and melodic house to slide into spring with. Featuring tracks and remixes from Volen Sentir, Jody Wisternoff, Roald Velden, Banaati , Evren Ulusoy and more. Scott Diaz - We Reminisce Supernova - Lovely Summer Dreams Roald Velden - Hummingbird Roald Velden - Aglias Dee Montero - Light In The Dark Rishi K - Airborne Volen Sentir - Ororel Matt Rowan - Schwifty Simon Tagios - Etherea Banaati - Blossom iPeiqi - This Is The Life We Dreamed Of Banaati - No Time Evren Ulusoy - History of Love Simon Shackelton - Traumstaat (Jody Wisternoff and James Grant edit)
Deep melodic progressive house mix featuring tracks and remixes from Jody Wisternoff, Tagavaka, Tinlicker, CRi and more Dusky - Lost In You (Herberts Lost Dub) VONDA7 - High Tide CRi- Something About Roamin Garcia - Lights MVX - Pursuit of Happiness (Jody Wisternoff and James Grant) Qrion - Your Love (Jordin Post Remix) Maestro Chives and Martin Graff - The Moment Tinlicker - Come Back Home 16BL and Wild Dark - Shadows On The Wall (16BL Mix) Florida Forgotten - Lie To Me Tinlicker - Mesmerised Jay FM - Spaced Out Tagavaka - Kachemak
February is a solid mix of the best melodic house music around. With tracks and remixes from PROFF, Tagavaka, Simon Doty, Blood Groove and Kikis, Glaue and more. Aether - Airborne Tagavaka - Mostraumen Glaue - Coyote Dohko and Banaati - Esprance PROFF - Nibbana Tagavaka - Peho Abity - Move (Blood Groove and Kikis remix) Simon Doty - Hometown Beije - Azimuth (GMJ Remix) Sunset in Yucatan Yatra - Leaving Ghara Somelee - Limba La Emotional Tourist - Alchemie De L'Universe Glaue - Summit
60 minutes of NYE uplifting melodic music skirting the fine line between some of the years best melodic trance, progressive house and melodic breaks. Tracks and remixes from Thanatos, Tinlicker, Pash and Tanon, Marsh, Tryger, Cafe del Mar, Jody Wisternoff, Eli and Fur and more Eli and Fur - In Too deep Kid Enigma - The Break (Local Options Mix) My Friend - Lager Beers Marsh - Fable Pash and Tanon - Ride Darin Epsilon - Thanatos (Modeplex remix) Mike T - Horizon GMJ and Matter - Perfect Storm Diagenetic - Epoch Tinlicker and Dosem - Hypnotised Tryger - Fall Into Eriva - Laboratory Jody Wisternoff and James Grant - Nightwhisper (chill Mix) Energy 52- Cafe Del Mar (Paul van Dyks XOXO Remix) Alan Fitzpatrick - Something Wonderful
Decembers here with a mix of progressive breaks and house with melody, tracks and remixes from Marsh, Franky Wah, boerd, Alan Fitzpatrick, Kobana and more. OAI - Doppeileben Marsh - Love Static Guru - Theres No Way Out (Wisdom R Remix) Alan Fitzpatrick - Something Wonderful Hiski and Kobana - Too Far Spencer Brown - Blue Franky Wah - Why Not Me Tryger - Fall Into Kamilo Sanclemente - Haumea ( Lucas Rossi Remix ) Moonbeam and Morttagua - Mandrake Sebastian Weikum - Where Are We Juno Mamba - Rainbow infinity boerd - Infinity Alan Fitzpatrick - Came Home
Novembers here and this months progressive and organic house gems along with it. Featuring tracks and remixes from Dohko, Ipeiqi, Qrion, Terry da Libra, Sound Quelle and more iPeiqi - Harp Breathing Dumitresku - Past In My Days Dohko - Changing Nuestro - Nessima Nuestro - Dismissed Aldous - Running Out Of Time Pakka - Dripped In Blue Weird Sounding Dude - Hyper Dream So Miguel - Hope In Balance Qrion - 11-11 Tinlicker - Be Here and Now Terry da Libra - Need Your Love Fingerp[rint - Rye and Eggs (Kamilo Sanclemente and Dabeat remix) Dohko - Celestia Sound Quelle - Melancholy Enviado Vida - Uatchu
Octobers progressive house mix features tracks and remixes from Marsh, Warung, Boerd, Ben Bohmer and more Ben Bohmer - Begin Again Mr Sosa - Euphoria Moon Kyoo - Between The Suns Alehho - Dawn of Man Joseph Ray - Who Are You Marsh - Another Planet Marsh - Foss Marsh - Fable Gregory Essayan - Travel addict Warung - Letting Go Warung - Dosa boerd - Ice Hot
A laidback mix of beautiful progressive house music featuring tracks and remixes from Proff, Shingo Nakemura, Terry Da Libra, Volen Sentir, Matt Fax and more Hear and Now - Abisso about river - Silver Dusk (Volen Sentir Retouch) Markus Gardewag - Grand Piano RANT - Never U Mind Monojoke -Tranquility (Adam Nathan remix) Luv (djimbo Remix) Shingo Nakemura -Glow (cosmaks remix) Terry Da Libra - Waiting PROFF - Light Magic Ben Pierre - Setting Sun Roald Velden - Memories Shingo Nakemura -Before You Go (Matt Fax Remix) Banaati - Elderflower
A mix of beautiful sunset music from Vintage and Morelli, Sound Quelle, CRi, Cressida and more Hosini - Froozen Vintage and Morelli - Taunt Of The Flutes Cressida - Beacon Angara - Kyoto ELSP - At the End Vintage and Morelli - Gift From The Gods Durante and HANA - Away Home (Cassian Remix) Infinity Ink - Aya (THEMBA's Herd Remix) Sound Quelle and Matt Fax - Sunburst Soulmade - Eclipse Almadrava - San Sebastian (Jope Remix) Angara - Rwanda Hausmann Wynwood and Lumynesynth - Calliope Tagavaka - Forms CRi - No Mission
