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The Dream Cast combines incredible stories, biblical principles and cutting-edge neuroscience into a unique podcast that will inspire you to find your purpose, take massive action and design YOUR ultimate dream life. Get started dreaming again right now!

Denise Walsh has helped over a million people find their purpose and fulfill on their God-given destiny. Her global impact as a leader in the direct selling industry has given her a unique insight on what drives people to action. As a certified trainer with Jack Canfield, an elite coach with the John Maxwell Team, and the author of the Amazon best-seller, Retire Your Husband, Denise knows how to tap into a person’s ultimate potential and find their greatness.

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Hey Dreamers!Design Your Dream Life - my interactive self-development workbook is available now with free bonuses to make it even better! http://dreamlifetoolkit.comDesign Your Dream Life is a fun way to adopt life-transforming habits by reading the book and completing the exercises in it with your evening tea or morning coffee :-)Check it out! http://dreamlifetoolkit.comNow, here's what you need to know about today's episode:My conversation with today's guest revealed the perfect example of what happens when you allow God to guide you toward a new path.It can feel uncomfortable to change what we've been doing in our daily lives, but that discomfort can often be a signal that you need to move toward it! For me, "getting uncomfortable" with where I was at is what allowed me to achieve everything I have to this day.My guest on the show who perfectly exemplifies this is Deeannah Seymour, founder of pH-d Femenine Health. Deeannah left her corporate job to create a line of products that are helping women to achieve better health and self-confidence.Our discussion was inspiring, heartful, intimate (you'll see), and a great reminder that our minds hold the key to God's will for us.Learn more about Deeannah and her Femenine Health products at her pH-d's website,
Dreamspace Canada tickets - WISH MAN -- Coming to Theaters June 7th -- can be a hero. That's the tagline to the latest movie, The Wish Man, that tells the backstory of the Make-A-Wish foundation. Which, to date, has granted over 500,000 wishes to children!!Frank Shankwitz started the make a wish foundation, but few people know the story behind this influentially generous figure.Frank and the Make-A-Wish foundation's story are all about having a big dream and the courage to go do it. The same is true for my guest on the Dream Cast, Lynda West - executive producer of The Wish Man film.According to Lynda, Frank "never took a dime." Wow.From a troubled childhood, to a highway patrol officer, to literally granting others' wishes: this is a movie and story you do not want to miss! Lynda and I talk about the movie, dreaming big, and doing even bigger..hit play to hear the episode.
My new book Design Your Dream Life is out now! Get your FREE bonuses at - http://dreamlifetoolkit.comI always love talking to other women who share my vision for turning their God-given passion to help others into a daily practice thru their business.My guest Jennifer Allwood has some amazing nuggets of knowledge and wisdom to share with you today! Jennifer's business coaches women to market and sell their creative passions......any of you who are on the creative side probably agree that marketing is not your favorite activity. But it can be a habit that catapults your success!Listen to our conversation to hear all about turning your creative passion into profit. Including:• The mindset behind building an audience of future customers• What it takes to go from being a "creative" to a "creative business expert"• Why "Charge What Your Worth" isn't always true• How to position your creative business• Going beyond services to fit multiple income sources into your business• Public speaking even when doing it is not your first choice• Balancing business and marriage: what's the worst that could happen?• Much more!Don't miss this one! Inspiring and empowering, with some great strategic knowledge. Listen now :-)
The winning mindset that leads to success is something I've studied for over the past decade.One of the conclusions I've come to is that a winning mindset isn't the same from person-to-person. We all have strengths and weaknesses, and its OUR MINDSET that makes up for our gaps and propels us toward our greatest goals.No one understands this more than my guest on the podcast today. Heidi VanderWal is the CEO of Crowned Free, a direct sales company that she launched and grew through listening to the voice of God.Inspiration comes from all sorts of places, and for many of us and Heidi, it came from on high. Listen to this stunning story of determination in business through faith and learn about how Heidi's mindset led her to grow a direct sales company she can be proud of.Learn more about Heidi VanderWal and Crowned Free at their website -
Design Your Dream Life! Interactive Workbook with FREE Bonuses  – http://dreamlifetoolkit.comWhen people ask me "how I did it" in terms of building a business, often I'll just draw a blank!The reason is: there isn't any "secret" or single thing that leads to success in business.The way to bring your life up another level and beyond is to build on and master the variety of different mindsets and habits that lead to a happier, more abundant, fulfilled life.If you've heard any of my content, you know this is what I talk about every single time. It's the right mindsets and habits that will lead you EXACTLY where you want to go!My podcast guest today demonstrates this so well. Britnie Turner started with nothing and found that as she improved her mindset, skills, habits, and attitudes, incredible abundance flowed into her life. She's an entrepreneurial ROCK STAR who keeps her head down and continues to build her businesses while living a life she loves.You could say the abundance is overflowing, as today, Britnie runs 5 businesses AND a non-profit!You'll be missing out if you don't listen to this interview! Britnie and I talk about:• Going from being homeless with no business skills to becoming the CEO of multiple businesses• The habits and mindsets that allow you to unlock your fullest potential• Why maintaining your health is a crucial, but often missed, part of being an entrepreneur• Much more!Listen now to learn from today's awesome guest!
