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Difficult Conversations with Your Kids

Difficult Conversations with Your Kids

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Parent and professor of psychology Tanu Shree Singh helps you figure out how to have the tough conversations with your kids
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Revanta Sarabhai is known to be one of the few male Bharatanatyam soloists of his generation and comes from an illustrious family of dancers. His mother is Mallika Sarabhai, the renowned Indian classical dancer, activist and actress while his grandmother is none other than the famous Indian classical dancer Mrinalini Sarabhai. On this episode, Revanta talks to host Anuradha Varma, who heads Express Parenting, about growing up with dance all around him, how dance helps children, especially boys, express themselves, and why parents must encourage their kids to take up a dance-form.
As we spend increasing time at home in lockdown, many parents find themselves having to juggle work, chores and spending time with their children. How can we use the lockdown to mindfully spend time and bond with our children? On this episode, Express Parenting host Anuradha varma talks to Rajeshwari Chandrasekar, the Chief of Field Office in UNICEF Maharashtra about how best to keep children engaged during the lockdown.  How can kids be involved in chores? What are some activities you can do to spend quality time with them? Should you be limiting screen time? Tune in to find out.
As India enters a 3-week complete lockdown, many parents are left with a lot of questions.  What should I be doing differently to keep my child safe? Should I change their diet? What and how often should I be cleaning? On this episode we are joined by Dr Rajib Dasgupta, an epidemiologist and public health expert who joins us to answer all your questions about parenting during the coronavirus. Host Anuradha Varma, who heads Express Parenting, is joined by Arun George from the Indian Express, who is a dad to a 6 year old and brings up some concerns his daughter has raised with him.
For the occasion of World Cancer Day, this episode of our parenting podcast deals with how to talk to children about cancer and other challenging themes. Host Anuradha Varma, who leads Express Parenting, is joined by guests Tanu Shree Singh, psychologist and author of Darkless ( , and editor Richa Jha, the founder of Pickle Yolk Books ( . On this episode our two guests talk about children's books that deal with challenging themes of terminal illness, disability, trans issues and more and why it is important to help children grasp concepts of sadness and loss. Reading List: Gone Grandmother ( Boo! When my sister died ( Behind The Lie ( Who Stole Bhaiya's Smile? ( And Tango Makes Three ( Nadia: The Girl Who Couldn't Sit Still ( The Scar ( Missing Mommy ( Cry, Heart, But Never Break  (
On this episode of the Indian Express' parenting podcast, host Anuradha Varma is joined by none other than acclaimed author Sudha Murty. We sat down with Murty when she was in Delhi for the Penguin Annual lecture series and talked to her about storytelling, mythology and parenting. How relevant is mythology for children nowadays? What values does Murty aim to inculcate through her stories? How can you encourage a culture of reading at home? The author discusses all this and more on this episode. Tune in!
On this episode, we are joined by a very special guest- Dav Pilkey, the acclaimed author and cartoonist who is known best for his award winning children's series Captain Underpants and Dog Man. Dav joins Anuradha Varma, who heads Express Parenting, to talk about his experiences growing up as a child with dyslexia and ADHD, how parents and caregivers can support children with learning and attention disabilities, and how reading can be made more fun for all children. Tune in for a wonderful conversation and make sure to make your kids listen too.
Since Children's Day falls in November, we wanted to dedicate a special episode to the pressing issue of child abuse in collaboration with UNICEF. Anuradha Varma, who heads Express Parenting, talks to Rajeshwari Chandrasekar, Chief of Field Office, UNICEF, about the various types of abuse that children can face and how parents can recognise behaviour patterns. Ms. Rajeshwari breaks down the difference between physical, sexual and emotional abuse, myths that surround them, and how neglect is an abusive pattern many parents are not aware of. She details how this abuse impacts children for years to come, who is vulnerable and who are the perpetrators, and warning signs that parents should look out for. Tune in for an insightful conversation.
From adding "Mom" or "Dad" in your social media bios, to reading up on the different types of parenting techniques- parenting has become a hot topic in the modern age. On this special episode of the parenting podcast, Express Parenting head Anuradha Varma is in conversation with Dr. Amit Sen, Child and Adolescent psychiatrist and co-founder of Children First. ( They discuss the challenges faced by parents and children in a world that is becoming increasingly structured, pressure to perform has increased substantially and the idea of a 'community' needs to be rebuilt. Dr. Sen discusses how children and adolescents in the modern age are affected by various external factors as well as their home life, how this shapes their perspectives even as adults, how to be conscious of signs of mental health problems, and how to work towards helping your child become the best version of themselves. Details about Children First's Imagine 2019 event:
Terrorist attacks and school shootings have become a such a common feature in the news that your child is likely to be exposed to it. How do you talk about and work through such a complex issue with your child? How do we help them accept this very real fear and deal with it? How can we balance morbid information with more balanced and positive news? Parent and psychologist Tanu Shree Singh helps you unpack this tricky subject on this episode of the parenting podcast.
