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Author: Neil T

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We watch a movie, take notes, then discuss it! Contact the Dimeforscale Movie Club on Twitter:
50 Episodes
Todd and SteveG from the Your Parents Basement podcast join the DFSMC to talk, in the main, about Robert Patrick’s hair. Also, TB and SG do some Robert Patrick improv, TB calls out Jackee and we chat about the Street Fighter and Mortal…Read more ›
DFSMC 068: Idiocracy (2006)

DFSMC 068: Idiocracy (2006)


On today’s pod, Special Guest, “No, Cannot Have!” aka Rob joins us. Jackee’s confused about the movie and how time works, we hear about the Inception (and Interstellar) of Idiocracy and ponder the dystopian world of selfies, Kardashians, Fuddbuttfuckers and Murrica!…Read more ›
Its a No Holds Barred episode as we cover The Jengapocalypse, Jedi Confusion, George Lucas the costume thief, dodgy west country accents and Discount Willis. Paul channels Dr. Doolittle, SG respects That Guy From Police Academy, we all disrespect gentleman lover…Read more ›
DFSMC 066: Tremors (1990)

DFSMC 066: Tremors (1990)


Cock-slugs and octopi are on the lunch menu when we take a visit to a little town called Perfection for a chat about Tremors and The Michaels Winner, Caine, Jagger and Palin [61 minutes] On today’s show Octopus lunch chat with Michael…Read more ›
Todd teaches pronunciation and how to spot racism, big hair stories, Magnum PI’s bakery and International restaurant etiquette, all on today’s Mr. Baseball DFSMC! [63 minutes] On today’s show The dodgy movie posters Baseball hair TB explains racism TB ironically teaches…Read more ›
Kumite! Kumite! Kumite! JCVD’s undies, our Kumite moves, pulling nuts, body hardening, poofy hair and Jayson Blair, dodgy admirals, Chuck Norris and Jean-Claude. It’s time for Bloodsport! [65 minutes] On today’s show We discuss our Kumite fighting moves TB develops Kumite…Read more ›
Who ordered water?! We all tell stripper stories, John spends too long in the bathroom, Todd orders a pizza and Steve applies for a job at Coyote Ugly [72 minutes] On today’s show The R-rated stripping version Steppin’ on the Steeg…Read more ›
Special Guest Josh AKA JGdmn joins the DFSMC to chat about Baaaaane, Batfleck, Wonder Woman, Austin Powers, Cats, Starlight Express and oh… Batman and Robin!  [78 minutes] On today’s show Josh AKA JGdmn guests Joel Schumacher’s Godson TB calls in…Read more ›
DFSMC 061: Road Hard (2015)

DFSMC 061: Road Hard (2015)


Jackee rates the men, Todd is drunk, Neil is an Audio Nazi and Paul is sad as we chat about Nipple Budgets, The Road Hard Paradox and Adam Carolla’s brand new movie! [79 minutes] Download the show  |  RSS Feed  |  Subscribe on…Read more ›
Paul joins us for a historically Gothic chat about Hoodie Frank, a 50 Shades of Grey honeymoon, demon nail care and a bouncing genius. [63 minutes] On today’s show Oscar-winning performances from The Jovials! Paul’s 50 Shades of Grey…Read more ›
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