Chances are, if you're subscribed to my podcast (or if this episode title caught your eye): your end goal is to transform from who you are now into who you ideally want to be.The only problem is that it's not always that easy, as you may very well know. If you're wishing there was a way to create massive change in yourself and your life, while staying true to who you are, you're going to love today's podcast guest.David Roden has an incredible success story to share about his journey through shedding both physical and emotional weight (which it turns out, were closely linked).And he really understands the mind-body connection. In fact, David went from no personal limits with food to losing over 100 pounds.This journey allowed David to discover and reconnect with who he REALLY was.If that resonates with you, you absolutely have to tune in to hear David's incredible story and priceless advice for anyone who wants to transform their personal habits, and improve their body+mind.
Design Your Dream Life! Go to NOW to get exclusive FREEBIES for a limited time!Believe me: almost NOBODY gets to the next level without help from people who are already there.The power of association is SO important in today’s world. We need to find the people who are able to lift us up and ASK them for help in getting what is we have to offer out there! Most people call this "networking," but the difference is that we're going to do it more intentionally.Easier said than done, I know. That’s why in this episode, I interview the co-author of a LEGENDARY book that you have probably, or definitely, heard of. Rich Dad Poor Dad co-author Sharon Lechter joins me on the Dream Cast.I am OVERWHELMED (in a good way) with all of the incredible ideas Sharon shares for getting to that next level! (Whatever that "next level" is for you.) We talk about:How to make your brand “global” through your passions and talentsWhy opening the doors of opportunity involves closing other doorsWhat you have to do first before you can “Play Big” with your personal brandHow to serve rather than sellThere is a formula for success...and it doesn’t have to be complex. It just takes ACTION. Listen to this episode now to see why!
It's SO easy to push a certain thing to the back of mind: our RETIREMENT.Probably because it's such a scary fact for many of us who have a hard time saving for the next month, let alone the last quarter of our lives.To help us approach this hard-to-approach issue, I've invited Jason Parker, the principal behind Parker Financial LLC to advise us on exactly what it takes to have a great retirement.In order to live your dream retirement, you need the funds for freedom. Jason brings his experience as a retirement planning expert to the Dream Cast today to help you prepare for a dream life retirement.Listen to this episode now to hear these tips along with how you can get special access to Jason's exclusive retirement planning tool as a Dream Cast listener!
The amount of gratitude I feel for those of you who have given your personal testimonies is overwhelming...which is why I want to do something a bit different with this episode.You're going to hear the personal testimonies from people who have used my content to improve their lives. This is a gear up to the launch of my latest book: Design Your Dream Life.Design Your Dream Life is a hybrid personal memoir and self-development workbook that is based on all of the lessons and principles behind any success, and not just my own. I created it purposefully to get you over any hump and up to the next level.I didn't do it alone though. There are some incredible people who left feedback that taught me things, including how to make the workbook even better before it's out.I don't want to reveal too much more, so I think it's best if you just listen to this episode and hear what other people have to say, their reactions, and insights after using my content to take action in their lives.Stay tuned for more info about how you can be one of the first to get YOUR hands on the Design Your Dream Life workbook when it launches on May 7th!
So many of us talk about wanting a transformation...but going from wanting to DOING isn't always easy. In fact, for most people just starting out (and well along their journey), taking consistent action is just plain hard!Today I want to introduce you to a woman who has mastered the art of being a finisher. Hint: It's not because it's a skill she was born with or because she was lucky enough to live a life without obstacles.When you think about transformation, I want you to think of it as a shift from THINKING to DOING. The rest of what we think about with transformation (a better physical, mental and spiritual life, more money, more time) only comes when we first transform our habits and actions.Makes sense? Great! Listen to this episode right now with Trina Sette to hear about how to transform into a finisher once and for all with the secret tool she has to teach you!Connect with Trina, your new accountability partner:Go For Goals Accountability Partner Service - -
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