Do parents need to worry about the mental health of their kids? What are signs that that the child may be struggling? When it comes to teenagers, how do you differentiate between changes caused by puberty and graver issues? What are common stressors to look out for like exams or peer pressure? On this episode, psychologist Tanu Shree Singh dives into mental health- when should you be worried and what can you do to help your child?
In a world of social media personas and busy schedules, loneliness and social anxiety among kids are on the rise. How do you help your children build their social skills? What are small, first steps to take in your house itself? What habits should you work to inculcate- whether it's dinner together, game nights or vacations? How can you do all this without pressuring them to change their inherent personality? We discuss all this and more on this episode of the parenting podcast with parent and psychologist Tanu Shree Singh.
Children are often asked what they want to be when they grow up and, depending on their age, the answers can vary from "superhero" to "travel blogger" to "astronaut". Many children have wild ambitions which may change, but how can you encourage them without being judgemental? How do you help them be practical about careers and money as they get older without forcing them or stifling creative ambitions? On this episode, psychologist Tanu Shree Singh discusses how to expose your children to various career options, being open-minded about alternative fields, and helping them find happiness in whatever they do.
In this digital age, chances are your children will stumble on pornography or be exposed to it through peers very early in their lives. The experience can be very confusing for children, so it is important to be non-judgemental and deal with the issue sensitively. What if you accidentally catch your child watching pornography? Is it ever too early to talk to children about porn? How do you help them understand that what they see is not realistic and often promotes misogyny and unrealistic body image? What do you tell them about chatting with strangers on online chat rooms? Here are some quick tips on how to deal with this tricky topic as a parent.
So you're planning to shift cities. How do you prepare your children for it and when should you inform them? Should you involve them in decisions? What should you tell the child about the new school you've shortlisted for them? More importantly, how can you, as a parent, be firm about your decision? Suppose you aren't moving but your child wants to transfer schools for some reason. Do you entertain them? What if you have financial constraints? On this episode of the parenting podcast, host and editor of Express Parenting ( Anuradha Verma talks to parent and psychologist Tanu Shree Singh about how you can discuss shifting cities or schools with your children.
As notions of gender roles evolve, how can parents play their part in helping their children avoid gender stereotypes? What are the knee-jerk patriarchal norms that we should watch out for in ourselves? Each time a child deviates from what is considered a “normal” gendered behaviour, he or she is corrected and sometimes, even scolded. How can we change this reaction and help our children respond to bullying? In a time when boys are being asked to be not too aggressive and not too soft, what does masculinity mean? Anuradha Verma, who heads Express Parenting, talks to parent and psychologist Tanu Shree Singh about easy tips on how to start discussing gender roles with their children. Read a list of children's books that break stereotypes here ( .
In this day and age, wouldn’t it be great if children could be given hands-on experience of managing money independently? Do we parents, as providers, also need to talk to children about money? When should you start giving them pocket money and how much? How do you help them set goals and budget? What can you do to help them understand the value of money? Should you teach them about your household budget? In this episode of Difficult Conversations with Your Kids, psychologist and parent Tanu Shree Singh answers all these questions and more.
Indian Express' parenting podcast is back with its third season! In an era of screens and gadgets, how do you get your child to be more interested in reading? At what age can you start? How do you decide which books to read? What is the role books play when a child is struggling with something? Parent and psychologist Tanu Shree Singh joins Express Parenting head Anuradha Verma to discuss all this and more.
In an era of extravagant birthday parties and peer pressure, how can you discuss conscious consumption with your children? How can you help them have more meaningful parties instead of wanting to ape a trend? What can you do to help them understand that the fancy theme parties all their friends seem to have are not affordable? On the last episode of Season 2 of Difficult Conversations with Your Kids, parent and psychologist Tanu Shree Singh helps you deal with this very common problem.
Should you tell your child if one of you has cheated? If the child hears about it and confronts you, how do you address it? How can you talk about it without affecting their sense of relationships and future commitments? On this episode of the parenting podcast, Tanu Shree Singh tells you how to discuss infidelity with your kids without them taking sides or having to bear the brunt of screaming matches between you and your spouse.
How should you approach the sex talk with your kids, depending on what age they are? How do you broach topics of masturbation and consent? How can you respect their boundaries when it comes to social interactions? If you know your teenager has had sex, how do you discuss it with them? In this episode, Tanu Shree Singh talks you through topics of sex and sexuality, how to arm your teenagers to make their own decisions and resist pressure and more.
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