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Hosted by Devi Brown, “Deeply Well” is a soft space to land where higher consciousness meets your everyday life. A place to nourish your whole being, through conscious conversations, soul work, guided meditations, and connecting to the tools needed on your path towards healing and self-discovery. The podcast includes conversations with leaders and radical healers in wellness around the topics meant to expand and support listeners of all backgrounds on their well-being journeys; offering expertise in self-care practices and trauma. psychology, spirituality, astrology, and alternative healing practices such as psychedelics and intimacy coaching. Devi Brown is a Master Well-Being Educator, Multi-Disciplinary Healer, and Wellness Advisor to Fortune 500 companies and high-impact leaders. She is also the Founder of the wellness company, Devi Brown Well-Being. Devi’s focus is on those who have had complex lived experiences and lead high-impact lives. Her work is rooted in sharing tangible, multi-lineage healing practices to support a sovereign lifestyle and holistic well-being.
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In this episode, host Devi Brown interviews Manoj Dias, a renowned mindfulness teacher and co-founder of Open, a modern mindfulness studio based in Venice, CA, he previously co-founded A—SPACE, Australia’s first multi-disciplinary drop-in meditation studio. Manoj shares his journey as a teacher and how his practice and teaching methods have evolved since the pandemic. They delve into the topics of grief, joy, and the importance of being discerning of the influences we follow, the challenges of healing in the age of social media, and the importance of sharing wisdom from a place of integrity and embodiment. The power of choice is highlighted, with the understanding that we have agency in our lives even in the face of suffering. The need to critique and test beliefs is discussed, as well as the dangers of falling into cult-like behavior. The value of being a student and the sacredness of learning and apprenticeship are explored. and the long-term work of life is acknowledged. Connect: @DeviBrown @ManojDias_ Practice with Manoj on the Op e n App Subscribe: Devi Brown’s YouTube ChannelSee for privacy information.
Elliott Connie, a psychotherapist and author, discusses solution-focused brief therapy (SFBT) and its emphasis on the client's desired future rather than their problem orientation. He explains that SFBT focuses on the client's strengths and resilience, helping them overcome obstacles and transform their lives. Elliott shares his personal journey of healing and how he became passionate about inspiring others. He also talks about his new podcast, Family Therapy, where he conducts therapy sessions with families to explore their traumas and work toward healing. Connect: @DeviBrown @ElliottSpeaks Learn More: Listen: Family Therapy, The Podcast Pre-Order: Change Your Questions, Change Your Life Upcoming Event: SFBT 2-Day Intensive Live Training – 2024 Anaheim, CaliforniaSee for privacy information.
Andra Day is an American R&B and soul singer, songwriter, and actress. She is the recipient of various accolades, including a Grammy Award, a Children's and Family Emmy Award, and a Golden Globe Award, along with an Academy Award nomination, In this episode we discuss Andra’s album 'Cassandra' and the theme of love in a multifaceted way, She emphasizes the importance of vulnerability, self-reflection, boundaries, and exploring the connection to God. Andra also shares intimate backstories from her role as Billie Holiday, how It impacted her personal life and the spiritual connection she felt with Billie during the production. We also learn about her favorite song from the album and how it changes during different times of her life. The early inspirations on her voice, artistry, and the theme of abundance in the album. Connect: @DeviBrown @AndraDayMusic Learn More: AndraDay.comSee for privacy information.
Today we explore the concept of sovereign love and healthy relationships with Dené Logan, a marriage and family therapist. The conversation delves into the dynamics of love, attachment, and autonomy, emphasizing the importance of self-awareness and self-care in relationships. It also addresses the societal structures and narratives that influence our perceptions of love and aging, highlighting the deep acceptance and wisdom that come with age. The discussion also touches on the evolving nature of partnerships and taking responsibility for one's energy in a relationship dynamic.  After Devi reads an excerpt from the synopsis of Dené’s book, Sovereign Love, Dené describes the polarity of both the feminine and masculine paradigms. Connect: @DeviBrown @DenéLogan Learn More: Dené Logan Pre-Order: Sovereign LoveSee for privacy information.
Dr. Shena is a licensed embodiment-focused psychologist and healer. They discuss the topic of healing from sexual trauma and reclaiming the body as home. Dr. Shena's book, Body Rites, is a written companion and workbook for black women and anyone seeking to heal from sexual trauma. The conversation explores the impact of trauma on the mind, body, heart, and spirit, and offers various healing practices. They also discuss intergenerational trauma and honoring and healing ancestral wounds. Dr. Shena and Devi discuss the intersection of trauma, healing, and spirituality. They explore the experiences of survivors of sexual trauma, particularly focusing on the unique challenges faced by male survivors. They also delve into the use of psychedelics and sacred plant medicines as tools for healing and transformation. The conversation highlights the importance of community support, belief, and empowerment for survivors, as well as the need for a trauma-informed approach in therapy. Connect: @DeviBrown @embodiedtruthhealing Learn More: Read: Body RitesSee for privacy information.
