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Demiworld is an indie podcast devoted to exploring the underbelly of society, to those living on the fringe, to telling the stories of the rule breakers and the non-conformists. Each season will delve into a new topic. Our first season looks at True Crime while our second season delves into urban legends.
28 Episodes
In the final episode of season 3, Cyndi and Kelly take a gander at a couple of cults of personality. Cyndi looks into North Korea's cult surrounding the Kim family and Kelly takes a lighter look at cargo cults and the religious movement connected to a mysterious US airman named John Frum. Midroll Promo: True Crime Snack Time
This week, Kelly and Cyndi discuss the Eastern Cults of Buddhafield and Quan Yin and their offbeat leaders, Jamie Gomez and Ching Hai. Midrill Promo: Particularly Dangerous Situation
In this episode, Kelly and Cyndi look at family cults starting with R. Kelly and his sex cult and obsession with teenage girls and the failed family cult Brian David Mitchell tried to start with the kidnapping of Elizabeth Smart. Promo: Your New Best Friends Podcast
Episode 23: New Age Cults

Episode 23: New Age Cults


In the sixth episode of this season on cults, Kelly and Cyndi explore the new age cults of Heaven's Gate and the Aetherius Society.
In this episode, Cyndi and Kelly discuss the Multi-level Marketing Cults of LuLaRoe and Smart Circle.
Demiworld co-hosts, Cyndi and Kelly take a look at two psychotherapy cults: The Center for Feeling Therapy and Reevaluation Therapy.
Episode 20: Religious Cults

Episode 20: Religious Cults


Religious cults come in a variety of flavors. From the manically devout to the end of the world doomsday, each one is horrible in its own right. In this episode, Kelly and Cyndi examine Jim Jones and the People's Temple and Jonestown massacre and Aum Shinrikyo, the Japanese doomsday cult and the sarin gas subway attack.
Episode 19: Political Cults

Episode 19: Political Cults


In this episode, Cyndi and Kelly take a closer look at two political cults: The Workers' Institute of Marxism-Leninism-Mao Zedon
In this episode, Kelly and Cyndi discuss two cults falling under the category of Occult, Satanism and Black Magic with the Satanic cult of the Brotherhood of the Golden Arrow and the Black Magic Cult of Matamoros.
Cults & New Religious Movements have been part of society since the beginning. What what are they exactly, how do the operate, and how to you leave?
In this closing episode of season two, urban legends, Kelly and Cyndi look at two strange and unbelievable medical urban legends: kidney theft and gerbiling.
Urban legends are all around us. Even holidays aren't immune to outlandish stories. This week, co-hosts Kelly and Cyndi take a look at some truly crazy Holiday Urban Legends - Halloween Urban Legends and the newest holiday on the calendar, the infamous 4/20.
This week Kelly and Cyndi discuss the supernatural urban legends of Stigmata and Black-eyed Children
The legends we hear as children are the ones that stay with us most vividly. But what if you hadn't just heard the legend, but participated in it or had it thrust upon you? Kelly and Cyndi cover the legend of Bloody Mary and Poisoned Halloween Candy
Hollywood is full of mysteries, secrets and urban legends. Cyndi and Kelly take a closer look at two Hollywood urban legends: Nightmare on Elm Street's legend that claims if you die in a dream, you die in real life, and James Dean's Cursed Car.
Urban legends have been with humanity for generations. What we consider folk tales were once contemporary urban legends. This week Cyndi and Kelly take a look at the historic urban legends of Spring-heeled Jack and the Myth of the West.
Urban legends come in all shapes and sizes. Cryptid urban legends are no exception. Whether its chupacabra, Bigfoot, big cats running wild, or the Loch Ness Monster, cryptid urban legends continue to thrill and frighten.
Urban legends inform our social beliefs, how to act in public, and align our moral compass. For teens, the message is clear: stay close to home, cars are a gateway to death and destruction, and girls are always a target, even in their own homes.
Episode 8: B!tches be Crazy

Episode 8: B!tches be Crazy


Every once in a while, a woman comes along that does something that defies logic. With regard to Casey Anthony and Ruth Ellis, crazy is the only word that comes to mind when reviewing their cases. Some Bitches be Crazy.
Episode 7: Favorite Heists

Episode 7: Favorite Heists


Not all true crime is equal. The lovers of true crime enjoy the undoing of a murderer. How DNA, fingerprints, or stray hair have brought a criminal to justice. Yet, there are some crimes that intrigue us for their simplicity and for the survivors' stories. Demiworld delves into two of their favorite crimes: The Kidnapping of Patty Hearst and the 3M Yen Affair.
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