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Dice Tower: Showdown!

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In this show, moderator Tom Vasel hosts various gaming enthusiasts - which could be YOU - to debate over various topics in the board game world.
40 Episodes
In this episode, participants battle to determine which is the better game....King of Tokyo or King of New York. Host Bill Corey is joined by Joel, Daniel, Kevin and Tim.  Which game comes out victorious?  Listen to find out.
This episode pits two Ted Alspach games against each other.  Bill Cory moderates Kevin and Jimmy arguing in favor Mad King Ludwig and Dave and Michael arguing in favor of Suburbia.  Listen to find out which game comes out on top!
In this episode, panelists argue which game is better....San Juan or it's counterpart Race for the Galaxy.  Host Bill Corey is joined by Damian, Patrick, Suzanne and Dustin.  Which team had the better argument?  Listen to find out!
In this Episode, the guests have the greatest debate ever.  Cosmic Encounter or Nothing Personal, which one is truly greater?  Sean and Reuven represent Nothing Personal and Victor and Kevin represent Cosmic Encounter.  Which team is victorious?  Listen and make your decision!
In this episode, Bill is joined by Isaac and Tomer who argue in favor of Kemet.  They debate Mitchell and Andrew who believe Cyclades is better.  Which is the better game?  Listen to find out.
Listen to the conversation that happens when the Showdown isn't recording.  Bill, Kevin, and Reuven are joined by Sean and Dave in this episode.  The gang talks about Dice Masters and Tzolk'in amongst other things.
In this show, Bill is joined by some of the biggest fans of the Dice Masters game from Wizkids - Eric, Dave, and Damian.  They discuss why the game is popular, the good and bad about it, and more!
In this show, Bill is joined by Suzanne, Ben, and Reuven to talk about solo games.  When there is no one else to game with, what's it like to game by yourself? 
In this show, Bill talks about the difficulties and pitfalls of teaching rules, and gives some examples and ways to teach games better.  He is joined in this round table discussion by Eric, Tomer, and Tim!
This time, Bill is joined by Tim, Patrick, and Damion take a look at how, why, and how often you should log your games played.
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