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Digital Pilgrims is a podcast based upon the book “Digital Pilgrims. Towards a Quantum Humanity”, written by Adrián Sicilia. It proposes novel and urgent debates for a society that has been inhabiting the Digital Environment for over fifty years, a society looking for meaning beyond space and time. What and who are we going to become in the face of Digital Singularity?
This podcast outlines the debates we cannot put off any longer. There are no answers here but rather a guide for us to finally discuss how to orient ourselves on this dizzying voyage.
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In this captivating episode of Digital Ritual, hosts Lauren Johnson and Paul Chase dive deep into the fascinating world of artificial intelligence. They explore the current state of AI, its rapid evolution, and what it might become in the near future. Is AI merely a tool, or is it evolving into a new kind of digital species? Returning to the show is Adrian Sicilia, a thought leader who shared groundbreaking insights in his publication Digital Pilgrims two years ago. With the acceleration of AI development since then, Lauren and Paul revisit Adrian's predictions. Together, they analyze whether the trajectory of AI has aligned with his forecasts and how the landscape has transformed.
In this installment, Paul Chase dives into the revolutionary impacts of cutting-edge digital technologies on production and expert guest, Gabriel Spitz, CBO of In All Media, explains a fascinating new way to look at an old methodology. Are we experiencing the dawn of a Digital Industrialization? Join Lauren and Paul as they uncover how digital technologies are transforming our world and what Paul has discovered about the digitalization of production.
This week, Lauren Johnson and Paul Chase discuss this month's buzz concept. What actually is a digital twin? What are the long term consequences of duplicating our world? Are we ready to face this change?
In Digital Ritual, our podcast’s new season, writer Lauren Johnson and researcher Paul Chase will take you on a fascinating journey through the depths of the digital landscape. Brain implants, artificial intelligence, ubiquity, asynchrony, digital singularity, and much more. Together, they will explore the most pressing questions about our relationship with the hyper-technological reality. Backing tracks used in this episode: Retro Synths by HoliznaCC0 Make Funk by HoliznaCC0 Dances and Dames by Kevin MacLeod Ritual by Mark Wilson X Opening the Window For Some Fresh Air by Purrple Cat
Have you ever wondered what a "bit" really is? Despite our daily use of digital devices, we rarely stop to consider the profound impact of the digital world that is all around us. In this episode, we'll explore the hidden power of bits, revealing how they come together to create the Digital Environment we inhabit.
1. Mundus Novus

1. Mundus Novus


The future is now. Our lives are intertwined with digital technology, but do we really understand it? The hyper-digitalization of our world has left us with more questions than answers. Has the world changed, or have we?
We are pilgrims on a voyage. The road ahead is littered with challenges, but opportunity awaits. Are we prepared to risk it all? In this episode, we explore the final insights of a journey that is only beginning. Find out what it means to be a digital pilgrim.
23. We Need New Ways

23. We Need New Ways


As the Digital Singularity takes hold, humanity has no choice but to seek a new strategy. Is there a future beyond this encounter? What will it take to become quantum humans? In what ways will technology change us? In this episode, we uncover the key to saving humanity from extinction.
Humans have long considered themselves the most intelligent species on Earth, but what happens when that assumption is challenged by AI? As we enter the New Habitat, we must prepare for a future in which we learn to coexist with our digital counterparts.
21. A New Species

21. A New Species


What are nightmares made of? The debate is heating up: are humans competing with AI or can we become allies? With the Digital Singularity looming large, fear is on the rise. Should we be afraid of what we don't understand? Can we coexist with this new species?
This season on Digital Pilgrims we delve into the future. Science fiction is about to become reality. With AI on the rise, will humanity prevail or will it become obsolete? Our world is being altered, and so is our own process of evolution. In this episode, the stakes are high as we enter into a game that could change everything.
19. Quantum Humanity

19. Quantum Humanity


Crisis is giving birth to a new humanity, but are we ready to take the quantum leap? Are we ready to see ourselves as a different species? A new humanity is arising in a novel habitat. How are the Natural and Digital Environments merging? What lies ahead?
Our relationship to time and space has been modified. It’s time to look at ourselves in the mirror and ask: what does it mean to be human? Our abilities have changed drastically in just a few years. We are doing things in ways we could only dream of before. Are we still the same or have we changed forever?
Our relationship to space and time is changing as we become more omnipresent and asynchronous. We live in several spaces and act in different timelines simultaneously. We need new frameworks to understand these shifts and how they affect the way we relate to each other. Can quantum physics provide answers?
What if we told you that Leonardo da Vinci's LinkedIn profile wouldn't fit within the platform's current format? In this episode, we explore how digital technologies are transforming identity-building and enabling dynamic work arrangements. Join us as we investigate the challenges of showcasing multifaceted professional backgrounds in the digital age and uncover new strategies for creating identities that reflect our complex, multidimensional selves.
15. A New Paradigm

15. A New Paradigm


Is the Digital Environment the new battleground for global powers? As geopolitical changes reshape our world, alliances are formed and destroyed with far-reaching consequences both online and offline. In this episode, we turn to philosophy to help us make sense of this rapidly evolving landscape.
14. A World In Crisis

14. A World In Crisis


In this season, we explore how social crises, controversial leaders, economic distress, and war are shaping our world. What is happening around us? As the Digital Environment continues to transform our lives, we must reevaluate humanity and ask ourselves whether we are the same humans we were before.
Is there a digital city? As we strive to coexist online, new challenges give rise to the concept of digital citizenship. In this episode, we'll explore the complex and ever-evolving world of internet societies, uncovering the hidden dynamics that shape our online interactions. Join us as we take a journey through the streets of Renaissance cities.
The Metaverse and Omniverse projects seek to transform the Digital Environment into a virtual urban landscape. But will these grand visions succeed? Are tech titans like Mark Zuckerberg and Jen-Hsun Huang striving to create a more livable digital world? In this episode, we'll explore the challenges and opportunities of urbanizing the Digital Environment, and investigate the power dynamics at play.
Why are we so obsessed with projecting our lives online? In the digital age, social media has fundamentally changed the way we communicate and interact. The birth of Internet giants has ushered in a new era of web 2.0. Join us as we uncover the hidden paths that have shaped our modern-day online landscape, and explore the impact of social media on our lives.