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Author: Brain Freeze Podcasts

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Beloved comedy writers Evan Susser and David Phillips set off to do something never done before: rank 14 Jewish delis.
15 Episodes
David and Evan finally got their friend Nick Wiger ("Doughboys" "How Did This Get Played") to agree to go eat with them at Brent's. They compare the subtle differences between the Northridge and Westlake locations, Nick spins for segments, and there's a very big announcement that brings the future of the podcast into question.    
David and Evan are joined by their good friend and fellow equal in the podcasting community Mike Mitchell ("Love," "Birthday Boys") to go eat at Brent's Deli. Did this episode work out exactly as planned? Listen and find out!
Evan and David take Madeline Walter ("Brooklyn Nine Nine") to Weiler's Deli on the advice of David's grandma and they have an interesting time. Madeline guesses for gelt and the Deli Boys release their very first ad!
The show continues to get more interesting when David and Evan break bread with their boss, Dan Goor (co-creator of "Brooklyn Nine Nine), at Eleven City Diner. Dan guesses for gelt, and David takes drastic measures in an attempt to get his mom to listen to his own podcast.
Phil's Deli with Bryan Safi

Phil's Deli with Bryan Safi


Bryan Safi (9-1-1, Young & Hungry and Throwing Shade) goes to Phil’s Deli with the Deli Boys. Bryan guesses for gelt and is grilled about who he likes more: Evan or David.
Jennie Pierson (Blackish, Kidding) joins the Deli Boys for a special Passover episode. She searches for the afikoman and reads the four questions!
Phil Augusta Jackson (Brooklyn 99, Key and Peele) guesses for gelt, talks bagels and gets convinced to start his own Deli Boys spinoff podcast "Brunch Boys"  
Dan Gregor (Crazy Ex Girlfriend, How I Met Your Mother) joins the Deli Boys for a special Shabbat episode.  They return to Freedman's.  Plus, Dan and the Deli Boys rank the TGIF shows from most to least Jewish. 
Noah Garfinkel (writer for Abby's & New Girl) joins Evan and David and together the three of them RETIRE THE TWO QUESTIONS.   Hosted by Brain Freeze Podcasts 
Comedian Esther Povitsky (“Alone Together” “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”) sits down with the Deli Boys at Nate’n Al. She officially agrees to answer the Two Questions, and everyone guilts David for missing the meal.  Hosted by Brain Freeze Podcasts   
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