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*Episode Trigger Warning: This episode features a conversation about eating disorders* This week Aleen is joined by Ali Weiss, comedian, writer, and the host of the podcast Tales of Taboo. Aleen talks with Ali about the taboos of the wellness industry and how we’re all searching for perfection that doesn’t even exist. The episode kicks off with Ali telling us about her podcast, where she shares anonymous stories from her listeners on different taboo topics. Then they discuss “wellness hobbyists” aka people who are literally willing to do anything to get rid of their toxins (like sit in the sauna with their bodies covered in saran wrap). Ali then shares some of the craziest things she’s done in the pursuit of her *wellness journey* (hint: crystals + private parts were involved). She then tells Aleen about a recent episode she did on the Taboos of Eating Disorders, and they talk about the character trait that all of the stories had in common. The episode wraps up with Aleen reading some of the wellness taboos submitted by DST’ers, and they discuss whether or not these should really be considered taboos in the first place.
For this week’s DST Thursday, Aleen is rejoined by London based body confidence, self-acceptance influencer and author of the new book: “You Are Not A Before Picture”, Alex Light (@alexlight_ldn). To kick off the conversation, Alex talks about her podcast “Should I Delete That?” where she breaks down some of the polarizing topics talked about on social media. Alex and Aleen then chat about their DSTWs of the week. Alex’s win is about conquering a fear and Aleen tells us about the new smoothie kick she’s on (do daiquiris count as smoothies?) Aleen then reads a listener DSTW about breaking up with the clothes that you know you’ll never fit into again and they discuss how good it can feel to get rid of your “skinny” clothes. Aleen then reads the Dear DST of the week, about having a distorted body image in pictures. Aleen and Alex give their advice for the listener and then continue the convo from Sunday’s ep, around not allowing pictures of yourself to destroy your body image. Finally, they wrap up talking about how freeing it can be to stop caring about what you look like and learning how to be present in your body.
Aleen is joined by Alex Light (@alexlight_ldn), a London based, body confidence and self-acceptance influencer and the author of the new book: “You Are Not A Before Picture.” The episode kicks off with Alex talking about how her account went from being a fashion blog to ultimately shifting her focus to body acceptance and fighting against toxic beauty standards. Alex then shares some of her personal struggles with different eating disorders and how she was able to get the help she needed. Next, she tells us more about her new book, which she calls the “Body Image Bible” (*adding to summer reading list*). Aleen then asks Alex to tell us some of the lightbulb moments that she’s had about the toxic beauty standards that we’re used to and they talk about some of Alex’s viral posts dissecting these "standards". Alex then sheds light on her posts regarding camera angles and body dysmorphia in pictures. Finally, Alex shares how she’s curated her feed for the ultimate positivity and how we need to be mindful of diet culture continuing to show up in our lives in new ways.
This DST Thursday, Aleen is rejoined by Ella Halikas, who is a 2021 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model, a world-class curve model and the self-proclaimed CEO of Confidence. The ep starts off with Aleen and Ella sharing their DST-Wins of the week. Aleen’s is about starting a new habit and Ella’s is a big moment in her career. Ella then breaks down how trying out for modeling gigs works, what alarming things she’s been told during auditions and what she looks for in campaigns – especially as a curve model. Aleen then reads a listener DST-Win, which is about ignoring the body image stressors of summers and learning how to truly enjoy it. Next, Aleen reads the Dear DST of the week, where a listener asks advice on how to not compare herself to the other girls on a bachelorette trip. Ella just got back from a bachelorette, so she shares all of her tips. She then tells us some of her fav fellow curve influencers to follow for confidence/‘fit inspo. The episode wraps up with more confidence tips and Ella shares how to always show up with your A-game no matter where you go. Don’t forget to call into the DST hotline with all of your questions, stories and DST wins - 212-287-5650 or email them to‬.
