DiscoverDeep Sunset House and Progressive Podcast - The Melodic Sessions by Prototype 202
Deep Sunset House and Progressive Podcast - The Melodic Sessions by Prototype 202
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Deep Sunset House and Progressive Podcast - The Melodic Sessions by Prototype 202

Author: Prototype202

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A monthly talk free DJ mix of all the best Melodic Sunset House, Trance and Progressive Breaks, featuring slabs of quality and uplifting aural stimulation with a sprinkling of shimmering vocals on top, perfect for your sunrise and sunset sessions. Please rate this podcast and visit the website for all tracklistings and buy links for all the featured tracks
176 Episodes
June is better late than never - the best melodic and progressive house music featuring tracks and remixes from Blood Groove and Kikis, David Broaders, Lumidelic, Spencer brown, PROFF and more Aran - Luminyx David Green - Mauve Blood Groove and Kikis - Underwater (Akamas remix) David Broaders - Lore Lumidelic - Wanderlust Orjan Nielsen - LFOcean Daniel Portman - Essentials Of Life Nightly Closures - While You Were Sleeping Spencer Brown - Barcelona Suprise Galestian - Piercing Through Armandhe - Libelula Spencer Brown - Fingerprint Banaati - Fade Away PROFF - Snowflake
Mays here and so is the Transfer Mix - All the best melodic and sunset releases featuring tracks and remixes by Blood Groove and Kikis, Passenger 10, Shingo Nakamura, Sound Quelle and more Rshand - Summer Twilight A.M.R - Lotus Blood Groove and Kikis - Underwater (Feathervane remix) Evren Furtuna - What Carmen Needs Passenger 10 - A Blank Canvas Gorje Hewek - Children Shingo Nakamura - Underneath Eric Olivier Mario - Letting Go g herb - Rise Mike McCarthy - Vitalizing Eric Olivier Mario - Get Me Terry Da Libra - Phonic Youth Thaylo - Breathing Madison Beer - Make You Mine (ODNP Remix) Romain Garcia - Digital Diva Sound Quelle - Kislorod Braxton and Because Of Art - Between The Stars Faodail - Turning
Aprils gradient sunset skies usher in this months best new melodic releases. Tracks and remixes from Shingo Nakamura, Rezident, Wassu, Marsh, BT, Roald Velden, Claes Rosen and more Rshand - Leave It All Roald Velden - Sequoia Wassu - Devi (Erdi Irmak Mix) PolyED - Departure zensei - Marina Del Rey Angara - Odyssey Thomas Schwarz and Faustino Fanizza - Geka Foadail - Turning Albert Klein - On Air Quivver and Dave Seamen - Operation Magpie Marsh - Warrior BT and Shingo Nakamura - Lifeforce Claes Rosen - Stellarity (Phrakture Remix) Nigel Good and Tien Viet Nyugen - The Magic Rezident - Muse Cornelius SA - Solitude Wassu - Revelations
March brings a mix of the best melodic progressive house, Featuring tracks and remixes by Tristan Armes, Ruben Hadland, Thaylo, Olivier Schories, CRi and more Alex H - How Can We Go On This Way Tristan Armes - Telescope Samer Tinoco - Sagitario A.M.R and Cornelius SA - Karma Tristan Armes - Moonlit Serenity Ruben Hadland - Brothers Rezident and Ekko Muic - Only For A Moment Thaylo - Take Me Away Dilby - Reaction Time Olivier Schories - Kysh Blank and Jones - Into the Night Jason Pascascio - Point of No Return CRi - Silhouette Stan Kolev and Aaron Suiss - Valhalla Marcel Vautier - Panorama Ruben Hadland - Tidlos
