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Welcome to Diet Starts Tomorrow, a podcast hosted by Betches co-founders Aleen Dreksler and Sami Sage, featuring all things wellness, weight loss, mental health and fitness from the no-bullsh*t perspective of real women who understand the struggle. In a world where “wellness” looks perfect on Instagram but feels anything but in real life, this podcast explores the psychological and emotional side of wellbeing as a whole. Listen as they take you on a wellness journey where they discuss their own experiences with weight loss, which fitness routines are actually attainable for the working Betch, staying healthy while still having fun, and how to handle weekend socializing when your friends are forcing you to binge drink and throw caution to the wind.

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This week, Sami and Aleen discuss friendship. They start by unpacking what it’s like for them to be both BFFs as well as business partners for over a decade. Then, they explore how friendships change over time, how being in different life stages effects your friendships, and what it means to truly be friends for life. They discuss how to make friends as an adult, knowing when to let go of a surface level friend, and what’s the best way to end a friendship. Next, they explore how to make friends while having social anxiety, why we all just need 1-2 close friends, and why the biggest shift in friendships is when a significant other comes into the mix. Lastly, they discuss how to be supportive and not jealous of friends in different life stages.
On this Thursday’s episode, Sami and Aleen are joined by author of the book “Quit Like A Woman” and founder of Tempest, an organization that helps individuals live an alcohol free life, Holly Whitaker. They begin by discussing what it’s like to start drinking at a young age and then decide to quit alcohol in your 30s. Next, they explore what it’s like to use alcohol to fit in, find romantic connections, and what it means to have a comfortable relationship with alcohol. Holly shares her path to understanding that alcohol isn’t for her and explains how she used to work under the impression that you needed to make alcohol work for you. Then, they discuss being informed about what alcohol does to us and what it means to quit like a woman. Lastly, they read a Dear DST about starting to drink more during quarantine and how to proceed into post-quarantine life with or without alcohol.
This week, Sami and Aleen unpack their relationship with weed. Sami discusses starting to smoke more during the pandemic, realizing she might be using weed as a coping mechanism, and trying to cut back from smoking. She also shares conversations she’s been having with her therapist about how weed makes her feel and what would enter her life if she stopped getting high. Then, Aleen tells us about her craziest, worst edible experience and what it was like going to a restaurant extremely high. Next, they discuss how weed affects their anxiety, the munchies, and having sex high. Lastly, they play a weed inspired rapid fire, WYR game.
In this Thursday’s episode, Sami and Aleen share a listener non scale win about eating breakfast before going to the doctor and not getting anxious about being weighed. Then, Aleen shares a NSW of her own: she took a glucose tolerance test to see if she has gestational diabetes and they weighed her and she didn’t let the number on the scale get to her. Instead, she came home and ate a delicious meal. Sami shares her NSW about letting herself intuitively enjoy a Starbucks green tea that she used to only drink when she was restricting. Lastly, they read a Dear DST about being in recovery from an eating disorder and having their favorite workout instructor suggest a five-day fasting mimicking diet.
This week Sami and Aleen are joined by somatic therapist, fat body activist, yogi, and writer, Rachel Otis. They discuss being diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, existing in a fat body, and finding somatic therapy. Then, Rachel explains what it’s like being chronically ill, how to find the right medicine for your body, and why visual representation is so important. They also unpack how to work through shame, achieve body neutrality, and why one size fits all doesn’t work for therapy or for fashion. Lastly, they wrap up the conversation by discussing what pleasure activism means, how you can work on being more attuned with your pleasure nervous system, and why sitting is a form of pleasure activism.
On this Thursday’s Episode, Sami and Aleen start by debating a great would you rather question. WRY: only eat kids menu items for the rest of your life or only eat a raw food diet? Then, Sami and Aleen share a NIVEA presented Non Scale Win: a listener tries on bikinis and starts looking up how to lose weight and then quickly stops herself from engaging in old toxic behavior. Aleen shares a non scale win of her own about eating ice cream straight from the pint without guilt and just simply putting it away when she felt like she had enough. Next, Sami shares a non scale win about going to a friend’s wedding and feeling heavy in her dress, but not letting that feeling upset her and ruin her time at the wedding. Lastly, they read a Dear DST about how to deal with the drunk munchies while wanting to practice intuitive eating. Aleen explains it’s not about how to learn to eat intuitively after drinking a shit ton, it’s about not feeling guilty after eating a shit ton as well as learning to drink intuitively.
This week Sami and Aleen are joined by registered dietitian nurtionist, certified intuitive eating counselor, and author of the book Anti-Diet, Christy Harrison. They discuss the ten principles of intuitive eating, why it’s important to start embracing the foods diets tell you to be afraid of, and why you should honor your hunger and feel you fullness. Then, Christy explains how to reconnect with the intuitive eating skills you’re born with, why you should be careful of where you’re getting your intuitive eating information from, and how to best utilize psychotherapy to help heal your relationship with food. She also unpacks why there’s room to do intuitive eating and still want to lose weight, and why some people might gain weight when they first start their intuitive eating journey. Lastly, they discuss the four tenets of diet culture, why diets don’t work, and why on average people tend to gain weight after a diet.
On this Thursday’s episode, Sami and Aleen start off with a NIVEA presented Non Scale Win: a new mother starts accepting her post baby body and allows herself to eat last night’s cold pizza before her morning coffee. Sami and Aleen unpack why it’s important to indulge in your cravings to avoid binge eating and then they share some NSWs of their own. Aleen talks about getting ready for her big move and her baby on the way; she also shares how making a to-do list has been really helpful during this stressful time. Then, Sami shares a NSW of her own, about how she’s officially confirmed her appointment to freeze her eggs and how she’s proud of herself for taking a step towards something that was giving her anxiety. Finally, they read a DEAR DST email about going back into the office and how to deal with coworkers engaging in constant “diet talk” when you struggle with an eating disorder.
This week, Sami and Aleen open up about their relationship with movement and the gym. Sami shares that she’s really excited about her new zen, computer-free reading corner she’s created in her apartment. Then, Sami and Aleen discuss their experiences creating a dedicated movement/workout space in their homes and their journey to both getting a Peloton. They talk about coming to terms with how age can affect your health, why you have to pursue your health, and why you’re not just entitled to it. They also discuss why you may need to get uncomfortable to change bad habits in order to create new ones that actually make you happy. Finally, they play a movement inspired WYR game.