Aleen is joined by Ella Halikas who is a 2021 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model, a world-class curve model and the self-proclaimed CEO of Confidence. We kick off the episode by talking about some of Ella’s hilarious TikToks, including her “alternate reality series” where she highlights body image imperfections with Victoria Garrick. Ella then shares how she went from being a small-town Cali native with big dreams of becoming a model to how she booked her first gig. She shares how her hard work and perseverance helped her dreams become a reality and that being rejected from jobs motivated her even more to succeed. She then gives us a BTS look of what it’s like to be an SI swimsuit model, how she deals with turning off the negative thoughts in her head and how she deals with trolls. Next, Ella gives us tips on how to be more confident and reminds us that confidence is an internal strength that can be learned, even though it may not always come naturally. Ella then tells us all about her “Thick Girls Can Rock It Too” series where she recreates *out there* looks from celebs like Julia Fox. Finally, we wrap up by getting Aleen and Ella to confess some of their “weird” traits and then Ella shares an exciting announcement.
This week, Workout Woman aka Ashley Fern (@disco_infern0) shares her latest workout review. The episode kicks off with Aleen and Ashley catching up and then they share their DSTW of the week. Ashley’s is about finally hitting a workout goal she was striving for and Aleen’s is about getting rid of things from her closet that were no longer serving her. Aleen then reads a listener DSTW about learning to be more comfortable with wearing crop tops and how the listener was able to overcome her internal dilemma in time for a big performance. They then get into the workout report of the month, which came highly recommended: CorePower Yoga. To start off, they address the bad press that the company has gotten, but remind DST’ers that this review is about the workout and not the business itself. Ashley then breaks down what her class experiences have been like at different CPY studios, if it’s worth going back, and her overall thoughts on the workout aka if the workout is worth needing to wash your hair. Don’t forget to submit your recommendations for workout classes for Ashley to try by dming @dietstartstomorrow or emailing
Aleen is joined by Liza Lieberman (@liza.lieberman), the Betches co-founders’ most stylish friend, a mom of two and a professional stylist who focuses on styling women for bridal, vacation, corporate and special events. Liza gives us all of her styling advice and tips for feeling good in your own skin. The episode kicks off with Liza sharing how she became so fashionable, why she started her blog, “Girl On Fifth'' and how it’s now turned into a side hustle of styling women for bridal parties, big lifetime events, or—in Aleen’s case—photoshoots. Aleen and Liza then talk about how many of us are currently struggling with our post-pandemic style after only wearing sweatpants for 2+ years and how many women are dealing with body dysmorphic thoughts in their post-pandemic bodies. Next, they chat about the power a good outfit can have on your confidence and some easy ways to dress for success. Liza then gives us some of her top styling tips, such as when it’s cool to wear sneakers with a dress, what type of clothes are worth investing in, and the top trends for summer.
Aleen is back for DST Thursday with Brittany Levine, Betches Art Director, the face behind @betchesmoms and her co-host on the Betches Moms podcast. The episode kicks off with a convo about their parenting styles and how they differ from their parents. Let’s be real, being a parent in the 80s & 90s is VERY different than it is today. Aleen and Brittany then jump into the DST Wins of the week. Aleen’s is about trying a new workout for the first time (ever) and Brittany’s is about getting back on the tennis court. They then play a listener voicemail sharing a DSTW about giving your body the same grace that you give your child’s body. We don’t shame our kids for growing, so why are we shaming ourselves? Next, Aleen reads the Dear DST of the week, which was submitted by a DST’er who’s nervous to project her body issues on her future children like her mom did to her. We then wrap up the convo talking about how to talk to our partners if they have a different approach to body image conversation around the kids and how lucky parents are now to have so many resources out there for support.
Shana Minei Spence (@thenutritiontea), who calls herself a "eat anything" Registered Dietitian, joins Aleen this week. The episode starts with Shana sharing how and why she made a career shift from the fashion industry to nutrition. Shana then talks about her education as an RD and why it made her become an anti-diet culture practitioner. Next, Shana breaks down diet culture euphemisms like “clean eating” and other language that is often thrown around in diet culture talk. She then reminds us that eating “healthy” is a privilege that not everyone has, which is something we should all be mindful of while scrolling social media. Aleen and Shana end the episode by talking about the red flags in diet culture and why we need to stop judging other people’s food choices (esp. if they’re adults). Workout with DST on 6/7 in NYC for a 30-minute dance cardio class led by Obé Fitness presented by Heineken 0.0 - register now:
It's DST Thursday, and Aleen is rejoined by Victoria Garrick, mental health advocate, host of “Real Pod” podcast, former D1 athlete, and social media star with more than 1.5M followers. The episode kicks off with some DST Wins: Victoria’s is about going back to therapy and Aleen shares how she’s going to the doctor, even though it can be such a pain. Then onto the Dear DST of the week, all about approaching that mother-in-law who makes inappropriate, body shaming comments. Aleen and Victoria share their advice on how they’d approach the situation. They also remind the DST’er of the importance of putting yourself first, over a sassy MIL. Don’t forget to call into the DST hotline with all of your questions, stories and DST wins - 212-287-5650 or email them to‬.
