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Author: Kyle Brothersen

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Hey, I'm Kyle. You might have seen us on Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook. Dirt bikes are a passion of mine. I focus mainly on the off road and enduro segments of our sport because that is the riding me and my friends focus on. Think of this as an extension of the more than 700 videos found on YouTube. Here we talk all things related to off road and enduro style dirt bike riding. With topics ranging from full dirt bike reviews, gear reviews, riding tips, and other general non-sense, we have the off road rider covered.
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Fuel/Oil Ratio vs Fuel Air/RatioFuel/Oil ratio is the amount of oil you are mixing in the gas.  It's in your gas can32:1 is a lot of oil - thick fuel50:1 is less oil - thinner fuel80:1 is even less oil - thinnest fuelPick something that works for you and stick with that.  We'll fine tune the mix with our fuel/air RatioFuel/Air Ratio is fine tuned inside the carburetor with Jets and needles. I've got oil running down my silencer and I"m running my bike 32:1. I guess that I'm running it too Rich, right?Well yeah, but it's not because of your oil mix.  You are too "rich" but you need to take fuel away from the bike by allowing less of it to enter the cylinder of your bike.Denser air (more of it) makes your bike fuel lean (less fuel) because now you have more air/pressure but the same amount of fuelDensity altitude is what we are really tuning for.Aviation - Density altitude is pressure altitude corrected for nonstandard temperature. As temperature and altitude increase, air density decreases.Air pressure is reduced at higher elevations - Elevation goes up - bike runs " fuel rich"temperature effects  our carbs - temp goes up - bike runs "fuel rich"Pilot Circuit - idle up to about 1/8th air screw for fine tuning3/4 of turn out to 2.5 "turns out" is a fine rangeIf you have to run the bike at less than 3/4 of a turns out, you will need a bigger pilot jetIf you need to run it more than 2.5 turns out, then you need a smaller pilot jetNeedle Circuit 1/8th to 3/4 throttle - Where it's at!uses clips to fine tune hereMoving the clip UP the needle will allow it to drop down further in the carb which restricts fuel (makes it leaner)Moving the clip DOWN on the needle keeps the needle higher which add fuel (makes it richer)Main Circuit 3/4 throttle and upthere is certainly some cross over here and I'm not saying that it will ONLY effect you at 3/4 throttle, but this is where it mostly comes into play.Support the show (
Karen and Kyle talk about their perspective in the racing so far in this 2021 season.  Sorry it's taken 5 rounds before our first podcast this season!Support the show (
7.3 Hours I feel really comfortable on the bike - familiarLove the electric startBike is really light - 220 lbs - feels like there is nothing there sometimes.  This is a blessing and a curse -  Can put the bike anywhere, but it's moving around down there and you have to flow with it. Swapping from KX250X and the 125 XC yesterday - made the KX feel heavyCarbs - Used 3 carbs already on the bike - lot of tuning already - SC2 carb working the best of all of them so far.It's got plenty of power.... as long as you stay in the power  - not much power down lowThis thing rips in the desert and has no trouble lofting the front wheel over ditches as long as you are in the meat of the power.Highly recommend this bike to several peopleTeenagers moving up to a full sized bikeNewer riders wanting to refine their riding skills and clutch skillsSeasoned riders looking to have a change of pace bike and sharpen the skills that might have dulled over time. - You have to get after it!Support the show (
Winterizing a dirt bike was on my topic list from listeners.  I typed out a few bullet points and then did a google search for this to see if I saw other others, and my video from 2 years ago was the first hit. I forgot that I even did a video on it!  I did see that Rocky Mountain did a video similar to mine a year earlier in 2017, but I didn't watch that until today.  I don't watch very many other dirt bike videos.  I try to avoid it when possible, but I do like to watch some of those RMATV videos.Hope you enjoy the show!Please use my links for RMATV! the show (
Here we go with my full review of the 2020 Sherco 300 SEF Factory.  It's certainly one of my all time favorite 4 stroke enduro bikes.  It's got the best fork valving of any of the bikes I've ridden in the last year.  In the video I will point out several things I really love about the bike and some things that they really need to improve upon.Hopefully this will be helpful to many of you out there. Support the show (
Here are the bikes that we've had over the years.  Many of these overlapped. Honda CRF50F (2)KTM 50 SX (2)Honda CRF110F KTM 65 SXYamaha YZ65Honda CRF125FKTM 85 SXSupport the show (
