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Dharma talks by Josh Korda on the Bowery, NYC and at Greenpoint, Brooklyn. If you would like to support Josh's teachings please consider donating via the paypal button on the sidebar
567 Episodes
Talk on zoom April 7, 2020. If you can support my Buddhist pastoral work in New York, please use the paypal button to the right or Venmo: dharmapunxnyc. Thank you!
Talk given on zoom March 29, 2020. If you'd like to support my Buddhist pastoral work in New York, please use the paypal button to the right or Venmo: dharmapunxnyc. Thank you!
live talk from march 9, before we closed down live meetings due to the coronavirus outbreak.
Please consider supporting the teacher, whose teachings are entirely sustained by donations. Thanks!
Talk and guided meditation on the beneficial practices and outcomes of mortality awareness.
Talk and guided meditation covering both modern and ancient perspectives into the ‘ironic process’ that makes certain thoughts so sticky and repetitive, and how to stem the flow of such obsessive ideations. Please consider supporting the teacher, whose teachings are entirely sustained by donations. Thanks!
A dharma talk on the theories behind and practices employed in developing interacting skillfully in relationships. Please consider supporting the teachings, thanks!
In secure attachment and love, a relationship is flexible, balancing times of deep intimacy and attunement, with times where partners can be separate without preoccupied anxiety over the moods and impulses of their partner; each partner has a healthy sense of self and supportive friends outside of their core relationship; in co-dependency, the bond is often rooted in feelings insecurity, a damaged sense of self, inflexibility and separation anxiety. This episode dives into the distinctions, then leads to a meditation that explores some of the talk's tehems.
Dharma talk and guided meditation on the theme.
Talk given at our annual New Year's Eve Event in Brooklyn NYC, Dec 31, 2019. Recording includes the 2,500 year old refuges and precepts chant in english.
Talk on how physiological states associated with early relational events influence our choices and behaviors in adult attachments and friendships, as well as ways to change our attachment patterns. Guided visualization follows exploring the theme.Please consider supporting the teacher by making a donation.
Object constancy is not just the ability to believe that core relationships are stable despite conflicts, but also the ability to internalize the soothing attributes of a secure attachment figure. In this talk will discuss how the mind can create agents as compensations during times of isolation and loneliness; we'll employ the early Buddhist practice of devanusati, or conjuring the felt sense of protective entities.Please consider contributing to support the teacher, whose work is offered freely and entirely sustained by the donations.
33 minute talk exploring some physiological and psychological perspectives, along with classic contemplative and mindfulness tools to alleviate chronic stress. All teachings offered freely, the teacher is supported by your donations. Thanks!
Talk and guided meditation on the theme.In the 2,500 year old tradition of dana, these teachings are offered without charge and are entirely supported by the generosity of the those who find them to be of value. Thank you for your support.
Talk and guided meditation about Transpersonal Psychology integrated the spiritual and transcendent aspects of buddhist practice within the framework of therapy.Please support the teacher's work by donating—thanks for your kindness! j
Although our sense of is that we inhabit a singular, unified self that changes little across time, in fact all humans experience a wide multiplicity of self-states, ie traits, capabilities, perceptions and behaviors that differ from one situation to the next. This talk explores the origins of self-states and how to gain a greater sense of self-acceptance through connecting with these states in meditation practice.Please consider supporting the teachings by making a donation.Thanks! J
Dharma talk on the difference between inevitable pain and avoidable suffering, along with a guided meditation on the theme.Please consider supporting the teachings by making a donation. Thanks! J
An overview of attachment patterns in adults, followed by a review of ways to address damaging relational issues.Please consider donating to support the teacher, as my work is entirely sustained by donations.
The mindfulness of mortality, Maraṇasati in Pali, is a 2,500 year old Buddhist meditation that provides a manner in which we can usefully and serenly contemplate the inevitabilities of old age, sickness, death and loss; the practice employs these reflections to discern our most authentic purpose in life, condusive to establishing one's highest sense of self-worth.
Dharma talk on a variety tools to emotionally regulate angry, depressed, triggered, shut down individuals. Meditation follows that explores some of the talk's themes.Please consider supporting the teachings by making a donation. Thanks! J
Comments (4)

Valerie B

this is one of the most realistic and easy to understand explanations of attachment I've ever heard. I'm a mix of anxious and disorganized. Anxious because of my mom, disorganized because of an alcoholic father.

Nov 13th
Reply (1)


Excellent, eye opening episode. thank you for this

Feb 22nd

Liz Ranahan

EXACTLY what I needed today!! Thank you!!!

May 7th
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