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Disc Golf tips and advice from 2010 Pro World Champion Eric McCabe. You can submit your Disc Golf questions at and have them answered on the podcast.
193 Episodes
While Bobby was in WACO, TX for the WACO Annual Charity Open and was able to catch up with some players and talk with them about what is going on in their lives.  In this interview Tina discusses how she started her Whale Sacs business and how it's going in the midst of the pandemic. She also touches on the growth of women's disc golf.  Be sure to follow Tina' story: - Whalepants
In this first episode of Preparing for Disc Golf Tournaments, Anthony takes us out from the dregs of winter. Episode 1 is all about pre-planning when you have a month, or many months, to get ready for your tournament.
Danny brings us the hot take this week: Every round 1 Feature Card at big events should have an Average Joe Player. 
Bobby, Anthony, and Danny answer your disc golf questions.  Submit your questions at
Follow Chris' story on Instagram. @ddclemonade
Ep 355 Disc Golf Answer Man

Ep 355 Disc Golf Answer Man


Bobby and Anthony are back from Texas States Championships presented by Latitude 64. Danny joins them to recap the event and to answer your disc golf questions.
Follow Jon's journey on Instagram. @jonnicholson_dg
Road to DDO Episode 1

Road to DDO Episode 1


This is episode one of the Road to DDO. A special podcast series to help you learn more about the Dynamic Discs Open.  If you would like to hear all the episodes you can click here or search for Road to DDO wherever you listen to podcasts. 
Bobby and Anthony are down in Texas for the Texas States Open. We are staying in an AirBnb with Chris Clemons, Eric Oakley, and Jon Nicholson so we decided to record a podcast episode.  You will want to listen to this episode a couple of times as there is so much good info. 
Follow Eric Oakley's Journey on Instagram @theericoakley
Danny gives his opinion on Tone Poles over baskets.  Let us know your thoughts in the DGAM Facebook Group.
The fourth, and final episode of Anthony's disc golf tournament prep series takes us through the day of our event. What should your morning routine look like? Anthony takes us through his tournament day routine, as well as calling Danny Lindahl, Doug Bjerkaas, and Eric McCabe to also get their routines.
Anthony, Danny, and Eric give a recap of WACO, talk about the upcoming Monkey Island Open event happening in Emporia, Kansas, and answer your disc golf questions. All of this without Bobby. 
Road to DDO

Road to DDO


The Dynamic Discs Open formerly called the Glass Blown Open is more than just a disc golf event, it is an experience. Bobby is introducing a new podcast series that is designed to help you get prepared for the tournament so that you make the most of your time in Emporia, Kansas. If you are not attending the event you can still listen and learn about this unique disc golf event and why you need to add it to your disc golf bucket list. Search Road to DDO wherever you listen to audio content. 
This third episode of Anthony's Tournament Prep Series takes us through the last week before our event. How can we prepare to perform our best, with just a matter of days left to go? Tune in and find out Anthony's last-minute preparation tips!
Quite a few of you have requested the audio version of some of our tutorial videos so you could listen while doing other activities.  You can watch the video here.  Be sure to follow Chris' story on Instagram - @DDClemonade
In this second episode of Anthony's tournament prep podcast, he goes over dialing in your gameplan, if/then scenarios, and what to do when you are approximately a month out from your first disc golf tournament back.
Ep 352 Disc Golf Answer Man

Ep 352 Disc Golf Answer Man


Eric McCabe is out on a disc golf course design assignment so Bobby, Danny, and Anthony are stepping up to help you become a better disc golfer with answers to your disc golf questions.
Ep 351 Disc Golf Answer Man

Ep 351 Disc Golf Answer Man


We discuss the affects of cold weather on getting distance, practicing with intentionality, the growth of disc golf, and much more.   
A packed episode with Bobby, Anthony, and Danny.  We answer what felt like a million questions. Anthony kicks off the DGAM Fantasy Disc Golf League over at We discuss Paul McBeth not being rated number 1 in the world. Ultiworld.DiscGolf's dive into old disc golf videos. Danny has is crazy disc golf ideas that were submitted by fans. 
Comments (9)

Robert Cade-Dahmen

Robert and Eric always argue that ratings don't matter. But then they argue that Winthrop should be adjusted so it can be a rated round.

Dec 17th

Samuel Martin

I'm bb

Jul 31st

Nasticus Natemazeae

enjoy your show, about Eric and the headphone thing I must pipe in just to call him out for being as idiotic/asshole as the folks he's complaining about... paying attention and staying engaged properly with the group and having headphones are two separate issues. Don't police basic freedoms that dont interfere with you... police the true offenders dont punish everyone with bullshit policies.

Feb 16th

R. Wagoner

Worst attempt at a non-commercial, commercial I have ever heard regarding the app. Other than that, I love you guys but the app thing sucks.

Jun 6th


love the show ! Team Avair though!!!

Jan 3rd


this helpet me

Apr 23rd

Reginald Rowe

Go Dawgs

Jan 3rd

Jaysbfatt Greeney

This pod cast has helped improve my game tremendously. If your a newbie THIS WILL HELP YOU PUT A LIL EXTRA ONION ON YOUR THROW! IF your a vet you can still get a few QUICK TIPS that can improve your score.

Nov 20th

Brian Richards

Good show. Great tips, fun & funny atmosphere! Little editing makes it feel more conversational. If you like disc golf and talking about disc golf, this is pretty cool. They did recently add commercials and not a fast paced show, but I really like it

Oct 23rd
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