First 1.5 hours on the bike.  I will have at least 5 more months with the bike so stay tuned, but here are some first notes.Bike feels REALLY Narrow between your legs - like it's not eve there.  That is a great feeling.   Was wearing my knee braces and still could barely feel the bike. Once I turned the fork compression all the way out, the front forks worked pretty well for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th gear riding that I was doing today.  It didn't defect badly when I was in 1st gear for those few times.   Probably a good mix for a go fast bike.  Took 3 clicks of compression out the the slow speed comp on the rear.  This seemed to give the bike a more planted feeling for the choppy rocks and braking bumps I was encountering. The motor is very snappy and "racy".  Feels might more high strung like the YZ250FX did.  Has decent torque down low.  Didn't stall the bike on technical climbs, but I was REALLY careful with my clutch work since it doesn't seem like it's got the grunt of the Sherco 300 SEF.  Makes the front end feel pretty light and playful.  More playful feel than the Sherco, although if I'm going to spend a full day in the slow stuff, give me the Sherco.Loves to corner and carve around berms.  Gave me confidence in my front end.Didn't feel the issue on the 5 speedFuel tank too smallSupport the show (
I want to thank my amazing wife Karen for joining me on this episode and giving us her reasons she thinks that riding dirt bikes is a good thing for many people. These are Karen's top 10 reasons to let your husband buy a dirt bike.  The first three were her top 3 reasons, the rest are in no particular order. 1. It makes him a better man.  He gets to recharge and gives him something to be proud of. This translates over into other areas of his life.2. Keeps him in shape!3. It’s a great way for his to bond with the kids.4. It keeps him mentally sharp.5. He is less likely to be addicted to substances when he’s addicted to his dirt bike.6. He gets to get out and appreciate the beautiful earth we live in and see things most people will never see. 7. It helps him with problem solving, because that IS a skill.  8. Dirt Bikes keep him young.  9. It’s a good stress reliever.10. It’s not as dangerous as you think.  Support the show (
I don’t want to own a good dirt bike… I want a freaking GREAT DIRT BIKE!These days Every major manufacturer (and even some of the really small ones) makes a good dirt bike.  Some of them only make MX bikes, and while I don’t ride MX, I think it’s safe to say that 3 out of the 4 Japanese brands make fantastic MX bikes.  As we move more into the “off road” or enduro bikes, there are even more choices since there are more of us riding these bikes.  Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, KTM, Husvquarna, Sherco, Beta, GasGas, TM designs…..  all these brands make GOOD enduro bikes.  They all do.  But who makes a GREAT bike?  And who gets to decide makes differentiate a good bike from a great bike?  Support the show (
We go over the story behind Dirt Bike Channel's first ever documentary called Leave A Single Track Vol. 1.  I'm really proud of how it turned out. It's about 22 minutes long and documents our 4 day trip in Central Idaho.  Thanks Everyone - KyleShoutout to Chris Bartkowski for working with me on this.  He shot and edited the film. I just paid the bills for it.  You can find him on Instagram @generikalSupport the show (
I get this question a lot in my email.  So many guys love the YZ250X since it’s a great platform, great motor, great forks, and it’s a cheaper bike than some of the others. Lets get another thing out of the way, I didn’t like the YZ250X,  I LOVED my 2017 YZ250X… go back and watch the review I did on it.  GLOWING remarks at the time.  We'll set aside the fact that the Yamaha YZ250X is literally a 2004- 2006 YZ250 (16-18 years old) with an 18" rear wheel, lower compression motor, a little extra flywheel weight, Kickstand, and a weird spaced 5 speed gear box that doesn’t really work that great anywhere.  $7600 vs $10,000 - $2400 cheaper on the Yami, but it’s 18 model years older! I’ll take the KTM 250XC any day of the week and twice on Saturday! This podcast will help you understand why that is.Order your Parts from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC using this link to support DBC the show (
Here are some of my thoughts after riding the bike for 10 hours. This is NOT my full review. Needs improvement  -  Air filter is hard to get in there - could easily be installed wrong and suck dirt oil filler is right under the hot exhaust - hard to do without burning battery is down below airbox.  Good luck jumping this bike if needed Have to remove skid plate to change oil, since oil plug are on the bottom The bike makes me sore??? Super easy to bend radiators  Rear brake sticks too far out Didn’t love stock pegs The grips are too hard. Cut them off after the first ride.  Good - Skid plate bolts to frame front and rear Forks are great Motor not too snappy but great for single track. Spark arrested in factory model Radiator fan on factory model Turns really quick Feels really light Noticed-  Fork height  Starts better when you give throttle  Clutch pull heavier Support the show (
On the podcast today we have  Dr. Jacob Kap PT, DPT.  He specializes in orthopedics and sports medicine physical therapy as well as strength/conditioning and human performance.  He is also a dirt bike rider and has some interesting things to talk about to us today. You can reach him here:mountainstrongspine@gmail.comIf there are any law enforcement listeners interested in PT or strength training they can contact him at Extremis Performance at jlabhart@inextremis.usSupport the show (
