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Desertification Island Discs with Rio

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Desertification Island Discs is a podcast/video series hosted by our CEO, Dan Botterill. The year is 2050. It’s a parallel universe in which we were too ignorant to take the steps required to tackle climate change and global warming...Britain is now a deserted island. The Government has fallen. The cities are wastelands. We live as farmers, gatherers and hunters. You must leave everything behind....apart from 7 records, a box set and a gadget. Dan speaks with our guests about the significance of those items selected to accompany this hypothetical future world in addition to the wider sustainability agenda in current society. It's a very organic conversation about sustainability, music, films, books, things that makes us who we are. You can view the video episodes on our Youtube channel:
9 Episodes
Podcast with Adam Black, Head of ESG at Coller Capital. Talking to Dan Botterill, CEO of Rio, Adam shares his career highlights and most treasured songs, giving us a fascinating insight into his life and work in the sustainability industry.
In lucky number 13, we speak with Robbie Epsom, EMEA Head of ESG for CBRE Investment Management, about transparency, change and constant improvement in the industry, the effects of ESG on the property sector, and the need to think more broadly to achieve the SDGs.You can listen to Robbie's playlist at Apple:
In this episode, we chat with Mandhy Senewiratne, Director of Sustainability and Communications at Fyrefly. Dan and Mandhy discuss the challenges within sustainability in Australia, her background in water and construction, why we all need to lead by example and more. Enjoy!You can listen to Mandhy's playlist here:
In this episode, we chat with Helen Wiggs, the Head of Corporate Climate at ShareAction, a non-profit focused on driving responsible investment. Dan and Helen discuss whether ESG is here to stay, the Investor Decarbonisation Initiative, her journey from investment banking to responsible investment and more. Enjoy!You can listen to Helen's playlist here:
In this episode, we chat with Paul Dickinson, the Founder and Chair of CDP - the world's largest environmental data disclosure system. Dan and Paul discuss the pivotal moments in the rise of sustainability over the past 20 years, the need for stronger policy, how technology and youth are driving climate action, and Paul's eclectic music choices. Enjoy!You can listen to Paul's playlist here:
In this episode, we chat with Carlos Sanchez, who is the Global Environmental Manager at Phillip Morris International (PMI) and the author of Smart Sustainability - his personal blog. Carlos and Dan discuss sustainability in the context of PMI, the issues with ESG ratings, his love of mountain biking and more. Enjoy!Carlo's blog: can listen to Carlos' playlist here:
This episode we chat with Mardi McBrien, Managing Director at the Climate Disclosure Standards Board. Mardi and Dan discuss the consolidation of reporting and standards, whether there is a quick way to become 'ESG-compliant' and the importance of having more women in leadership roles.   You can listen to Mardi's playlist here:
This episode we chat with Dave Carlos, the Managing Director at JustOne UK about everything from environmental justice and greenwashing to fake Christmas traditions and fun nights out in London. You can listen to his playlist here:Apple:
We are back with our podcast series, Desertification Island Discs where we chat with awesome sustainability professionals about their experience in the industry and the songs and gadgets they would take with them into a hypothetical doomed 2050 Britain.This episode we chat with Hannah Phang, Head of Marketing and Advocacy at the change-agency Futerra. Some interesting topics are discussed including sustainable fashion, storytelling, systems thinking, and spirituality!You can listen to Hannah's playlist here: Spotify: version:
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