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The DeviceTalks Weekly Podcast series delivers news, insights and commentary from Medtech industry leaders. Our podcasts will inspire medtech professionals to create better medtech devices and companies.
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Less than a year into his role as CEO, Geoff Martha and the Medtronic leadership has overseen a significant overhaul of medtech’s largest player. In our closing keynote conversation, Martha says the company is clearing minor COVID-19 bump and sees open road for the company to continue to grab share from competitors. Martha details what products are gaining the most traction while also identifying those that still have some ground to gain. We also discuss: - When it may bring its renal denervation project to the FDA - Why the surgical robotic Hugo system will be worth the wait (and why development has taken more than a decade) - Whether or not Medtronic will collaborate more with private equity firms, early-stage incubators and maybe even SPACs? - What will the company’s acquisition strategy look like in 2021. And why. - Why the price-cutting for drug-eluting stents may represent an opportunity for Medtronic’s more innovative products. Opening our episode is an important interview with Duke Rohlen, CEO of Ajax Health. Rohlen, a company builder who has generated more than a $1 billion in selling his companies to larger strategics, explains how his work with KKR creates more fertile opportunity for innovative medtech start-ups. Rohlen introduces us to Zeus Health, a new KKR-partnership that will be used to give medtech start-up CEOs the capital – and options – they need to build the next generation of innovative medtech products. Rohlen also breaks down the three critical stages of start-up development. Chris Newmarker, executive editor of Life Sciences, delivers his #NewmarkersNewsmakers. Topping the list is Asensus, the recently renamed Transenterix followed by Becton Dickinson announcing a new deal with Scanwell, former Verb CEO Scott Huennekens leading a new SPAC, Abiomed CEO Michael Minogue leading AdvaMed and PavidMed spinning of a subsidiary, Lucid Medical. Paul Heney of Design World, a sister publication to MassDevice, also invites medtech engineers to submit their best work to the R&D 100 contest for most innovative creations. Find out more at
Inspire Medical CEO Tim Herbert never set out to be a CEO. Yet, he spun a promising #sleepapnea technology out of Medtronic. He then assembled a team that helps hard-to-treat apnea patients live healthier lives through better sleep. Oh, and the electrical engineer turned startup-CEO took the medtech public in 2018. Listen to this episode to hear how Inspire management worked with the FDA, payers and public investor to build a burgeoning neuromed giant. We also talk to Rob Bodor, the incoming CEO at Protolabs. Bodor succeeds the highly successful Vicki Holt who built the manufacturing company into an acquisitive powerhouse. Bodor shares what's next for the company. Co-costs Chris Newmarker, executive editor of life sciences at MassDevice, unveils this week's Newmarker's Newsmakers featuring news from Thermo Fisher Scientific, Mainstay Medical, Theranos, Butterfly Networks and Zimmer Biomet's Newco. Subscribe today on your major podcast apps - Apple, Amazon, Spotify.
Please lift this jam-packed episode with your legs, not your back. *We'll hear inspirational words from the legendary Dean Kamen who is shifting his life’s focus into medtech. *Todd Pope takes the CEO seat at a new company built to tackle hospital-acquired-infections and COVID *Joe Mullings of the Mullings Group explains why now is the best time to be in the Medtech industry. Chris Newmarker, executive editor of life sciences, delivers a murderers row of #newmarkersnewsmakers with Philips, Medtronic, iRyhthm, Canary Medical and Apollo Endosurgery. To hear Dean Kamen's entire interview with my Design World colleague Paul Heney go here. It's free and outstanding! Thanks for subscribing!
In this week’s episode learn how Greg Lucier, executive chairman of Corza Medical, intends to use his experience and GTCR's capital to build a surgical supply company that he says will challenge medtech's (almost) monopolies. Corza's strategy rests upon customization, a high level of digitalization and customer service. Lucier also explains how working on the railroads led to his joining the medtech industry. Chris Newmarker, executive editor of life science, interviews Rich Newitter, Managing Director, Medical Supplies and Devices, about Zimmer Biomet’s decision to spin off its dental and spinal business into a new company. Newitter also explains how Zimmer Biomet is grabbing share in the orthopedic space and building an enviable portfolio of digital sensors and systems. Zimmer Biomet and Corza Medical led this week’s Newmarkers Newsmakers, but we also hear news about Philips, CooperSurgical, Aegea, 3M, Abbott as well of mentions of Medtronic, Boston Scientific and others. Subscribe now on your favorite podcast player!