February brings a mix of deep melodic progressive house, featuring tracks and artists including John Gurd, Jody Wisternoff, Shingo Nakemura, Estiva, Zerb and more John Gurd and Reset Robot - Takerimba Npi Jody Wisternoff and James Grant - Freefly Enamour - The Quieter You Are Lateral Shift - Qosmica PASINDU - Circle of Harmony (Kay-D Remix) Zerb - Mwaki (Frankie Wah Remix) Estiva - Around You Shingo Makemura - Prism Angara and Gregory Essayan - Sun Estiva - Undercover Romance Paul Angelo - Entrap (James Monro Remix) Josh Richards - Metal (Stan Kolev remix) Denis Sheperd - Intouchable Jon Gurd and Reset Robot - Haze
2023 YearMix - best of progressive house and melodic trance 2023 Anthony Mea - Binary Seven Pedro Sanmartin - Memory Lane Marsh - Another Planet Matan Caspi - Seashores Blanka Barbara - Sunset Sinfonia Loveclub - Tale by the Moonlight Kyau and Albert - Otherworld Aname - Fiji RIKO and GUGGA - Healing Process Numedian - Seabirds Kamaya Painters - Summerbreeze (Matt Fax Extended Mix) MRPHLNDER - The Devil and the Dirty Bird Estiva - Via Infinita (Marsh Remix) Ai Takekawa - Beyond the Moon (|Mhammed Alami and Nathan red Remix) Peter Illias - Cold Energy ZOYA - When Heaven Calls Tagavaka - Sun Rings
A mix of the best melodic trance and progressive with tracks and remixes from Stan Kolev, Lane 8, Kaskade, Tinlicker and more Deidian - Starlight in Valencia Numedian - Seabirds David Broaders - Undertow Tinlicker - Starchaser Sunny Lax -Raindance Protoculture - States of Flux Stan Kolev - Internal Slam Duck - Baikal Vakabular - Proper Time MRPHLNDR - The Devil and the Dirty Bird Lane 8 - Pipi Dormir Kaskade - Brighter (A7S remix) Lateral Shift - Vital Connection
The best melodic releases of the month from Feathervane, Aqueduc, Terry Da Libra and more Feathervane - Whole Heart Aqueduc - Rue Della Cornelius SA - Promises Flexible Fire and Dias Ridge - Time Trials Zerb - I'll Be Yours Yves Murasca - Be Sure To Let Go Dilby - Trippin Because of Art - Central Terry Da Libra - Air ZOYA - Gravity Lesh - Arisen Orkidea - Fundamental Atmospherika - Baila Conmigo Vitalii Gridnev - Glavnoe
The best melodic releases of the month from Yotto, Sebastian Sellares, Cosmic Gate, CRi, GMJ, Shingo Nakamura and more Shingo Nakamura - Golden Leaves Nhar - Carry On TOMB - Intermodal TOMB - Equinox GANDER - Fuego Ariana Mur - Together Again TRU Concept - Give No More Sound Quelle - Lastecostra Sebastian Sellares - Lullaby Of The Seraphim CRi - Gemini GMJ - Metanoia Yotto - Meadow (TH-EN Extended Mix) DJ MacIntyre - Crimson Shadow (Nomas Mix) Cosmic Gate - Mirador My Friend - Swoon Tune Vitalii Gridnev - Glavnoe CRi - Chaos
Another melodic mix of the best new releases and remixes from Eli and Fur, Blake, Fiji, Marsh, Dohko Tagavaka and Jody Wisternoff Blake - Low Vision Eli and Fur - Temptation (Maxinne Remix) Its All Love Marsh Featuring Leo Wood - Blue (Ezequiel Arias Remix) aname - Fiji ZOYA - When Heaven Calls ATTLAS - A Game Of Fairies Dohko and Not Now Please - Follow The Princess Tagavaka - Sun Rings Romain Garcia and Douran - Third Time Hosini - Sand Problems Nestora - Azure Envotion - We Come From the Stars - (Jody Wisternoff Remix) Claes Rosen - Make a Move (Feathervane remix)
A mix of the best melodic music around featuring tracks and remixes from Marsh, Franky Wah, John Monkman, CRi and more LEGATO - I'll Never Forget Chris Luno and CEAUS - Horizon Gorje Hewek and Volen Sentir - Ghosts Marsh - Pneuma (Volen Sentir Mix) Kamilo Sanclemente - The Last Mermaid Mario De Caine - After the Sunset Trilucid - Calling CRi - Astray John Monkman - Shadows Falling A.M.R. and Kymira - Lacuna Franky Wah - Call My Name Yoni Yarchi - A Better Place In Heaven (Alex O Rion Remix) CRi - I Can Make It Paul Baule - Illusionist
