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Democracy Now! 2024-06-05 Wednesday

  • Headlines for June 05, 2024
  • "My Journey of Loss": Gaza Twin on Death of Mom, 14 Relatives & Continuing to Flee Israeli Bombs
  • "Toward Nakba as a Legal Concept": Meet the Palestinian Lawyer Censored by Columbia and Harvard
  • Biden Limits Asylum & Shuts Down Border for Migrants Ahead of Debate with Trump

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Juneteenth Special: Historian Clint Smith on Reckoning with the History of Slavery Across America; Rhiannon Giddens on Pulitzer-Winning Opera “Omar” About Enslaved Muslim Scholar Omar ibn Said; “Another Wasted Life”: Rhiannon Giddens on How Death of Kalief Browder Inspired New Song
Headlines for June 18, 2024; Ahead of Juneteenth, Maryland Pardons 175K Pot Convictions, Seeking to Remedy Harms of War on Drugs; Holocaust Scholar Raz Segal Loses Univ. of Minnesota Job Offer for Saying Israel Is Committing Genocide
Headlines for June 17, 2024; Report from Rafah: UNICEF Decries Israel’s “War on Children” as Starvation & Deaths Mount in Gaza; Rep. Jamie Raskin: Trump’s First Return to Capitol Hill Since Jan. 6 Cements His GOP “Stranglehold”; Rep. Jamie Raskin: Only a Two-State Solution Can End “Nightmare” of Israeli-Palestinian Conflict; Arundhati Roy Faces Anti-Terror Prosecution in India as Modi Expands Crackdown on Critics
Headlines for June 14, 2024; Supreme Court Protects Access to Mifepristone, But War on Abortion Rights Continues to Escalate; Birding While Black: Christian Cooper on NYC Audubon Society’s New Name & Racist Central Park Incident; “Better Living Through Birding”: Christian Cooper on Being a Queer Black Man in the Natural World
Headlines for June 13, 2024; Secret Recording of SCOTUS Justice Samuel Alito Offers “Window” into His Conservative Ideology; ProPublica Reporter Defends Work After Samuel Alito Accuses Outlet of Politically Motivated Coverage; From Gaza to Sudan, Number of Global Armed Conflicts Reach New Post-WWII High; Palestinian Diplomat: Gaza Ceasefire Only Possible Once Israel Commits to Ending the War
Headlines for June 12, 2024; Sarah Leah Whitson: U.S. Ceasefire Push in Gaza Is Welcome, But “40,000 Dead Palestinians Too Late”; Hunter Biden: President’s Son Convicted in Federal Gun Case, Faces Tax Evasion Trial Next; Bananas and Blood: Chiquita Ordered to Pay Colombian Families $38 Million for Backing Death Squads
Headlines for June 11, 2024; “Clear Shift” Toward the Far Right: Anti-Immigrant Nationalists Gain Ground Across Europe; Doctor Just Back from Gaza: The Health System Has Totally Collapsed Due to Israel’s Genocidal War; U.S. Jewish Army Intel Officer Quits over Gaza, Says “Impossible” Not to See Echoes of Holocaust
Headlines for June 10, 2024; Report from Gaza: “Devastating” Israeli Raid to Free 4 Israeli Hostages Kills 270+ Palestinians; “Massacre”: Analyst Slams Israeli Military Raid That Frees 4 Hostages, Kills 270+ Palestinians; “War Is Not the Answer”: Meet the Israeli Peace Activist Whose Parents Were Killed Oct. 7; “Life Comes First”: Israeli Peace Activists Condemn War on Gaza, Demand Ceasefire Deal
Headlines for June 07, 2024; Israel’s Widespread Use of White Phosphorus in Lebanon, Gaza Violates Int’l Law: Human Rights Watch; Deadly Heat: Record Scorching Temperatures Kill the Vulnerable, Worsen Inequality Across the Globe; ”VOICES: A Sacred Sisterscape”: Poet aja monet & V on New Audio Play Centering Black Women’s Stories
Headlines for June 06, 2024; “Apocalyptic”: 40 Killed in Israeli Airstrike on U.N. School Sheltering Displaced Palestinians in Gaza; “Where Olive Trees Weep”: Dr. Gabor Maté & Ashira Darwish on New Film Exploring Trauma in Palestine; “Propaganda Machine”: NY Congressmember Jamaal Bowman on AIPAC’s $25 Million Campaign to Unseat Him
Headlines for June 05, 2024; “My Journey of Loss”: Gaza Twin on Death of Mom, 14 Relatives & Continuing to Flee Israeli Bombs; “Toward Nakba as a Legal Concept”: Meet the Palestinian Lawyer Censored by Columbia and Harvard; Biden Limits Asylum & Shuts Down Border for Migrants Ahead of Debate with Trump
Headlines for June 04, 2024; A Setback for the “Cult of Modi”? Indian Opposition Faring Surprisingly Well in Early Election Count; El Salvador’s “Coolest Dictator” Bukele Begins Controversial Second Term with Backing from Biden & Trump; “More Than a Symbolic Victory”: Mexican Women’s Movement Paved Way for Election of 1st Female President; “The Trauma Is Unimaginable”: Save the Children CEO Calls for Ceasefire in Gaza, More Focus on Congo
Headlines for June 03, 2024; Will Israel Agree to the “Israeli” Ceasefire Proposal? Confusion Reigns After Biden Presents New Plan; “Divest from Genocide”: 1,000+ Protest Brooklyn Museum for Israel Ties; NYPD Throws Punches, Arrests 34; Meet the Pro-Ceasefire MP Candidate Banned by U.K. Labour Party for “Liking” Jon Stewart Skit on Israel; ”ANC Failed”: How Mandela’s Party Lost Its Majority for First Time Since End of Apartheid
Headlines for May 31, 2024; Guilty: Trump Becomes First Ex-President Felon in U.S. History; “Unprecedented in the History of American Republicanism”: Historian on Trump Verdict & GOP Extremism; Exclusive: USAID Contractor Resigns After Presentation on Maternal & Child Mortality in Gaza Canceled; “I Was Shocked”: Meet the State Dept. Official Who Quit After Report Denies Israel Blocking Gaza Aid
Headlines for May 30, 2024; “This Is a Crime”: Ken Roth on Israel’s Secret War Targeting the ICC to Derail War Crimes Charges; Univ. of Toronto Protesters Vow to Continue Gaza Encampment as Admin Demands Police Clear It; PFAS Cover-Up: How 3M Hid Risks of Forever Chemicals & “Gaslit” Scientist Who Tried to Sound Alarm
Headlines for May 29, 2024; “A Narrative of Trump Criminality”: Jury Begins Deliberations in Hush Money Case; “The North Needs to Learn from the South”: Mexico Poised to Elect First Woman President; “America’s Monster”: How a U.S. Ally Kidnapped, Killed & Tortured Hundreds in Afghanistan
Headlines for May 28, 2024; People Burned Alive, Child Decapitated: Report from Rafah on Israeli Strike That Killed 45 in Camp; Latest Israeli Rafah Attack Kills 45, Injures 110+; How Can World Enforce ICJ’s Ruling to End Assault?; “Corky Lee’s Asian America”: Chinese American Legend Spent 50 Years Seeking “Photographic Justice”
Pulitzer Winner Nathan Thrall on Gaza, Israel’s “System of Domination” and U.S. Complicity; “A Day in the Life of Abed Salama”: How the Death of Abed’s 5-Year-Old Son Sheds Light on Life Under Israeli Apartheid
Headlines for May 24, 2024; Northwestern Professor Steven Thrasher: You Are Being Lied to About Pro-Palestine Protests on Campus; 1,000 Harvard Students Walk Out of Commencement to Support 13 Seniors Barred from Graduation over Gaza; “Why Do Israel’s Bidding?”: Human Rights Advocate Hossam Bahgat Blasts Egypt Policy at Rafah Crossing
Headlines for May 23, 2024; Irish Lawmaker: Recognizing Palestine as a State Is Rooted in Our History of Colonization & Famine; Dr. Adam Hamawy Describes Desperate Conditions at Gaza Hospitals Amid Attacks & Lack of Supplies; “Power”: Yance Ford on His New Documentary & Why “Violence Is Part and Parcel” of U.S. Policing
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Adam Balogh

