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Did I Stutter?? with Drew Lynch
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Did I Stutter?? with Drew Lynch

Author: Drew Lynch

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Comedian Drew Lynch talks about what's bothering him.
51 Episodes
In this episode, Drew shares that he got COVID (and is okay!) but sadly had to cancel West Palm Beach shows this weekend. He also discusses what the movie Home Alone is really about.
It's Episode 50! In this episode, Drew reminisces about Walker, Texas Ranger and responds to a tweet about his recent stand-up show. 
Drew talks about his favorite thing ever: politics! He also opens up about a disturbing incident that happened with his girlfriend at one of his shows. 
In this episode, Drew discusses a not-so-great impression he left on someone while at a show, an insane game his girlfriend plays, introverts vs. extroverts, and the most amazing Uber driver he's ever met. 
It's a podcast quickie. Drew talks about his girlfriend's eye problem and shares his takeaways from a unique call he had with other successful stutterers. 
Drew talks sexy time, his girlfriend's strangely good intuition, and his dog's butt.
Drew talks aypricots, CarAmel Frappuccinos, and his peen! Also, the longest Who Hates Drew of all time featuring American Murderer: The Family Next Door.
Drew opens up about his eventful weekend, which includes disc golf, anxiety and his first big post-Covid show. Also, TWO brand new Who Hates Drews. 
In this episode, Drew talks about the right way to pronounce gyros and the interesting way Indiana people say things. And a special Who Hates Drew (aka Who Hades Trew). 
Episode 42 - MOVE

Episode 42 - MOVE


Football is back without crowds, Drew joined TikTok and the world is still on fire - but he's remaining positive! Drew breaks down his introvert strategy at parties and reminisces about being a kid. 
In this episode, Drew is super positive! He discusses his recent trip back home to Indy and addresses comments that his girlfriend looks trans. 
Episode 40 - Imposter

Episode 40 - Imposter


Drew talks about doing his first in-person show since coronavirus,  imposter syndrome, and that time he had to pee. 
In this episode, Drew discusses color differences, a car commercial, and camping. Also, an all new Who Hates Drew.
Episode 38 - Hamiltoe

Episode 38 - Hamiltoe


In this episode, Drew talks about watching Hamilton from his couch, driving with friends, and some weird stuff going down in the DMs of his dog Stella's Instagram account.
Drew reflects on his 29th birthday, argues why Ozark is better than Breaking Bad, and complains about another weird thing his girlfriend did.
In this episode, Drew discusses important issues like soccer players' haircuts, foliage on houses, and this one gas station that sucks.
In this episode, Drew discusses how he's competitive, how Vizslas are skinny, and how biker gangs are probably just one big musical ensemble. 
Drew discusses that time he talked to a topless woman, why European sports commentators can get away with more than Americans, and how Covid made the restaurant industry hierarchy do a 180.
Episode 33 - SPF White

Episode 33 - SPF White


In this episode, Drew discusses the correct granola-to-milk ratio, white people and sunscreen, and reminds us that Bill Burr was in Breaking Bad. 
Episode 32 - The Moment

Episode 32 - The Moment


Drew talks about why nothing matters...but in a good way. Just listen.
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Heather Pierce

I just started listening and I absolutely love your podcasts. keep being awesome! 💜

Feb 21st

Christine Kieffer

A little Ryan Seacrest mixed with a little Johnny Depp (mustashe)

Dec 16th
Reply (1)

Thea Mac


Nov 12th
Reply (1)

Thea Mac

a must listen

Nov 5th

Stephanie Leigh Rose

Am I the first freaking comment! Yes yes yes I am!!! What do I win? 🤣🤣🤣

Oct 30th
Reply (1)


Dude, I'm so pumped that you did this. wishing you the best.

Oct 25th
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