Melodic Sessions goes deep with tracks and remixes from Luttrel , Joris Voorn, David Broaders, Kyau and Albert, Marsh and more. Luttrell - Sunrise A.M.R. - Got a Feeling Dave Shtorn - Quasar (Tvardovsky remix) Joseph Ray - Give Me A Reason Marsh - Little Darling (Joris Voorn remix) Joyce - Bahamas Soul Gorge - Azami Nils Hoffman - Lonely Peter Illias - Cold Energy Anyasa - Shiva Valley Kyau and Albert - Otherworld David Broaders - Breathing Pedro Sanmartin - Memory Lane The Timewriter - The Mechanics of Opression
Welcome To Junes podcast, all the best melodic breaks and progressive this month, featuring tracks and remixes from Marsh, Braxton, Dosem, Hermona, Paul Boule , Simon Doty and more Jats (ofc) Kaive - Hypnosis JODA - Closer (Simon Doty Remix) Marsh - Blue (Warung Remix) Joseph Ray - Blue Nights Morgan Madison - Stimulate Dosem and My Friend - Blue Marble Marsh and Wassu - Forgiveness (Anyasa Remix) ATTLAS - Used to the Silence Braxton - The Fall Braxton and Warung - The Truth Hermona - Outpost Under This - Survive Dosem and My Friend - Door to Door Hybrid Minds - Touch Paul Baule - Au Max
Melodic Sessions is back with another mix of the best melodic music for your aural satisfaction. Tracks and remixes from PROFF, Eli and Fur, Above and Beyond, Jody Wisternoff, Stan Kolev and more Subalpine - Sea to Sky Taleman - Little Lonely MAA - Frozen (The Orange Remix) Eli and Fur - Where I Find My Mind LAR - Collide Above and Beyond - Surge Npi - Freefly LTN - Echo Moon Boots- Come Back Around (Romain Garcia Mix) Eli and Fur - Temptation Legato- Petals JODA - Closer (Simon Doty Remix) Eugene Becker - Nostalgia Stan Kolev - Satori Max Smith - The Way (Lessov Dub Mix)
Welcome back to the Melodic Sessions. As spring arrives the melodic sessions brings an emerging journey of tracks and remixes from Leaving Laurel, Shingo Nakamura, Estiva, Thaylo and more Leaving Laurel - better days will come Alberto Hernandez - Skywriting Wassu - Dusk Thysma - Feel hexale - Too Late Shingo Nakamura - Foggy Morning Peter Makto - Balearic Flute Dohko - Samaria Thaylo- Deep Heart Estiva - Via Infinita RIKO and GUGGA - Healing Process Alex H - Amino Rodrigo Lapena - Asir (Blood Groove and Kikis Mix) Steven Weston - You Awka - When All Becomes Dust
Welcome back to the Melodic Sessions. This month featuring tracks and remixes from Marsh, Romain Garcia, Lypen, PROFF eleven.five and more. Toucan - Robby East Retreat - pumbum (PROFF's Extended Respray) Marsh and Wassau - Forgiveness Roman Garcia - Night Memory Apricus - Standerwick Halo - Nathan Red (eleven.five Remix) Forever - Henri All For You - Dan Stone (Oniricus Remix) Beyond - Different Stage Paradigm - Hausman Vermillion - Kakura (Kamilo Sanclemente and Jossem Remix) Blue Water Lily - Weird Sounding Dude Unknown Signals - Kommodo Lypen - David Green Romain Garcia - Lophorina
February is here with all the best progressive deep and organic house music curated and mixed into a melodic journey for your listening pleasure. Tracks and remixes from PROFF, Tagio, Banaati, Shingo Nakamura, Passenger 10 and more Flexible Fire - Marea Turquesa Mango and Cloudcage - More Than This Mallin - Set Me Free Mallin - Off My Mind PROFF - Nibbana (Volen Sentirs Pink Sky Retouch) Luke Erb and Salski - Everywhere I Go Tagio - Inside My Love Banaati - Millsime Marsh - All Night Long Nils Hofffman - Far Behind (TIBASKO Mix) Banaati - Awakening Shingo Nakamura - Come Closer Passenger 10 - Voices In Her Head Romain Garcia - Lophorina Leaving Laurel - Fireflies
