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Dev Raga is a Melbourne (Australia) based podcaster who discusses common financial topics. This ranges from saving, investing, debt reduction, personal insurance and many more topics. He also gets really geeky about finance sometimes!

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It's my first episode back from holidays and I am refreshed. Let's talk financial derivatives, pros and cons and risks. There are 4 main types of financial derivatives we discuss in this episode.
In this episode we discuss lessons from the past gfc1.0. We discuss strategies to prevent your personal finances to take a hit from the next recessions. recessions are inevitable but you can take steps to minimise risks.
in this episode we discuss the concept of planning for your holidays and how its important to correlate this with retirement - the biggest holiday of your life. The main topic is gold, how it's related to market volatility, currency, and it's pros and cons as an investment.
In this episode we discuss about bonds, it's components and how the interest rate situation changes a bond price. Meanwhile I briefly discuss how to handle gross income for sole traders.
In this episode we will revisit some basic budgeting strategies. The main topic is cash flow followed by profit and line of credit.
In this episode we discuss about SMSFs and see the pros and cons. We also revisit debt repayment strategies.
In this episode we discuss asset allocation, diversification and rebalancing. all of these are vital concepts to master.
In this episode we discuss the financial concepts of leverage and margin and how they differ. we also discuss why it's not a good idea to just have large amounts of cash in the bank.
In this episode we discuss the main differences between risk and volatility. We also discuss why volatility can be your friend and how best to take advantage of it in the long-term
Let's been a year since I started podcasting about personal finance principles and concepts. Thanks for the support. Let's summarise what we have learnt so far!
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hi Dev, I have a question about VAS versus ETFs. You have mentioned there is no brokerage fee for investing in vas shares. however, I have set up trading account with bank and reguarly charged about 20$ everytime I buy VAS shares (Vanguard asx 300). Am I doing something wrong here??

Oct 3rd


Hi Dev, thank you for these amazing podcasts! i am a bit confused between Vanguard asx 300 versus S&P 200 ... whats the difference? should one invest in both or either of them? and which one then? thanks

Oct 1st
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Shivanand Sheth

Fantastic Podcast. Learnt and understood a lot!

Sep 15th
Reply (1)

Surbhi malhotra

Hi Dev really enjoying listening to your podcasts - mine of knowledge! I was wondering if u could help answer a question on investment bonds vs ETF vs index funds. I am in it for the long term but on a high marginal tax rate. The 10 year rule seems attractive to me for investment bond as it suggests no tax after ten years. Does this mean that after ten years no tax is paid ( internal tax of 30%) vs ETF which would be taxed continually after ten years although at a discounted rate of 23% in my case. I understand fees etc in all but it’s trying to save on tax !

Aug 26th
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LudmilaFreitas LeandroPadua

hi Raga, love the podcasts! which super fund do you use?

Aug 20th
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K Chan

Hey Raga, Enjoying your podcasts so far, starting from the beginning. How can we use credit cards to our advantage? I know you say to avoid them but if we accumulate points while paying off the cards every month, I can't see a negative from doing so. Could you do a talk on that? Thanks.

Jul 28th
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Dilshan Mendis

Interest lost to the government would be an average of 1.5% not 3%, because income is paid fortnightly.

Jul 26th

Nadun Rubasinghe


Jul 18th

Ronald Michael

hey Dev, love the podcasts. I have learnt a lot from this If anyone were to contact you for some info, How can one reach you?

Jul 1st
Reply (25)

Nadun Rubasinghe


Jun 29th

AzA Jay

Hey Dev, love the series. Keep it up. I've been hearing a lot about REITs, mainly on American pages. Could you do an episode explaining what they are and whether there are good Aussie options for them

Jun 17th
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Abed Azizi

Would you not have to pay tax on your dividends which is gonna half them if your on the highest tax bracket?

May 5th
Reply (1)

Abed Azizi

I have a question about debt recycle

May 5th
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Daniel Luu

Hi Raga, really enjoying your podcast! Just had a quick question, in this episode at 9.40 you talked about if for e.g. you had non-deductible loan at 5-6% it would equate to about 7-8% after tax return? Could you explain to me how you calculated this? Do you mean before tax return? Thanks!

Sep 5th
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Dev Raga

thanks raghu. much appreciated. planning more episodes.

Jul 27th


Good job Dev. very informative indeed. keep up the good work. Regards, Raghu

Jul 27th
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