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Design World serves design engineers, engineering managers and other professionals in industrial segments including factory automation, robotics, rapid prototyping, semiconductor, material handling, packaging, medical equipment and devices.
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Listen as Dave Woodlock, Market Development Manager at HP’s 3D printing group discusses lessons learned when incorporating 3D printing into your business as a product and as a tool. Notes Woodlock, many assume that what holds 3D printing back in terms of greater implementation is material, hardware, and so on. But what HP has found is that change management is a larger issue that executives must address. Woodloock also takes a look at 3D printing’s benefits to saving time in getting product to market faster, and in how this technology will expand the role of the engineer in design and manufacturing.
In our latest Executive Edition series, Mary Gannon of Design World chats with Festo Didactic's CEO Thomas Lichtenberger, about the organizations successful programs to change the manufacturing landscape in the United States. Festo Didactic provides equipment and solutions for technical education for all areas of technology in factory and process automation, such as pneumatics, hydraulics, electrical engineering, production technology, mechanical engineering, mechatronics, CNC, HVAC and telecommunications. Lichtenberger discusses the Festo's successful Mason, Ohio apprenticeship program and its newest work with The Space Coast Consortium Apprenticeship Program – an industry-driven apprenticeship program led by a group of advanced manufacturing companies operating on the Space Coast. He talks about the future of manufacturing and how Festo's training programs are designed to shape that future.
Ron Hollis Interview

Ron Hollis Interview


Dr. Ronald L Hollis, president and CEO at MFG, discusses new business models to help design engineers find the right suppliers to make their designs, and to help suppliers find design engineers they can help.
Dan Burseth of Eckhart

Dan Burseth of Eckhart


Eckhart Inc. is a leading integrator of advanced automation and Industry 4.0 technologies. As a tool designer and a technology integrator, companies come to Eckhart to find solutions that improve their profitability, safety, and reliability of different manufacturing processes. Dan Burseth, VP at Eckhart, discusses how Eckhart’s expertise can help users of additive manufacturing make the most out of that technology.
3D printed drones

3D printed drones


Sniffer Robotics developed a 3D printed drone-based system that can fly over landfills five times faster than a person can walk them. The drone precisely inspects a typical landfill in a day, seeking fugitive methane gas.
In our latest Technology Tuesdays podcast, Design World's Mary Gannon speaks with ITT Enidine's Dan Kowalik, about the company's entrance into the IoT world with its intelligent shock absorber, the Sentinel 1.
In this Technology Tuesdays podcast, Marissa Tucker of Parker Hannifin chats with Design World’s Lisa Eitel about IEC 61131-3 and the industry’s new programmable automation controllers (PACs). Tucker details how open languages can help design engineers pick the best technologies for their machine builds and other designs; she also explains how basing design choices on standards (not hardware brand) can help experienced engineers be productive faster ... even after switching projects or even organizations. Listen in for: • Reassuring words on the enduring value of (and support for) ladder logic; an explanation of where function blocks improve designs • Details on the benefits of "blended" or hybrid control schemes that leverage the best of the IEC 61131-3 framework • A candid exchange about the supremacy of technical support and lead times. Marissa Tucker is product marketing manager of controls and HMIs at Parker Hannifin. She’s a mechanical engineer with a background in product development and product management; among other things for Parker Hannifin, Tucker develops and leads product training and seminars for internal and external sales teams.
The founders of Tucson based SafKan, brothers Sahil and Aadil Diwan, designed and developed the first automated ear-cleaning device, OtoSet, for clinical use. OtoSet looks like a pair of headphones, but it can professionally clean a patient’s ear in just 35 seconds.
We kick off the new year of Design World's Executive Edition with Tom Kelly, Executive Director and CEO of Automation Alley. Over the past two years, Tom has been the driving force behind Automation Alley's transformation into Michigan's Industry 4.0 Knowledge Center and is a nationally and globally recognized expert on the smart manufacturing revolution and its impact on business. Today, we talk with Tom about how Automation Alley is helping manufacturers embrace Industry 4.0 and the changes that come with it.
A Minneapolis-based startup, Sprowt Labs, has developed a “personal malt-house” for those who enjoy home brewing beer. Part of the build involved using injection molding to create a humidifier box for the Acro. Sprowt Labs worked with Protolabs on the development of the humidifier box.
Design World's VP, Editorial Director Paul J. Heney chats with Bradford L. Goldense, one of the 18 judges for this year's inaugural LEAP Awards. Goldense discusses the challenges of such an immense undertaking, as well as some of the technology that most impressed him.
In this episode of Design World's executive edition, we are joined by Nitin Mathur, TE Connectivity's chief digital and e-business officer. With its official launch in September, the new TE store is offering thousands of its products to users in the United States. Mathur highlights how TE plans to use this concept along with online design as an incubator for ideas of engineers and inventors.
Design World's VP, Editorial Director Paul J. Heney speaks with Adam Livesay, the Chief Revenue Officer for Elevat-IoT about his company's work on the Internet of Things in the fluid power space, including some fascinating applications.
Steve Gosk, President and CEO of Fischer Connectors, talks about the future of connectivity.
Design World's VP, Editorial Director Paul J. Heney speaks with Adaptall's General Manager, Mike Rennie, about the fittings business and the industry as it moves into 2019.
John Kawola, president of Ultimaker North America discusses the role 3D printing can have in manufacturing.



Driven by a successful Kickstarter campaign, Boulder, Colorado-based, connected-musical applications company Specdrums had a challenge on its hands. With orders in the queue, the growing company needed production help – they needed it fast, and in a manner that could scale for future growth. The company’s success is due to its game-changing innovation that brings drumming to your fingertips, literally.
In this issue of Executive Edition, Greg Paulsen, director of applications engineering at Xometry, discusses additive manufacturing and service providers.
The BattleBots competition has become a popular entertainment. But it is also an opportunity for engineers to hone their fast design practices and study failure analysis. One of the more recent winners of the BattleBots is Hal Rucker, an engineer designer, builder, and co-driver, most notably of DUCK. DUCK won in Season 3 of the show.
Design World's Vice President, Editorial Director Paul J. Heney speaks with Orange Seal's COO, Gordon Kolasingh about the company, the fluid power market in his native Caribbean region, and how the coming year is looking for this broker.
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Michael Lilley

this is my first podcast from Design World. Great topic, and great conversation. Can you put some cloth on the walls? It sounds like you're talking in a bowl.

Jan 17th

Harvey Singh

Great topics but not so great audio control. The variants in sound volume is roughly 10 to 20% at the start and end of every episode.

Oct 21st
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