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In today's episode of Design Party, we dive into the nuances of Figma's Dev mode and explore the benefits of organizing a Figma file efficiently. We discuss the recent changes Figma has made, pushing code inspection behind a paywall, and how this impacts the handoff between designers and developers. Additionally, we share our experiences with Lunacy, praising its potential as a robust design tool. For those interested, we've linked to resources and tools mentioned in the episode: Lunacy, and our favorite weather app, Carrot. Don't forget to check out our newsletter, Design Party Digest, for curated insights and tips in the design world.
In this episode of Design Party, Antonija and Helena dive into the intricacies of Figma's Dev Mode pricing, explore Zeppelin as a valuable alternative, and share their experiences with design critiques. They also touch on moving libraries in Figma and the launch of Superlist. A blend of technical insights and personal anecdotes, this episode is a must-listen for designers and tech enthusiasts alike. Links mentioned Zeplin, an alternative to DevMode: Superlist, a new task management app:
In this episode of Design Party Podcast, our hosts Antonija, Vitali, and Helena delve into several pressing topics in the tech and design industry. They discuss the recent wave of tech layoffs impacting companies like Google and Figma, exploring potential reasons behind this trend. The conversation shifts to Figma's new policy of charging for DevMode, sparking a debate on its impact on developers and the industry's reaction. Alongside, the hosts explore innovative tools including Notion Calendar, Amie's public launch, and the Posts iOS app, highlighting their unique features and how they're shaping workflows and collaboration.
In this episode Helena and Antonija are commenting the dramatic Adobe and Figma divorce. As this is the last episode of the year we are taking some time to chit-chat about 2023.
Join hosts Antonija and Vitali in this episode of Design Party as we delve into the dynamics of the design world. We explore the challenges in the tech industry with a focus on Nokia's strategic missteps, share valuable tips for navigating the complex job market, and discuss the impact of Figma's latest developments on modern design practices.
In this episode of Design Party Podcast, hosts Helena and Antonija dive into the murky waters of dark UX patterns, with a particular focus on Adobe's complex subscription cancellation process. If you're contemplating canceling your Adobe subscription, you'll want to listen closely; the company's user experience design could leave you with unexpected fees. But it's not all cautionary tales; we also shine a light on companies that prioritize user-friendly experiences. For those seeking alternatives to Adobe, we recommend exploring Serif's Affinity suite, Photomator, Pixelmator, and Procreate, which not only offer exceptional user experiences but also come with fair, one-time payment options. NEW: introducing Design Party Digest, a newsletter for designers and internet nerds. Subscribe at ⁠⁠
In this episode, hosts Antonija and Helena dive into the complexities of job hunting, discussing the importance of self-awareness and asking the right questions to find an optimal job fit. They explore the notion that the "perfect" job may not exist but emphasize the value of knowing what you want in a workplace. The conversation then shifts to Figma's new enterprise-level features, examining how these updates cater primarily to large companies and may inadvertently gatekeep freelancers and smaller teams from certain career opportunities. Finally, they spotlight the upcoming "Be More" festival by ADP List, an event that promises to cover a range of relevant topics for designers. Whether you're on the job hunt, interested in design tools, or looking to stay updated with industry events, this episode has something for you. "Be More" festival by ADP List
🎤 Antonija podcasts through her fifth day with Covid. 🎧 The team delves into the unexpected drama of Linus Tech Tips. 📚 Discussion on the journey of a designer's education, from online courses to mentorships. 🤝 Vitali talks about the nuances of interactive psychological safety in workshops. 💡 Helena ponders the allure of hard skills for young designers. 🚴‍♀️ Helena's potential fusion of downhill mountain biking with design insights.
Join Antonija, Vitali, and Helena in this episode as they discuss the latest trends and developments in the design industry. They share their insights on Figma's new features and the potential of its new developer mode, fresh from Figma Config 2023. The hosts also delve into the recent acquisition of Diagram by Figma and its implications for the future of design. They discuss the current state of Figma's animation features and express the need for more advanced tools for enterprise-level projects. Towards the end, they share their vision of organizing a design event with workshops to foster learning and collaboration in the design community. Tune in for an engaging and insightful discussion.
Antonija and Ali discuss the pros and cons of different mentorship platforms, including the importance of finding the right fit for individual learning styles and the potential problem of mentees ghosting their mentors. Antonija and Ali also touch on the stresses and responsibilities of being a designer, including the anxieties that come with the job. Check Ali online! LinkedIn: ⁠⁠  Instagram: ⁠⁠  Posts: ⁠⁠
In this episode of Design Party, the hosts dive into a thought-provoking Twitter discussion about design collaboration and the role of tools like Figma. Antonija, Helena, and Vitali share their perspectives on the topic, highlighting the importance of healthy work environments, effective processes, and open communication. They discuss the impact of micromanagement, the need for better commenting practices, and the challenges faced by designers in today's fast-paced and evolving industry. Join the conversation as they explore how collaboration can be optimized and offer insights on managing burnout in the design field.
In this riveting episode, our hosts dive into the fascinating and sometimes controversial world of AI. They explore the cutting-edge tool Supernormal, a game-changer that transcribes and summarizes video calls, revolutionizing user research. The conversation takes a thrilling turn as they delve into the darker side of AI, highlighting the potential threats of convincing deepfakes and an over-reliance on technology. But it's not all doom and gloom; they end on a high note, buzzing with anticipation about the rumored release of Apple's AR glasses. Tune in for an exhilarating journey into the future of AI! Subscribe to Victor's newsletter Presentable: Find Victor online at
Designer Anxieties Pt. 1