Still have to pay tax on the bike either way.New bikeYou pay a lot for the bike up front.  - Boo! MUCH easier to find what you want when it’s new.  Dealers have them all over.  Might need to drive a couple of hours though. You know everything that has happened with the bike.  Not inheriting someone else problems.  Some bikes do have a 30 day warrantee.  If something goes wrong, a good dealer will back it up.  If you find a great dealer, they  will back it up even with no warrantee from the manufacturer.  Easier to install protective items when new.  Bent parts are hard to work with sometimes.  They lose the most amount of money in that first year or so.  Just know that going into this. 1-3 year old bikes sell for more money used, Recoup that money and put it toward the next bike. Say you spent 10 Grand on the bike and rode it for 2 years and sold for $7500.  If you had saved $105 each month to your new bike fund, you have the money you need for the next new bike.  A new bike every 2 years is really nice. Used bikeYou pay less for the bike up front - Yah! BUT you enlisted yourself in a part time job to find it.     20-80 hours searching on craigslist or other classified.. days after day… week after week…. Month after month. 3-12 hours driving around looking at bikes In the end, you buy a bike you are not totally sacrificed with only because of the time commitment you already used.  Buyers fatigue sets in! It’s a choice… do you want to pay the money up front, or earn it over a month or 3? Awkward negotiations  The buyer will try to get his money out of all the aftermarket parts he put on the bike.  They don’t matter much in price, so do pay him for them.  (Honda accord example) At after you ride the used bike for 2-3 years, it hasn’t depreciated as much as the new bike, but it’s no spring chicken either.  Sometimes these bikes can sell quickly, but you are dealing with a younger crowd and a lot of tire kickers, that don’t really have the money.  They will want to organize a lot of trades.Support the show (
Technique has gotten better You see things more clearly and know what is going to happen That means you anticipate it and use it to your advantage You shift your weight better  - so much of this is your body position Line choice is better now Your tolerance level is higher Things that you used to think were horrible are now not really even noticeable - you realize the chassis can handle so much more - you've seen it a thousand times You are looser or more free on the bike - free flowing and light Suspension is better now For many of us, we started on MX bikes with MX suspension Manufacturers have started to realize that most of use don’t need suspension for crusty demons of dirt episode 17 - we want the suspension to move out of the way For me, I’m using TUbliss with only 6-8 lbs of pressure now… not 15 lbs - don’t over pressure! Support the show (
Here is what my riding pack has in it today.  I have broken it down to 4 main categories.  Hopefully you find this helpful.SurvivalWater 3 litersFood/snacks Phone Garmin in-reach Fire starter (2) Magnesum stick - lighter Fire starting fuel Life Bivy Life Straw Rain jacket (weather dependent) ToolsSteel Stick Master link Screw Drivers Plug kit for Tubliss Tire iron for tubes Pliers - wire cutter Tire gauge Tire pump Sockets Allen keys (wrenches) End wrenches Wrench for axle Y handle sockets driver Lighter Zip ties Tow strap Bungee tie straps Extra levers Spark plug Medical packIsrael bandage Gauze for bleeding Athlectic tape Regular bandages  Athletic wrap Skin glue Clotting sponge Ibuprofen - medication MISCWipes for my goggles Trail saw Drone Camera Helmet light for emergencies and night rides Extra gloves Wet wipes Battery pack for phone and GPS Support the show (
Wow, the supercross season is over.  That was crazy!  Tomac is finally a 450 SX champ, Sexton defends his 250 east title, and Ferrandis defends the 250 west title.  Karen and Kyle break it all down and solve all of the mysteries of life while doing it. Support the show (
My lovely wife and I break down what our family saw tonight with the racing!  Don't ask questions, just listen.  ONE more race to go!  Have a great week everyone!  Support the show (
Karen and Kyle break down the racing here at SLC #3.  Hats are off to Tomac and Webb.  They were on a different level than EVERYONE ELSE today.Support the show (
Today we bring on Luke Bowman.  He is a pilot in the search and rescue department here in Utah.  Luke rides dirt bikes and has been working for the Department of Public Safety  in Utah for 10 years.  They fly multiple missions per week in the back country and he’s got some interesting things to tell us about how the missions work and things we can do to be better prepared.   Enjoy the show! Support the show (
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Rebecca Kjar

I live and ride in Utah and was delighted to find your podcast! Especially during the 2020 season. I work by the stadium and live close too. I was able to hear the bikes rev! I own a Honda XR 80 and was wondering if you have any local maintenance and repair shop recommendations. Thanks for your hard work and time. Keep on riding!

Jun 22nd

Mikael Oja

I have been following you on Youtube for a couple of years, and I really enjoy the stuff you put out. The same goes for this podcast, awesome stuff man! 👍🏻

Feb 3rd

Russ Reames

I laughed out loud at the comment of Beta owners being similar to Subaru owners.😂

Jan 27th

Adj Rasta

Your one of the only few bike youtube channels i like and now glad your doing podcasts as i hve something else to listen to in traffic aside from joe rogan. thanks mate from Australia

Dec 5th

Andrew Schwanekamp

Really appreciated this episode. I've been trying to get my wife into riding, especially since we just had a baby daughter. I plan on trying to get the whole family out on bikes someday so they can share in my passion for bikes!

Nov 7th
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Jonathan Richardson

The KTM Freerides are also a good option for a beginner

Oct 30th

Dirt Bikes & Ice Hockey

Nailed it again, as expected

Oct 21st
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