On this Thursday’s episode, Sami and Aleen start with some Non Scale Wins of their own, including one about starting to genuinely enjoy being active again. They talk about shifting the intention of working out to simply wanting to feel better rather than wanting to loose weight. Then, they share a listener NSW about allowing yourself to discover what desserts you actually enjoy eating without the judgement. Next, a listener writes in a Dear DST email, which is all about being newly single and recognizing old, toxic dieting thoughts start to creep back in. Sami and Aleen offer some tips on how to approach dating with a positive mindset and why you can date in the body you are in. Finally, they discuss how it’s not bad to want to be more fit, rather it’s the intention behind it.
In honor of Mother’s Day Sami and Aleen are joined by Sami’s Mom, Ilene Fishbein. They discuss how going through old pictures can bring up mixed feelings, calorie counting, and trying to lose weight for other people. They also discuss how going to summer camp affects the way you see your body, having a sibling and a son with special needs, and deciding to go to therapy. They unpack how to identify the right therapist for you, getting your life together at 60, and how to learn how to identify what triggers your anxiety. Then they discuss mother-daughter relationships, finding the place you want to call home, deciding to get a dog, and living alone. Lastly, they discuss grief and getting separated from a toxic partner.
On this week’s Dear DST, Sami and Aleen start off with a listener Non Scale Win about overcoming binge eating and yo-yo dieting and starting to embrace their post-baby body. Then they read a Dear DST about how to deal with a partner who is not supportive of intuitive eating. They discuss how difficult that must be and how important it is to be surrounded by supportive people. They also discuss post quarantine weight gain and explain how it’s incredibly normal to fluctuate in weight, especially at a time like this.
This week Sami and Aleen are joined by former member of the USA Track and Field Team, and now motivational coach, Angela Manuel Davis. They discuss what it was like to grow up in an athletic family, how she identified when she was too burnt out and didn’t want to run anymore, and why it’s important to find your purpose. They discuss the mind and body connection, why inspiration can only last so long, and how to connect your workout to something bigger. Angela shares why doing the same thing over and over again will not change your body and how to find your intention to get stronger. She also breaks down the process of becoming and explains why you have to go through something to get to where you want to go. Lastly, they wrap up the conversation by discussing how you can fight anxiety and depression and change your mood with just a few steps.
On this Thursday’s episode, Sami and Aleen start with a listener NSW about unsubscribing from intense workout class emails and instead focusing on a more enjoyable workout like at-home yoga. They share some Non Scale Wins of their own, Aleen talks about how taking a break from working out can really be reinvigorating, and they discuss why taking the time to go on vacation is so important. Sami shares her experience going up in size, losing her period for 3 months, having high cholesterol for the first time in her life, and she weighs the pros and cons of seeing a dietitian or an intuitive eating specialist. Sami shares she’s joining Aleen in the Peloton fun and getting a Peloton bike. Lastly, they break down some of the emotional and physical challenges that go along with intuitive eating.
This week Sami and Aleen are joined by the one and only Tinx (Christina Najjar). They discuss how she got the name “Tinx” and went from having an established career in journalism to becoming as she says “the oldest Tik Tokker.” They discuss LA vs. NY beauty standards, why you should stop hating yourself, how she deals with the negative comments, and how she gets brand deals. Tinx breaks down the difference between Instagram vs. Tik Tok image and why she loves the unfiltered, unedited side of Tik Tok. They discuss how and why to develop a routine, why implementing a routine is not “sexy” but necessary to improve your mental health, how important positive self-talk is, and how to actually do it by speaking to yourself in the mirror. They also break down why nobody is thinking about us as much as we are thinking about ourselves, what it’s like being in your 20s, vulnerability hangovers, and how everyone’s at different places in their lives and it’s okay. Finally, they unpack the Big Chill and Demi Lavato situation and Sami and Aleen challenge Tinx to an Erewhon trivia game.
On this Dear DST, Aleen and Sami start by sharing some Non Scale Wins. Then, they react to a Dear DST email about what to do if diet culture is stealing your friend from you. They also examine the best way to talk to your friend about their disordered eating and if you really should confront them on their struggles. Finally, they discuss why gaining and losing weight is completely normal and the best way to be a supportive, compassionate friend.
This week, Sami and Aleen discuss relationships and weight gain. Aleen reveals why she had to return her Peloton treadmill, and together they unpack why feeling like your partner won’t accept you can be such a struggle. The two of them get extremely vulnerable and share raw conversations they’ve recently had with their partners. Then they discuss if being in a relationship or being married makes you feel more confident and what exactly it means to be an energizer bunny. Plus, they answer listeners' DMs about developing a routine again after losing it in a new relationship, walking around the house naked, metabolism changes, and why going through weight fluctuations is a normal part of life.
In this week’s Dear DST, Sami and Aleen share their advice on what they wish they knew going into their 20s. They discuss the struggle of post grad life and finding your path. Specifically, the process of figuring out who you are and who you want to be. They break down the feeling of being trapped behind labels and their personal experience dealing with it. They share what it's like going through the bumpy ride, but break down what to expect and why it’s okay and part of the process of growing up.
This week Sami and Aleen are joined by the new DST Content Manager, Sydney Raiff - yes that means the girl behind the Insta. They begin by getting to know Sydney a bit better- where she grew up, where she went to college, and what brought her to Betches. Then they get into Sydney’s love of food, her experience of eating when not hungry, her dressing room anxiety, and never saying “no” to ice cream. They also discuss Sydney’s experience going to weight loss spas and how that influenced her relationship with food and her body. Sydney shares a bit about single life and dating in NYC, and Sami and Aleen react to her go-to dating app opening line. Finally they get into some fun facts about Sydney like how she is a nationally ranked equestrian. Sydney tells everyone to go say hi to her in the DST DMs.
On this Thursday’s episode, Sami shares her birthday plans and the theme of her outdoor party (yes, masks will be provided). They react to a listener Non Scale Win from a Mom of 2 (who is also in her 30s) that is making it a point not to talk badly about herself or her body in front of her daughters. Then they read a Dear DST about quarantine weight gain, moving back in with their parents over quarantine, and once again eating around family after struggling with an eating disorder. Plus, how to deal with her once extremely supportive anti-diet enthusiast mom who has all of the sudden started an extreme diet including diet pills. They discuss why crash diets are dangerous, not sustainable, and how this listener can talk about this with her Mom.
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Jessica Tipton

