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DevRelChat is a Developer Relations Chat delivered in Audio & Video formats with leading industry specialists from around the world for the community. From Shodipo Ayomide #DevRelChat
6 Episodes
In this episode, I spoke with Maya Shavin who is a Senior Frontend Engineer at Cloudinary and you might be wondering why we had someone who is not DevRel, well it's all in the video :) Maya covered what she know's Developer Advocates to do and how Developer Advocates can improve over time. Senior Frontend Engineer at Cloudinary - Maya Shavin {@mayashavin}
In this episode, I spoke with Prosper Otemuyiwa who is the Co-Founder & CTO at EdenLife, who also has quite a number of years experience as a developer advocate & building large scale communities in Africa. Co-Founder & CTO at EdenLife - Prosper Otemuyiwa {@unicodeveloper}
In this episode, Jen who is leading a Developer Advocate Team at Microsoft covers how Developer Advocacy works at Microsoft and the departments in Mircorosft and their responsibilities from Startup focused to developer-focused advocates
In this episode, Cassidy who is a Principal Developer Experience Engineer covers how Developer Experience works at Netlify and the goal as a Developer Advocacy department in a company. 
In this episode, Doron who is the Vice President of Evangelism at Cloudinary covers the structure of Developer Advocacy and possible improvements in Developer Advocacy.
In this episode, Aniedi who is a Program Manager at Google covers how Developer Advocacy works at Google and the true meaning of Developer Advocacy.
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