In this episode of the DeviceTalks Weekly Podcast, Angelique Johnson, CEO of MEMstim, shares her “accidental entrepreneur” story and how it has enabled her the help others pursuing the same dream. Johnson, co-founder of MedtechColor, an organization seeking to further the advancement of people of color in the medical device industry, details the groups goals and invites entrepreneurs of color to apply for the group’s Pitch Contest. The deadline is Feb. 5. Go to for more information. Truist Security Managing Director Kaila Krum answers questions about medtech’s Q4 performance, diving deeper on Stryker and other companies. Krum also shares details on a survey conducted by the research team that sought to answer the question – when will hospitals start seeing elective patients again. Pharma Editor Brian Buntz returns to the podcast to tell his story of his 10 days wearing a continuous glucose monitor from Dexcom. Buntz wrote about the experience here, but he shares more details on the podcast. Finally, Chris Newmarker, executive editor of life sciences, delivers his #newmarkersnewsmakers featuring Titan, Mylan, Zimmer Biomet, and Butterfly.
The pandemic has accelerated innovation in many ways but the physical pressures on entrepreneurs, innovators and engineers is very real. In this episode of the DeviceTalks Weekly Podcast, a panel representing early-stage and tech transfer efforts explain how they're helping individuals and young companies work through the unique challenges of the time, including: *Finding capital *Working with corporates *Understanding opportunities in a changing healthcare market *Are there silver linings Guests include Jennifer McCaney, PhD,,co-executive director, UCLA Biodesign Jackie Mejia, PhD, director, gBeta Medtech Scott Morley, director, office of economic partnerships, University of Pittsburgh This conversation is a condensed version of our Jan. 19 DeviceTalks Tuesday. Go to to watch the entire presentation. Co-host Chris Newmarker, executive editor of MassDevice, also shares his top 5 stories of the week, aka, NewmarkersNewsmakers. The big news belongs to DePuy, Philips, Boston Scientific, Transenterix and President Biden.
This week we’ll dig deep into digital surgery, robotics and the power of THE CLOUD. In our opening keynote conversation, Mark Toland, CEO of Medical Micro Instruments, explains why the company’s microsurgical robot has a chance to be in most hospitals. The company has CE Mark, a controlled commercial roll out and plans to knock in the FDA’s door sometime in 2022 where it will face huge competition (or, we think, potential acquirers if history holds out.) Watch the cool CNBC video here. Next, we talk with Scott “Go Go Go” Huennekens, employee number 1 at the former Verb Surgical, about the state of digital medtech. Huennekens, who previously led and sold Volcano Corp., explains why you can no longer have the latter without the former. Kal Patel, CEO of BrightInsight, explains why medtech must follow a different path – with equally unique challenges – to fully enjoy the power of digital connection. Danielle Kirsh, senior editor of Mass Device, drops by to bring us up to date at two cool devices presented at CES 2001. You can read about Omron and here. Finally, Co-hosts Tom Salemi and Chris Newmarker walk through this week’s #NewmarkersNewsmakers featuring news from Abbott, Steris, Cantel and Theranos.
Dr. Robert Kowal, CMO of Medtronic’s cardiac rhythm and heart failure business and vice president of medical affairs, explains how new tech, savvy patients, eager physicians and, yes, COVID-19, has fueled a renaissance for remote technology, once seen as a mature, staid business. Dr. Kowal also shares an amazing story of a patient who may owe his life to a timely conversation between his pacemaker and cellphone. Jon Norris, managing director of healthcare at Silicon Valley Bank, delivers three big takeaways from his report on 2020 fundraising. Medtech venture capitalists and start-ups didn’t let the lockdown slow their fund-raising efforts, and their efforts were buoyed by surprising strong exiting opportunities through IPOs and M&A. Co-hosts Chris Newmarker and Tom Salemi review the medtech industry’s response to the riot and occupation of the Capitol building. This week’s #NewmarkersNewsmakers includes news from Smith & Nephew, Stryker, and the disappearing Haven.
