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The Discipleship Parenting podcast is not Christian parenting tips. It's diving into the Bible, applying it to our lives, and learning how to live it out and pass it on to our children. As parents, our kids hear what we say, but, more importantly, they see what we do. In today's world, more than ever, our children need us to show them the true life and adventure found in following Jesus.
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Episode 74: Women, Rise Up!

Episode 74: Women, Rise Up!


Ladies, there are so many outlets in the world telling us that it's our time to rise up. As a Christian woman, I agree! Let's rise up and let God lead us to a life of strength, beauty and purpose.
How do we grow in our faith as a husband and wife? How do we teach our kids to know the Bible? How do we overcome the constant messages of the world all day, every day? It all starts with opening up the Bible and spending time with God.
Armies, and giants, and storms, oh my! We are not the first people to have fears. Yet, throughout the Bible God tells us not to fear. How is this possible? Find out in this podcast episode.
In this podcast series, we are looking at incredible stories from the Bible where God shows us through his actions that He is completely capable of handling the areas in our lives that cause us to worry. In this episode, we focus on provision, which is a concern that we all wrestle with during life. Find peace and encouragement as we remind ourselves that our heavenly Father watches over us and provides for our daily needs.
There is one consistent factor in all the impossibly awesome stories of the Bible: God. We have an incredible, all-powerful God that hasn’t changed. Let’s live with complete faith in our God that he is capable of doing the impossible in our life over the obstacles we are facing.
God gave us a burden for what is happening in the next generation of the Church. Do you share it with us? Perhaps the statistics are still just statistics for you. But what if they were kids you know - kids in your own church, kids in your own family? In this podcast we want to put faces to the numbers because it's important that we realize this fight impacts all of us. Let's rise up together for the next generation!
In an increasingly unbelieving culture that knows less and less about the Bible, how do we, as Christians, live as a watchman? And how do we speak without fear and in love? Let’s turn to God’s Word for the answers.
Episode 67: Family Watchman

Episode 67: Family Watchman


Christians are called to be a watchman and today we discuss what that looks like in our families. It's not easy to have tough conversations with our spouse or children. Yet, it is crucial we share God's truth with them in love. So, how do we do it?
Episode 66: Watchman

Episode 66: Watchman


We all have many titles and responsibilities in life. As a Christian, you can add one more to your list: watchman. In a culture that is in grave spiritual danger, God is asking all Christians to be the watchman, sharing his message of love and repentance for our sins.
Be encouraged, Bride, your victorious, glorious Bridegroom is returning soon! This truth gives us freedom, hope, joy, power, and boldness as we live to do God's work. We are loved! We are forgiven! We know the victory is near!
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