In this episode, Devi discusses the Kendrick Lamar and Drake beef and explores its deeper themes and implications. She shares her opinions on the two artists and their music, highlighting the contrast between Kendrick's depth and consciousness and Drake's superficiality and ego. Devi also emphasizes the importance of holding artists accountable for their actions and the need for integrity and character in those who have power and influence.  Connect: @DeviBrown Learn More: Previous Episode: Healthy Friendships with Dr. Joy Harden BradfordSee for privacy information.
The Black Effect Presents... Deeply Well! In this conversation, Devi and 19Keys discuss the intersection of spirituality, technology, and AI. They explore the idea that all religions and spiritual practices are ultimately seeking the same truth and that technology, including AI, can be used to enhance and empower individuals and how it can be used to democratize resources and create opportunities for marginalized communities. 19Keys discusses the importance of taking control of our attitudes and perceptions towards AI, rather than relying on media narratives or not using it at all. He emphasizes the need for the Black community to build their own institutions and media companies and to make demands within this new age of technology. Connect: @DeviBrown @19Keys Learn More: Referenced Knowledge: The Mathematics of Mind Stillness SpeaksSee for privacy information.
Elaine Welteroth, award-winning journalist and author, discusses the importance of purpose and how it guides her career and life. She emphasizes the need to define what you stand for and what you care about more than money or titles. Welteroth also reflects on her time as the youngest editor-in-chief of Teen Vogue and the challenges she faced in navigating her purpose within the constraints of the title. Devi and Elaine have a moment of praise for Oprah Winfrey; as an example of someone who has used her platform to empower and elevate others. Welteroth also shares her experience of being a mother and how it has expanded her understanding of purpose and service. Motherhood inspired her work with Birth Fund, an organization focused on expanding access to midwifery care and improving maternal health in the United States. She points out the broken medical system and the maternal health crisis in the country, emphasizing that the issue affects all families, regardless of socioeconomic status. She explains the importance of midwifery care and the need for more options and resources for birthing people. Connect: @DeviBrown @ElaineWelteroth @BirthFund Learn More: Support: Make a donation to The Birth FundSee for privacy information.
In this episode of the Deeply Well Podcast, host Devi Brown shares her recent experiences and joys. She discusses her upcoming appearance at the Black Effect Podcast Festival in Atlanta and expresses her excitement to connect with listeners. Devi reflects on the impact of recent podcast episodes and highlights the importance of finding joy in everyday moments. She shares personal experiences, such as attending concerts, visiting museums, and spending quality time with her son. Devi also discusses her journey in motherhood and the importance of slowing down and being present with her child. Previous Episodes: Beyond Diversity and Inclusion with Denise Hamilton Walking with Grief with Sah D'Simone Choosing Wisdom Over Influence with Manoj Dias Finding Enlightenment with Shaka Senghor Connect: @DeviBrown Learn More: Recommendations The Love Land Foundation – Rachel Cargle Omega InstituteSee for privacy information.
Denise Hamilton, is a workplace culture expert and author of the book 'Indivisible', joins the Deeply Well Podcast to discuss the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the workplace. She emphasizes the need to create spaces where everyone can bring their gifts and talents without unnecessary barriers. Hamilton challenges the current notions of DEI and advocates for a higher goal of indivisibility, where communities, workplaces, and relationships are built on inclusivity and equality. She addresses the blowback and resistance to DEI, attributing it to fear, loss, and the challenge of letting go of preconceived notions. Hamilton encourages the importance of re-examining long-held beliefs and habits in order to dismantle societal hierarchies and build close-knit communities. She highlights the importance of real conversation, connection, and the examination of stories that no longer serve us. Connect: @DeviBrown @OfficialDHam Learn More: Read:  INDIVISBLE - How to Forge Our Differences into a Stronger Future Previous Episode: Unlimiting Yourself with Denise Hamilton Buy Tickets: The Black Effect Podcast Festival  See for privacy information.
Sah D'Simone is a spiritual revolutionary, mystic, artist, award-winning filmmaker, and the internationally best-selling author of Spiritually Sassy: 8 Radical Steps to Activate Your Innate Superpowers. He is well-known for creating the Somatic Activated Healing (SAH) Method™. Sah's profound expertise is rooted in a decade of experiential Buddhist practice, his extensive retreat experiences in India and Nepal, and his professional training in contemplative psychotherapy. In this deep and insightful conversation; the desire to disappear and devote one's life to spirituality, the challenges of being fully seen, and the capacity for discomfort are discussed. Sah shares his experiences with grief and loss, and how they have shaped his spiritual journey and reconstructed the profoundness in his book, “Spiritually, We”. He describes his experience on a 500-mile walk of grief and how it transformed his relationship with his father and the importance of living a full human life. Connect: @DeviBrown @SahDSimone Learn More: Subscribe: Devi Brown’s YouTube Channel Read: Spiritually, We: The Art of Relating and Connecting from the HeartSee for privacy information.