Designer Anxieties Pt. 1


In this episode, Antonija delves into designers' work anxieties by gathering insightful responses from the Posts app. Join Antonija and Vitali as they unpack these candid answers, offering thoughtful commentary on the struggles and pressures designers face in the workplace.
Antonija welcomed a guest this time, Dima, who suggested to chat about simplicity and complexity in context of product design. It's not so simple! Defining what is simple and what is complex requires a lot of context and us two are trying to figure out what this actually means! Check the links mentioned in the episode - Bret Victor talk about the novel interface to understand complex idea
In this episode, Antonija, Helena, and Vitali are chatting about the recent Twitter fiasco involving the firing of Halli, the famous designer from Iceland. As always lately, OpenAI squirmed into our thoughts once again.
In this episode, hosts Antonija Pek and Helena Bukovac discuss the value of customer support in informing and inspiring better user-centered design decisions. They also share their own horror stories where customer support saved the day. Tune in to learn how customer support can provide valuable feedback on user experience, identify pain points, and help designers stay up-to-date on user trends and changing needs. You'll also hear how customer support can collaborate with designers to develop training materials, troubleshoot issues, and track user feedback and sentiment. Join us for an insightful conversation on the importance of customer support in creating a positive brand image and increasing customer loyalty and retention.
In this episode, we're joined by Antonija and Vitali to discuss their views on ChatGPT and generative AI, and the impact it will have on design. One of our guests believes that AI will help us become better designers, while the other thinks that the future of AI could lead to even less demand for designers. Listen in to find out who holds which view, and what it could mean for the future of the design industry. Links mentioned in the episode ChatGPT Dall-E Bing AI WriteSonic Jasper Contentinator FigGPT Diagram - Magician and Genius
In this episode we dive into the world of design tokens and explore the relationship between designers and developers. Join us as we delve into the world of UI/UX and product design and explore the future of collaboration.  -  -ä-erottaa-design-systemin-ja-komponenttikirjaston (in Finnish still)  -
Antonija, Helena and Vitali share their experiences in using music apps and comment their usability, features and everything in between.
Wrapping up 2022

Wrapping up 2022


Finally, we have the magical trio - Helena, Vitali and Antonija gathered for one last episode of 2022. Check Vitali’s design course