america time for you to fucking die you fucking hypocrite cock suckers !!! fuck you !!!

Mar 12th

Gavin Terrett

well.good luck. keep fighting the good fight. but, the fascists will kill you ya stupid hippies. Get guns as per second amendment rights and fight back. Pussies.

May 29th

Gavin Terrett

good luck.

Apr 28th

Gavin Terrett

its america dummy . wheres my money? I don't give a shit about "rights ". pay me! where's my dividend? You don't like America? give up stupid $$$$$$$$€

Apr 28th

Zank Frappe

Headline from this show: Russian dad is jailed for 2 years because his daughter DREW A PICTURE. Republicans think Russia is just great.. because that's the kind of facism they want to bring to the US.

Mar 29th

Political China

DN nw10 quoting BBC, CNN etc...😑

Nov 23rd

Golden boy

Lefty horseshit

Nov 1st

Karluigi Marie

Was she eating, it seemed like she was smackingher lips? It sounded like a huge animal was snoring? Yikes it was hard to focus on the message.

Oct 11th

robot dog

someone snoring in the background. lol

Oct 11th


better with a synopsis, thanks

Dec 21st


it's better when the headlines are included

Nov 30th


Big shift in NPR narrative about Covid. They're spot on to be skeptical of Pfizer's motives and upset at their actions, but we also have to criticize politicians AND media like NPR for letting it get to this point.

Oct 22nd

John Reed

Lol you want 10 dollars a month? While I appreciate your work maybe try using your mute button and quit choking up so much. And show more common sense. Don't ask a tough question and then say, You have 15 seconds. Maybe just work on being more professional.

Sep 15th
Reply (1)

Sharienne W.

why did I live on 3 to 4 antibiotic treatments a year? So I could work. I literally went to the doc when I was overtired. I barely got by on my sick leave when I had it and ended up on disability when I ended up on a job with 3 weeks of leave-- which means I could use 3 weeks a year without any time off otherwise and I couldn't go to work even after antibiotics treatments.

Aug 2nd
Reply (1)

John Reed

Jesus a dude that accidentally calls Biden ... Truman?

Jun 14th

John Reed

Just deleted the Podcast after listening to yo gosh about having 2 women being introduced by Biden. So it doesn't matter they are all corporate whores including Biden, just as long as we have diversity?

Apr 29th

John Reed

And the same ones outraged over the governers inappropriate sexual actions were fine with the credible rape allegations against Biden so whatever. It's just a weapon you use.

Mar 5th

John Reed

Just to let you know that when you present "news" with a nut dissecting nonsense scriptures I turn it off.

Jan 25th

Venice Lockjaw

strange when that pundit was talking about Pinochet, he doesn't mention the pivotal role of the CIA and Milton Friedman using Chile as a testing ground for their economic policy of a totally unhindered free market which resulted in high inflation and high unemployment. you think that would be something to mention.

Jan 13th
Reply (3)

Kris Dhira


Nov 11th