Happy Vaccine Week! This week, we’ll visit with the medtech professionals who are working to get the vaccines into the right hands – and arms – of the people who need it most. This week’s guests include • Elizabeth Woody, Senior Vice President, Public Affairs at BD • Claudia Roa, Vice President Life Science & Healthcare Sector, Americas Global Customer Solutions at DHL • Eric Eskioğlu, MD, EVP & Chief Medical Officer, Novant Health Co-hosts Tom Salemi and Chris Newmarker welcome Brian Buntz, medtech pro and now pharma editor at WTWH Media, for a recap of the top 10 #newmarkersnewsmakers of 2020. We also look ahead to 2021 offering our Big, Bold Predictions for the New Year. (And someone offers to pick up the first round of drinks at DeviceTalks Boston in October…well, sort of.) This is the final episode of the DeviceTalks Weekly Podcast for 2020! Thanks to the tens of thousands (yep, really) people who have joined us on this audio journey. We’ll be back in January with a new DeviceTalks Weekly Podcast. Subscribe now so you don’t miss it!
The past year of pandemic, social unrest and a divisive election - provided a crash course in crisis management for CEOs. In this week’s DeviceTalks Weekly Podcast, Kevin Lobo, the CEO of Stryker, explains how he led his company through this difficult year. His recipe for success is long, but it includes priorities, communication and listening. Lobo also is serving his final year as chairman of AdvaMed. He shares how that experience gave him an even better appreciation of the medtech industry, which he says got treated unfairly at times but still came through with high grades. Joining us for the first time as a co-host is Nancy Crotti, managing editor of Medical Design and Outsourcing. She’ll talk about the upcoming leadership issue. Meanwhile, Sean Whooley, assistant editor of MassDevice, will share the five big news items of the week aka #NewmarkersNewsmakers. This week’s news comes from Quest, Pfizer, Boston Scientific and Medtronic. And we'll learn which co-host had a steak cooked for them by a future president of the United States. Subscribe today on all your podcast players!
In this episode of the DeviceTalks Weekly Podcast, Medtronic CEO Geoff Martha brings us on the inside of Medtronic’s ongoing reorganization. Martha explains how the new company will be structured to work with outside vendors. (Hint: more autonomy, not total autonomy.) He also explains why the company’s push to instill more competitive juice is aligned with its overarching mission of innovation. Martha also discussed his long path to medtech and Medtronic. How he first met Omar Ishrak and why institutions like Medtronic and other medtech companies need to step up on a social scale. This week, Dave Franchino, president of Delve, explains how the company is adapting innovation to fit the pandemic. (And suggests if you’re not finding opportunities to innovate, you’re simply not looking hard enough.) But there is no DeviceTalks party without Chris Newmarker, executive editor of MassDevice, who shares this episode’s Newmarker Newsmakers. Companies covered include Medtronic, Vectorious Medical Technologies, GE Healthcare, Stryker and Butterfly Network. Subscribe today you major podcast platforms!
DeviceTalks Weekly listeners will need some gravy to digest this Thanksgiving feast-sized podcast featuring news and insights from three stellar guests in addition to two new installments of #2minutedetalks chapters from Delve Inc. and Explorer Surgical. This week we visit with… Mark Leahey, president of the Medical Device Manufacturers Association, who explains where medtech might fits in this evolving political climate. Spencer Stiles, group president of orthopaedic and spine at Stryker, who shares details on the Wright acquisition and the secret to the success of placing MAKO surgical robots in hospitals Art Collins, senior advisor to Explorer Surgical. The former Chairman and CEO discusses leadership, Medtronic and the future for startups like Explorer. Also co-host Chris Newmarker, executive editor of MassDevice, shares his selections for this week’s #newmarkersnewsmakers which includes news from BD, Boston Scientific and Johnson & Johnson.
This week’s DeviceTalks Weekly Podcast examines medtech’s readiness for the next COVID-19 surge. Hospitals are ready, but their appetite for expensive medical devices has changed, forcing medtech companies to change how they sell or lose out entirely. Justin Cassidy and Henry Soch of Vizient reveal why hospital executives are forced to divert funds away from new devices. They also explain how the power structure in capital purchases is shifting away from technology committees, creating a new challenge for medtech sales teams. Kaila Krum, managing director of Truist Securities, explains how companies like Stryker, Zimmer Biomet and Globus are successfully putting units in hospitals. She confirms medtech companies are being forced to evolve the way they work with hospitals. In the 2-minute-DeTalks, product development leader, podcast and president of Delve Dave Franchino joins us in a 2minute-detalks to explain how the company helps clients find the best solution to vexing problem. ( Explorer Surgical CEO Jennifer Fried makes the case for how her innovative start-ups tech company’s will not only connect surgeons with remote sales reps but also giving a broader view of how successful teams function. Chris Newmarker, executive editor of MassDevice, reveals his #NewmarkersNewsmakers highlighting contributions by Abbott, Stryker, Joe Biden, and EU-MDR.