This month is an uplifting mix of progressive sunset house. Featuring tracks and remixes from Above and Beyond, Musty, meHilove, Marsh, Eli and Fur, CRi and more Anderholm - Fractures Above and Beyond - Prelude (M.O.S remix) Musty - Warm Sunshine (Mark and Lukas Mix) GEHOR - Rigiel Marsh - Liberator WNDLN - Airwave Aaron Dmitriew - Everything I've Learned Musty - Aeris (Skua remix) meHilove - Stellar John Cosani - Hoba Eli and Fur - In Too Deep Rui - Sagano Eli and Fur - Fire to fire Jones Meadow - Confuse CRi - Never Really Get There (Olan Remix)
A mix of this months best progressive, deep and organic house, featuring tracks and remixes from Frameworks, Gorge, Robert Nickson, LTN, Sunn Jellie, EDU and more. Polar Inc - Journal Frameworks - Cusp Salski - Mind Paradise Oliver Wickham - Grey Skies (Gorge remix) Robert Nickson - Painting The Skies ( Matt Leger remix) Salski - Look Quietly Josh Butler - Ahora Todo Va (Gorgon City remix) Durante and HANA - Celestia Jason Pasacosio - Summer Breeze Sunn Jellie - Stargaze (Basstakil remix) LTN - The Wanderer EDU - All About You My Friend - Heyoka Aleyum - Gazing At Space
A mix of this months best melodic breaks, deep, organic and progressive house, featuring Boxer, Jody Wisternoff, Jon Gurd, Glaue, Mehilove Moon Boots and more. Moon Boots - Clear Icarus - Moment in Time Boxer - Come With Me Braxton - Indigo Jon Gurd - Fire and Ice Boxer and Jody Wisternoff - Sun Kissed Xinobi - Steady Glaue - Kykenon MehiLove - Gravity Sunlight Project - Deep Meditation Hausmadn and Wyndwood - Catharsis Nordfold - First Glaue - Sanctuary Jon Gurd - Walk With Me Braxton - Sakura
Another month of melodic goodness with tracks and remixes from Marsh, Shingo Nakemura, M.O.S., Lycoscoris, Mitote and more Lycoscorisis - Shizumu Klur - Floating MOS - Paeonia Tim Green - Vacation to Life Marsh - Florence (Wassu Mix) WhoMadeWho - Nefertari Gorge - Onisha Shingo Nakemura - Phenomena MOS and Diltrip - When She Leaves Budakid - Silent Summer Glass Coffee - Mitote RIGOONI - Petrichor Fashion Police - Snowland Tryst - The Bay
Another month of the best Progressive and Melodic House. Featuring tracks and remixes from Seven24, CRi, Skua and Cosmaks, Banaati, The Sei, Jody Wisternoff, Enamour and more. The Sei - Metroma (Jody Wisternoff and James Grant Remix) Hessian - Oracle Banaati - Fortitude Enamour - Say Hello Skua and Cosmaks - Hang Odsen - So Clear Axidforse - Against Yourself Pash and Tanon - So Deep Athomsound - Falling in Love ( Lovokovski and David Folkebrandt Remix) Glaue - The Way We Do Odsen - Open Your Eyes Enamour - Inquiz CRi - From Me (Icarus Mix) Skua and Cosmaks - Days Seven24 and Redit - Sunset in Tanzania (Blood Groove and Kikis remix)
A well balanced mix of this months progressive releases, tracks and remixes from silk music, anjunadeep and artists including Robert Nickson, Marsh, CRi, Ben Bhmer, Jerro and more. Thomas Hayes - Red Hill Jake Keiser - Kestrel Jerro - Go Back Now Falken - So Far Away Frost - Overtones CRi - Stranger Ben Bhmer and Tinlicker - Run Away OAI - Moonwalk Catching Flies - Satisfied (Luttrel and James Grant remix) Robert Nickson - Painting the Skies Marsh and Phenoir - Don't Wait (Frost Remix) Elypsis - Constellations Antrim - Hoffnung (Shai T Remix) Sebastian Haas - Milton Rowee - Garden of 3Den Mass Digital - Lonely Souls Pambouk - Forest Language
NY 2020 Re Mix - a collection of 2020s best progressive house and trance
Nordfold - Rituals eleven.five - Echo Foxtrot Marsh - There for Me Double Touch - Greatest Day (Lost Desert Mix) Dee Montero - Aria Newman (I Love remix) Born 87 - Pura Vida Airdraw and JoE - The Man who Could Only Play Winter Notes AMR -Sleep - Terry Da Libra Mix Bruno Andrada - A Hidden Part of You Shai T - Miracles AMR - Pale Blue (Andromedha Remix) Sound Quelle - Djerba (Noequalgods Emerald Summer remix) Simon Doty - Uno Marsh and Wassu - Amor Clarian - Sunbeam Monkey Safari - Gravity Nuage - Reflection 2020
A.M.R. - Sailors Cry (Cressida Remix) Kahwe - This World Kidnap - Silence Marsh and Phenoir - Dont Wait Kahwe - The Rebel Max Meyer - Interlude (Vadim Soloviev Remix) Nikola Melnikov and Max Sorokin - Zosmo Glaue - Losing You GRIFE - Life's Not A Contest Shai T - Illusions Adriatique - Home Hosini - Kunzite Lessov - Contemplation Nox Vahn - Dream of Love (Anjunadeep 11 Edit)
Sound Quelle - Ritmika Enigmatic - Miracle Valley Jody Wisternoff - Morning (Jon Gurd remix) Fingerprint - Rye and Eggs (Mem Aleph Dark Mix) Kamilo Sanclemente and Giovany Arparicio - Aware Marsh - Lailonie Jody Wisternoff and James Grant - Nightwhisper (Gorje Hewek remix) Blugazer - Whisps Budakid - Surga Jody Wisternoff - Here to Stay (Diemantle Rethink) Jon Gurd - Together (Tom Demac Remix) Hausman and SALVO - Eden (Meeting Molly remix) Melarmony - Compass Dosem- Dream Decoder Fingerprint - Babydoll White (Mem Aleph Remix) Bound to Divide and Mackay - Cascade Yotto - Maggio
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😍😍😍 I just found you and yes you nailed it