Victoria Garrick—mental health advocate, the host of “Real Pod” podcast, and former D1 athlete with more than 1.5M followers—is back on the show this week. Victoria hasn't been on the show since December 2020, so there's obvi a lot to catch up on. Victoria tells Aleen why she’s not shedding for the wedding (she was also on Betches Brides recently—check it out) and then they chat about Victoria’s “alternate reality” videos, where women actually celebrate their body insecurities. Next, Victoria tells us what it was like to be a collegiate Volleyball player, who was struggling from mental health challenges and how that experience has helped her to love her body for what it is, and not what it could be. Victoria then tells Aleen about her non-profit, The Hidden Opponent, which raises awareness for student-athlete mental health and aims to end the mental health stigma in sports culture. The episode wraps up with Victoria confessing something that she doesn’t share on social media. Get excited, Victoria's coming back again this week for DST Thursday.
Nicole Pellegrino is back for another DST Thursday! Nicole and Aleen start by catching up and sharing their DST Wins of the week. Aleen’s is about being nine months postpartum and learning how to ignore baby weight comments/expectations and Nicole’s is about surviving her first week as a puppy mom (ICYMI, Nicole got the cutest pup). Then they read a listener DSTW from a bride-to-be, who successfully handled family members' unsolicited comments about her weight. Next they listen to a voicemail, all about hating your bridesmaids dress and how to let the bride know you're uncomfy—we've all been there. Aleen and Nicole are here to help and share how they’d approach this situation, plus get into regrets from their own weddings. Don’t forget to call into the DST hotline with all of your questions, stories and DST wins - 212-287-5650‬.
It’s all about therapy this week as Aleen is joined by Jordana and her sister, clinical psychologist Dr. Naomi Bernstein. They fill us in on their new podcast Oversharing, which is all about the challenges we face in all kinds of relationships; from friendships to family to long term partnerships. Aleen tells us just how long she’s known Jordana and Naomi (hint: it’s long af) then we get to know Dr. Naomi and the work she does. She tells us what made her want to become a therapist, the types of issues her clients face, and the best advice she’s ever given to Jordana. Then we dig into the Dear DST emails of the week (with an actual expert on hand this time). The first listener asks for advice on how to handle a boyfriend’s mom who makes too many questionable body image comments. Next, we read an email asking for advice on how to know when to speak up for the sake of a loved one’s health. To wrap up the ep, Dr. Naomi gives us some of her top tips for what to ask when looking for a new therapist.
Workout Woman, aka Ashley Fern (@disco_infern0), is back to share her latest workout report. Ashley starts off by clearing the air from the last Workout Woman ep - let’s just agree to disagree that, no matter how Lagree is pronounced, it’s a hard AF workout. Aleen then reads a listener submitted DST Win (new & improved NSW) about not comparing yourself to others in workout classes, then she and Ashley share their own, which are about getting back into the kitchen and waking up before the sun to get that workout in. Ashley then gives her first-timer workout report of the highly recommended Orangetheory Fitness. From the vibes to the quality of the class, they break it all down. Don’t forget to submit your recommendations for workout classes for Ashley to try by dming @dietstartstomorrow or emailing
*Episode Trigger Warning: This episode features a conversation around eating disorders and disordered eating* This week Aleen is joined by Jackie Goldschneider, cast member of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, a mom of two sets of twins, and a former real estate agent. Since joining the cast in 2018, Jackie has been open about her recovery journey from an eating disorder. During this season (season 12), Jackie shares that she actually still suffers from Anorexia, and she vulnerably takes viewers BTS on her brave road to recovery. Throughout Aleen’s convo with Jackie, she shares what having an eating disorder for the past 20+ years has been like, the type of impact it’s had on her family, and what it's been like for her to go through this tough time so publicly. Jackie shares how she wishes she had someone to look up to in the public eye who was going through something similar and so now she hopes she can be that for someone else in need. The convo wraps up with a discussion on how to approach talking about eating disorders with kids, how Jackie hopes to recreate memories with her loved ones that she wasn’t present for, and what her future holds. * If you or someone you know are suffering from an eating disorder we encourage you to call the National Eating Disorders Association Hotline - 1800-932-2237 *
Aleen is back solo for this week’s DST Thursday. She kicks off by getting the pulse of DST’ers on the future NSWs. Then she shares her NSW, which has to do with feeling refreshed and reads a listener submitted NSW about not kicking yourself when fast food is your only option. Aleen then reads the Dear DST of the week, which asks her advice on how to approach breaking your routine while on vacation with friends. Aleen then answers a bunch of listener submitted questions that include everything from how she met Rusty to her fav kitchen utensil. Don’t forget to call the DST hotline with your questions, stories, and non-scale wins — 212-287-5650‬.