In this episode of the DeviceTalks Weekly Podcast, we’ll talk with Intuitive Surgical's Julian Nikolchev, senior vice president, corporate development and strategy and Oliver Keown, MD, director of Intuitive Ventures, about the new $100 million venture fund. How will the capital be invested? Where does Intuitive see the opportunity, and how does the program fit into the robotic surgical company’s broader mandate to expand the profile of its product offerings? In our opening keynote, Neal Moat, MD, chief medical officer of Abbott’s structural heart business, talks about the success of the MitraClip and the impact COVID-19 is having on patients and Abbott personnel. Chris Newmarker, executive editor of MassDevice, will roll out his Newmarker’s Newsmakers including news about Abbott, Masimo and Stryker. Sean Whooley, assistant editor, will also give an earning wrap on the show highlighting interesting reports from Inspire Medical, Hologic, Stryker and Coloplast. DeviceTalks listeners are also invited to nominate their own Newmarker's Newsmakers of 2020. Use this online ballot to make your suggestions. We'll send out a ballot of the finalists later this month. Go to to vote! Subscribe today to receive future podcasts!
In this week’s episode of DeviceTalks Weekly the editorial team from MassDevice reviews the Medical Design & Outsourcing’s Women in Medtech issue bringing you insights through interviews with Katie Syzman, corporate VP and the GM of critical care at Edwards Lifesciences, Naomi Murray, Stryker’s director of advanced operations, and Patty Post, CEO of Startup Checkable Medical. Szyman will share Edwards’ view of artificial intelligence. Murray will share her future vision on additive manufacturing while Post will reveal the lessons learned in her first post as startup CEO of a diagnostic company. In our closing keynote conversation, Vijay Kumar, managing director at Evercore ISI, will explain why Exact Science’s acquisition of liquid biopsy company wasn’t exactly a surprise (though the $2 billion pricetag might have been.) He also assesses Boston Scientific’s COVID-19 comeback. What does the rise in cases mean for the company and the rest of medtech? Chris Newmarker, executive editor of life sciences, delivers this week’s Newmarker’s Newsmakers which highlights reports on Abbott, Baxter, Intuitive Surgical and Siemens. Senior Editor Danielle Kirsh also is on hand to talk through MassDevice Big 100 report. Assistant editor Sean Whooley also joins the conversation.
In this week’s DeviceTalks Weekly podcast, we visit with Chris Landon, senior vice president and business leader of image guided therapy devices at Philips about that company’s plans to build a medtech powerhouse. In this conversation we’ll learn -Why Landon left Medtronic -Where Philips fits into medtech’s future -How Philips hopes to expand -Will Philips invest directly in start-ups? -How did Covid-19 impact Philips? We’ll also get Landon’s stance on pumpkin sausages. Disgusting or delicious? We also welcome back Chris Newmarker, executive editor of Mass Device, who delivers his Newmarker's Newsmakers including news from GE Healthcare, Merit Medical, Pharma, Eurofins (Paris:ERF.PA) and DxTerity Diagnostics and the FDA Subscribe today on your podcast apps!
In this week’s DeviceTalks Weekly podcast, we’ll first delve into Medtech’s own brewing Supreme Court battle. In our opening keynote address sponsored by Medical Design and Outsourcing, J. Michael Jakes, a partner at Finnegan, will tell us why the industry should be watching when the Supremes review the latest patent battle between Arthrex and Smith & Nephew. We’ll also talk about Medtronic’s Analyst Meeting where CEO Geoff Martha and the team rolled out its decentralization plan that calls for the creation of 20 semi-independent business units. Kaila Krum, managing director at Truist Securities, returns to break down the highlight of the meetings including pipelines and partnership with The Foundry, Amazon and others. Sean Whooley, assistant editor at Mass Device, pinch hosts for the vacationing Chris Newmarker and delivered with a rock solid #newmarkersnewsmakers that includes news from Abbott, Arthrex, Smith & Nephew, GE, and, of course, Medtronic.