A mix of the best tracks from the Melodic Sessions 2022 to play on NYE. From deep house breaks and progressive through to sunset trance. Artists are all Melodic Sessions favourites including Marsh, Claes Rosen, Approaching Black, Mehilove, Nox Vahn, Alex O'Rion, The Thrillseekers, Kayu and Albert, Nordfold and more Claes Rosen - Make A Move ( Sonar Solace Remix) Marsh feat Sun Ra - Another Planet (LeSonic remix) Approaching Black - You Fill My Soul Marsh - Little Darling Mehilove - My World Mehilove - Beautiful Sebastian Sellares - Far from Home Gadi Mitrani - Gone (Alex O Rion Mix) Nordfold - Credits The Thrillseekers - Amber (Hydras Altered State Remix) Kyau and Albert - Where Did All The Years Go Alex O Rion - Relic (Simos Tagias remix) Kayu and Albert - Pigments (Dj Version) Kajis and Movement Machina - Zone (Mike Koglin Remix) Mario De Caine - Dolomites Mountains Nox Vahn and Marsh - Come Together (Dosem and James Grant Edit) Romain Garcia - Lights
A deep progressive house mix featuring tracks and remixes from Beckers and D-Nox, Alex O Rion, Sebastian Sellares, Raidho and more Beije - While Were Here INVRS - 7 Energy Centers (Death on the Balcony Remix) Return To Saturn - Far Away CANCCI - Lisergia Raidho - Jaguar Dance Sebastian Sellares - Far From Home Beckers and D-Nox - Control (The Wash Remix) Vakabular - Waiting for Too Long Something Good - Rhythmn Of The Night Kajis and Movement Machina - Zone (Mike Koglin Remix) Che Jose - Andromeda K Loveski - Lost In Roses Gadi Mitrani - Gone (Alex O Rion Remix) Marsh - Blue
November is here with another crop of the best melodic and progressive music around. Featuring tracks and remixes from Nordfold, Tinlicker, Chicane, Zack Roth, Kayu and Albert, Marsh and more Warung - Return To A Place Called Heaven Anriu - Moments Nordfold - Credits Marsh - Little Darling Tinlicker - Perfect Mistake Nourey - Collide Ben Malone - Say You Love Unterberg - Under My Thick Skin Chicane - Offshore (Kryder Mix) Kayu and Albert - Pigments Zack Roth - Varan Nordfold - Catalyst Salt Tank - Eugina (Micheal Woods Remix) My Friend - Great White Buffalo Ri Za and Dennayah - Palmas (Liam Sieker Mix) Rediit - Milvus
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😍😍😍 I just found you and yes you nailed it

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ma vie est longue et ta musique est solide. Je suis fort comme une érection massive.

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Just about everyone is hurting. Thanks for this. At least we have our families, friends and great music. Play On! ♥️

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great track selection. again!

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Why don't you share these tracks on YouTube? How do we download these tracks?🎧

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Thank you for returning

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amazing mix. thank you mate

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what is the name of the track at 1hr.20m? break down is amazing!

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ohh phuck!! some serious faces being pulled listening to this... need to hear this in a club! good stuff guys!!

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