Shaka Senghor is a New York Times best-selling author, a globally recognized leader in criminal justice reform, and an entrepreneur. Shaka joins us to discuss the path he took enlightenment while serving 19 years in prison, 7 of which were in solitary confinement. One of Oprah's Supersoul 100 alumni, Shaka's books 'Writing My Wrongs: Life, Death, and Redemption in an American Prison' and 'Letters to the Sons of Society: A Father's Invitation to Love, Honesty, and Freedom' have helped shift societal narratives around incarceration and trauma. He shares his journey of transformation and emphasizes the importance of exploring one's internal world, the power of personal dignity, and the need to confront ugly truths to move forward. Connect: @DeviBrown @ShakaSenghor Learn More:    Subscribe: Devi Brown’s YouTube Channel Read: Writing My Wrongs: Life, Death, and Redemption in an American Prison Letters to the Sons of Society: A Father's Invitation to Love, Honesty, and FreedomSee for privacy information.
In this episode, Devi emphasizes the need to create a container for creativity, a space that supports and inspires our creative endeavors. She shares her own experiences for designing a container that inspires her work, her desire to learn new things, her imagination, and how she experiences life altogether. Devi discusses the essence of play and the fearlessness required to reclaim and cultivate a journey that is creative and abundant. Connect: @DeviBrown  Learn More: Subscribe: Devi Brown’s YouTube ChannelSee for privacy information.
In this episode, Devi explores the topic of friendship and how to prioritize and cultivate meaningful connections. She reflects on the transformations in her own friendships and shares her practices for evaluating and nurturing relationships. Devi emphasizes the importance of authenticity, setting boundaries, being present in real-life relationships, scheduling social media detox and creating space for new connections. Connect: @DeviBrown  Learn More: Subscribe: Devi Brown’s YouTube ChannelSee for privacy information.
In this episode of Deeply Well, Devi shares her personal experiences with reorganizing her daily routine to support her creative projects and reflects on past accomplishments. She also discusses the importance of recognizing patterns in our lives and participating in the healing process and emphasizes the power of surrender, acceptance, and taking action in our healing journey.    Connect: @DeviBrown  Learn More:    Subscribe: Devi Brown’s YouTube Channel   Download Embodied Astrology: 2024 Expanded Readings for Sun and Rising Signs SPECIAL CODE: Devi2024   Previous Episodes:  Healing Fatigue with Devi Brown Embodied Astrology with Renee SillsSee for privacy information.
In this episode, Devi is joined by Zabie Yamasaki, the founder of Transcending Sexual Trauma Through Yoga. They discuss the importance of trauma-informed care and yoga for survivors of sexual trauma, as well as the challenges faced by women of color in the trauma field. Zabie shares her journey of creating trauma-informed yoga programs and curriculum, and the impact it has had on survivors. They also discuss the benefits of trauma-informed yoga for children and how to support them in their healing journey. Yamasaki is the author of several books that are highlighted within the episode. Reference the ink to learn more about her writings and additional shared resources: Books + Resources Connect: @DeviBrown @Transcending_Trauma_with_Yoga Learn More: Subscribe: Devi Brown’s YouTube ChannelSee for privacy information.
In this episode, we delve into the colors and healing power of music with, Goapele, a versatile artist known for her roles as a singer, songwriter, producer, entrepreneur, and humanitarian. The conversation explores Goapele's background, including her South African apartheid and German Jewish ancestry, and how it has shaped her compassion for others. Goapele discusses her experience having synesthesia and how it influences her creative process, leading her to create multi-sensory experiences for her music. Connect: @DeviBrown @Goapele Learn More: /    Subscribe: Devi Brown’s YouTube Channel  See for privacy information.
This week’s episode of the Deeply Well Podcast explores the importance of process and self-study in healing, with a focus on women's health and trauma. Kymber Maulden joins us to share her journey into healing work and discusses the concept of complex post-traumatic stress disorder (CPTSD) in women. The conversation also delves into the connection between CPTSD and autoimmune disease, as well as the negative effects of restrictive diets on women's health. We also explore the importance of; creating space for emotions, making time to grieve, and embracing a slow and beautiful healing journey. The soul work activity provided by Kymber Maulden inspires a practice to consistently explore the benefits of slowing down and seeking moments of awe. Connect: @DeviBrown @KymberMaulden Learn More: Listen: Devi's Grief Playlist Subscribe: Devi Brown’s YouTube ChannelSee for privacy information.
Q&A with Devi Brown

Q&A with Devi Brown


We love taking time to understand our audience and to learn more about your specific interests and questions. In this week’s episode, Devi elaborates on some of those shared curiosities and questions including; cold plunging, joyful devotion, incorporating a spouse in a sacred practice, and more… Share your questions with us: @DeeplyWellPod Subscribe: Devi Brown’s YouTube ChannelSee for privacy information.
How’s your heart? Joel Cross, known by his students and fans as A Soul Called Joel, joins us today to discuss the extraordinary power of mindful awareness through music, poetry, and meditation. Joel shares his journey as a musician and meditation teacher and how his travels have helped him heal and transform.  Connect: @DeviBrown @ASoulCalledJoel Learn More: Join: The Beautiful Souls Community Subscribe: Devi Brown's YouTube ChannelSee for privacy information.
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