something about this Tanya Zuckerbrot lady rubs me the wrong way. it feels more like she's selling a product than she is advocating for a healthy lifestyle. also calling major BS that this isn't restrictive--this diet (weight loss method, not philosophy *cue eyerolling*) is restrictive AF. do appreciate the interviewer poking some holes (though she keeps getting interrupted and talked over, unfortunately).

May 9th

Laura Schim van der Loeff

so many commercials in the last couple of episodes, super annoying

Mar 2nd

Katherine Jule Buff

the one girls cursing in this sucks and makes it so I can't listen to it

Nov 28th



Oct 29th

Rachel Patterson

Episode 26 was amazing. Thank you so much for sharing it - Kelsey has been my favorite guest so far.

Oct 15th


He was my fav guest so far

Oct 12th

Samantha Meyer

your audio turned to shit

Aug 23rd

Deborah Escobedo

looking forward to starting this podcast but had to change in the first couple of minutes...too much cursing 🙉 concept is great so super bummed.

Jul 27th

Seth Hill

13:00 😂😂😂😂 whos on first!? Loving this.

Jul 1st

Rachel Orell

get a crockpot! if you work long days like me the last thing you want is to cook when you get home! set the crockpot in the morning and it's ready when you get home!

Jun 5th

Mini Melly

THANK YOU! Can't count how many times I nodded and agreed throughout this episode lol

May 31st
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