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The Dream Cast combines incredible stories, biblical principles and cutting-edge neuroscience into a unique podcast that will inspire you to find your purpose, take massive action and design YOUR ultimate dream life. Get started dreaming again right now!Denise Walsh has helped over a million people find their purpose and fulfill on their God-given destiny. Her global impact as a leader in the direct selling industry has given her a unique insight on what drives people to action. As a certified trainer with Jack Canfield, an elite coach with the John Maxwell Team, and the author of the Amazon best-seller, Retire Your Husband, Denise knows how to tap into a person’s ultimate potential and find their greatness.Pre-order Denise's highly anticipated new project, the Dream Life Workbook at
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Hey Dreamer!I was still wiping away a few tears after my conversation ended with Sunday Burquest.Sunday is a breast cancer survivor and a former competitor on the reality TV show Survivor. She's also an author and speaker who shares a powerful message of hope and transformation with her story and unique style of speaking.Sunday's story of grit and inner strength from her life experiences are a precious example of the power to survive and be inspired by grace.Listen to our conversation to hear:Sunday's story of battling breast cancer as a wife and motherWhat it's like to go on the TV show Survivor and compete!The lessons in grit that you can take away from her story and start using todayListen now!
Hey! Chances are, you already know about essential oils.But there is a whole lot more to learn about them. For example, did you know you can add them to your FOOD to get their benefits? I didn't!My guest on the Dream Cast today is a healthcare practitioner and essential oils expert, Dr. Eric Zielinski.Dr. Z is the author of The Healing Power of Essential oils and the popular website Natural Living Family with Dr. Z & Mama Z. He is here to tell us how to benefit and treat ourselves using essential oils...and a whole lot more!As an entrepreneur and author, Dr. Z has advice for achieving and being a finisher that I really want you to hear.In this episode you'll learn:Dr. Z's storyWhat holistic health can do that modern medicine can'tWhy someone believing in you is the push you need to do anythingHow to incorporate EO's into your foodHow to start your own journey with essential oils, or the next big thing you wanna do!A lot moreListen now!
Hey Dreamer!What if I told you that doing a few small things today could lead to big things for you?Today on the Dream Cast, we’re exploring the Domino Effect as it applies to our lives and our businesses.The question is: what are those things we should do today, to see the big results we want tomorrow?My guest today, Alison Donaghey, is here to answer that question. Alison is a cause and effect strategist, speaker, radio host, and author who coaches others for more happiness, abundance, and health in their lives and businesses.Listen to our convo to hear:• The 4 pillars to in business to focus on for mutual success between you and others• How to develop a roadmap for business that goes on to help every area of your life• A process for creating a worldview of happiness, abundance, and healthCheck out Alison’s book and course on her website! - Course - Code: DREAMWORTHY
If you're like most people, you often look at the clock and say: "How is it so late already!?"Time is one of those things that can make a huuuuuge shift in our behavior.When time is out of our control, we feel frantic and frayed.When we are in control of our time, we become more productive and happier.My guest on the Dream Cast today is Jeff Sanders, a keynote speaker, author, productivity coach, and host of The 5 AM Miracle Podcast. He's an expert in taking back control of the clock!Listen to this new episode to learn:Ways to be more intentional with your time that really workWhy taking control of your time is the key to achievementHow to say "No" and why it's importantThere are some golden nuggets of timesaving wisdom in this one! Enjoy :-)
Hey Dreamer!For most of us, fear is a constant.It's part of life! There are all sorts of things that can trigger our fear.While we tend to let certain fears affect what we do, there are other fears that we are wise enough to ignore or see as a sign of...something else.My guest on the Dream Cast today is Akshay Nanavati, a U.S. Marine Corps veteran who is dedicated to teaching others how to turn their fear into inspired action and achievement. If you are ready to take your fears and turn them into something beautiful, listen to learn:• How to channel your fears into awe-inspiring action• Why our doubts are actually a sign of our deepest wants• The key to achievement in the face of fearI know this episode will help you if you've ever been paralyzed by fear! Listen now to hear Akshay's wisdom!
If there’s one thing I’ve learned about entrepreneurship and business: they are one of the best ways to make a real difference in the world.In my own entrepreneurial journey, I started without a business bone in my body…and went on to help other people discover their own entrepreneurial paths to success.The way that teaching and business go hand in hand is EVERYTHING to me! Especially when it comes to developing a business mindset.The mindset you use to grow your business also positively affects every other aspect of your life as a side-effect. Why? Once you develop it – you’ll see it impacts everything!My guest on the Dream Cast today is Joe Trodden: a business mindset expert who helps entrepreneurs to scale their businesses and grow themselves to a higher level of achievement.If you know you need a better mindset but aren’t sure how to start, listen to learn:• The mindset blockers entrepreneurs face and how to confront your fears head-on• The key to developing self-awareness and building deep relationships• How to make your own decisions from a place of authenticity as a solo entrepreneurSome amazingly valuable nuggets in here for anyone who wants success in business! Listen now!
Are you wondering how you can cut through the noise to stand out online?Whether you're marketing yourself, or your business, a lot of other people are competing for attention!Competition has never been stiffer, really. But that doesn't mean you can't stand out.In fact, now has never been a better time to market your business online because those who DO stand out get the most attention and the most rewards.So we know that we need to be "different" in order to stand out and successfully sell online. But what does "different" mean? And what are some effective ways to REALLY stand out?That's exactly what my guest on the Dream Cast today, Caroline Balinska, will tell us. She's an online marketing expert and entrepreneur who helps businesses grow with her online agency: Just Ask Parker - https://www.justaskparker.comYou'll learn:Tips for standing out in a crowded online worldWhat guidelines you should follow to build an engaged audienceHow to sell to your online audience in a natural way and get killer salesHit play now to hear Caroline's awesome tips!
Hey! Did you know that your breathing affects almost every aspect of your life?My guest on the podcast today is Dr. Kandula. He's spent the past 20 years treating patients as an ENT doctor (ears-nose-throat).You'll hear us talk about:• How our breathing affects literally everything in our lives (not just our lungs)• Ways those with sleep apnea can say goodbye to using a c-pap machine• The current state of our healthcare system and what it's like to navigate it as a doctor running a practiceSome amazing medical knowledge in this one that I never knew. I will definitely be more focused on my breathing after this conversation with Dr. Kandula!
"Selling" is something that most of us have mixed feelings about when getting started.We want to sell successfully, but we don't want to come across as pushy, sleazy, or salesy.This alone has stopped countless entrepreneurs and potential sales superstars from getting started.That's why today's episode of the Dream Cast is ALL about the secret to selling. The secret being: how to sell in a natural and positive way that is also extremely effective.My guest is Chris Spurvey, a sales expert who has sold over $300 million in consulting services. He's worked with thousands of entrepreneurs and professionals to close more business and create win-win relationships with clients.You don't want to miss what he has to say. It's time to rewire your brain to see "selling" as something positive and even FUN! (Seriously.)Hit play on today's episode to get the secret to selling and don't forget to hit subscribe! Learn more about Chris and check out his It's Time to Sell Podcast -
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