*Episode Trigger Warning: This episode features mentions of suicide and suicidal thoughts* May is Mental Health Awareness Month and we’re honored to kick it off with the ultimate Mental Health advocate, Peloton Instructor, and long-time DST’er, Kendall Toole. Kendall starts off by sharing what made her become a fitness instructor, how she ended up as a Peloton fan-favorite, and what it’s like as an instructor behind-the-scenes. Kendall then gets into her lifelong struggles with mental health, including a young diagnosis of OCD. She talks about the challenges she had to face with the diagnosis, how she pretended like everything was fine throughout college (until she hit her breaking point), and how she deals with these challenges as an adult. Kendall then shares the importance of using her *large* platform for good, and how she’s been able to set boundaries to ensure she shows up each day as her confident self. The ep comes to a close with DST Confessions, where Kendall hints at whether her hairstyles are sending secret messages to her riders and the importance of dry shampoo. If you or someone you know is suicidal or needs support please call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 800-273-8255
For this week’s Dear DST, Aleen is joined by Betches’ resident pop culture enthusiast, Dylan Hafer, aka the face behind @bravobybetches and host of the Mention It All and Pop Alarm podcasts. Dylan and Aleen dive right in and chat about how there have been a ton of fat shaming comments made in pop culture recently, and how that’s 100% not okay. They then share some Non-Scale Wins: Dylan's is all about learning to embrace your body, and Aleen gives a ~beauty~ update on something she’s been putting off. Next, they read a listener NSW about learning to improve your relationship with your body (it's harder than it looks) and they talk about the ways they’re trying to do this for themselves. Then they dive into the Dear DST of the week, which is about how often *mainly women* are fat shamed in pop culture. Dylan then gives us the rundown on a few body shaming situations that have happened recently on Real Housewives and on Tiktok. The episode wraps up with a convo about the new Abercrombie documentary and how it’s time to rewire your brain so you stop making comments about other people’s bodies.
This week, Aleen is joined by Dr. Ellen Vora, who is a holistic and board-certified psychiatrist, medical acupuncturist, yoga teacher and author of the new book The Anatomy of Anxiety: Understanding and Overcoming the Body's Fear Response. Dr. Vora is here to help us break down why we’re always anxious, explain *wtf* anxiety actually is and how to identify the root cause. Throughout the conversation, Dr. Vora explains her functional approach to mental health and how our diets, screen time, and quality of sleep can impact our anxiety. She also shares that healing anxiety from a holistic approach may work for people who find that medication does not. We wrap up with sharing ways to help soothe our anxious thoughts and Dr. Vora gives us tips on how to climb out of our “anxious pandemic holes”.
Workout Woman aka Ashley Fern (@disco_infern0) is back! This week, Ashley’s report is about reformer workouts. The episode kicks off with Non-Scale Wins of the week - Aleen’s was a long time coming and Ashley’s is about hitting a big workout milestone. Next, we read a listener NSW about using the podcast to help them get through a tough health struggle, which was the result of not prioritizing their health in the right way. Then, Ashley gives her workout report on Solidcore, SLT, BODYROK and Lagree. Ashley gives us the rundown on how all of the studios differ from each other and throughout the convo, Aleen shares her experience with reformer classes. We then talk about how sore these workouts make you and whether or not they’re worth the price.
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