In this week’s DeviceTalks Weekly Podcast, our opening and closing keynote interviews focus on executives at companies from very different stages. MANUFACTURING AND SOURCING: Skip Kiil took the helm of Smith + Nephew’s global orthopedics business to transform the business. The company’s recent acquisition of Integra’s extremities will further that mission. In our closing keynote conversation, the president of orthopedics updates us on the new technologies and tools that Smith + Nephew is rolling out to help orthopedic patients. Kiil will hit upon Smith + Nephew’s: • CORI Robotics surgical tools • Real Intelligence platform • Interest in Ambulatory Surgery Centers •  Balance of OUS vs. US •  Future plans for extremities INNOVATION AND FINANCE: Start-up Rhaeos took home this year’s Grand Prize from the Medtech Innovator Global Competition at the Virtual Medtech Conference. In our 0pening keynote, CEO Anna Lisa Somera tells us why she went “all in” on developing a hydrocephalus wearable device that can help this suffering patient population. Somera will discuss • Winning the Global Competition • The power of Rhaeous’ wearable technology • Medtech’s ability to help long suffering patients • The start-up’s fundraising plans. Co-hosts Tom Salemi and Chris Newmarker will also review this week’s biggest stories on MassDevice including former Medtronic CEO Omar Ishrak’s legacy, current Medtronic CEO Geoff Martha’s optimism, and Avail Medsystem’s $100 million plans to grow procedural telemedicine.
In a double dose of New Tools and Technology interviews, co-host Tom Salemi talks with two companies using connective technology to build out innovative service businesses.  Medtech veteran Daniel Hawkins, CEO of Avail Medsystems, creator of a procedural telemedicine system that can open up the operating room for sales reps and surgical experts. Hawkins explains how Avail will provide the equipment to hospitals for free while creating new channels for medical device companies to advise surgeons in the operating room. You can learn more about Avail’s approach on our upcoming DeviceTalks Tuesday episode on Oct. 6.  In our opening interview, Ira Bahr, COO of AliveCor, explains how the company’s AI-enabled, consumer EKG device, KardiaMobile 6L, is connecting heart patient with their physicians. The company is selling the device for patient monitoring both in home and clinical trial settings. How will tech like this open the the clinical trial market. Also, learn how AliveCor is shifting into more of a service company. Meanwhile, co-cost Chris Newmarker, executive editor of life sciences at MassDevice, is off the the races with his #NewmarkersNewsmakers which includes BD, Boston Scientific, Coloplast, Medtronic and Smith+Nephew.
Medtech People: In this week’s DeviceTalks Weekly Podcast, we’ll talk about overcoming unfairness and inequity. In our keynote interview, Boston Scientific’s Camille Chang Gilmore, vice president, human resources, global chief diversity officer, and Michael Jaff, MD, CMO of its peripheral vascular group, reintroduce us to the company’s Close the Gap program. Launched in 2006, Close the Gap seeks to address the lack of care being delivered to underserved populations, including people of color and people earning lower incomes. The two Boston Science executives will explain why Close the Gap is more essential than ever, and what we as an industry need to do to bring equality to care. Go to for more information. In our first interview, Jeff Karp, MD, a prolific inventor and entrepreneur, shares his early challenges as a child when a learning difference limited his performance in school. After hearing some stern advice from teachers, Karp identified the problem and explained how overcoming his challenges gave him the ability to see innovative ways to solve problems. Go to to see the rest of the Device Talks Tuesday interview from Sept. 22. And, of course, Chris Newmarker, executive editor of MassDevice, runs us through Newmarker’s Newsmakers, the top 5 performing articles on MassDevice. Subjects include Boston Scientific, Farapulse, the FDA, and NanoVibronix. GUESTS:  Camille Chang Gilmore, vice president, human resources and global chief diversity officer, Boston Scientific  Michael Jaff, MD, vice president, CMO, Boston Scientific, peripheral vascular group  Jeff Karp, MD, professor of medicine, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School HOSTS  Chris Newmarker, executive editor, life sciences, WTWH Media  Tom Salemi, editorial director, DeviceTalks
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