May 1st

Reza Arjmand

it's fantastic 💓💓

Nov 25th

Van Meredith

ma vie est longue et ta musique est solide. Je suis fort comme une érection massive.

Nov 3rd

Heba Gamal eldin

l like this app so much

May 18th

Руслан Карпатский

15я минута

Mar 31st

Des Artiss

Just about everyone is hurting. Thanks for this. At least we have our families, friends and great music. Play On! ♥️

Apr 9th

Neil Hallworth

great track selection. again!

Jan 21st

Hakan Uzun

Why don't you share these tracks on YouTube? How do we download these tracks?🎧

Nov 14th

Paul Thomson

Thank you for returning

Jul 11th

jonathan conte

is that luttrell mixed with something 7 minutes in!!

Jun 14th

luke sainthill

amazing mix. thank you mate

Feb 1st

Rüdiger Gärtner


Dec 21st

Andrew Schofield


Nov 10th

Mike SC

love it!

Jun 8th

Kenji Banks

what is the name of the track at 1hr.20m? break down is amazing!

May 14th

Kenji Banks

ohh phuck!! some serious faces being pulled listening to this... need to hear this in a club! good stuff guys!!

May 14th

Kenji Banks

This session has made my day!! fits the UK weather today so well.. thanks so much xx

May 14th

Bergsan Sampaio

não nu nem n

Dec 25th

Bergsan Sampaio

não nu nem n

Dec 25th

Saurabh Sanyal

nice one Franco

Nov 8th
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