DiscoverDiscovering North America Through the Senses
Discovering North America Through the Senses
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Discovering North America Through the Senses

Author: Ana

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This is a travel tale of one family who was locked down for too long and desired freedom. Come join our family and explore with us as we begin our travels in Texas and the United States. This adventure will take us through Canada and back to the U.S. into Alaska and back again. Come with us while we explore the food, culture, sound, history, its natural wilderness and make small positive changes along the way.
12 Episodes
Mesa Verde, Colorado

Mesa Verde, Colorado


A home to many native americans built in the clifs of a mesa in Colorado. These dwellings bring back a past nearly forgotten by its ancestors. With multiple routes to explore one leading to petroglyphs, another to the land below and a third to the dwellings themselves. Here was our adventure, oops! We did it again. www.aflashbackllc.comIG: at:
Cloudcroft New Mexico

Cloudcroft New Mexico


Come and join us in the discovery of Cloudcroft New Mexico, In this episode you hear the sounds of the hummingbirds in the backgrounds as well as other local birds. Learn about what there is to see and explore in the area and some of the people you could meet. Come enjoy this area with us and hopefully explore yourself. www.aflashbackllc.comIG: at:
In order to gain experience and learn from others we have to communicate with those we meet and that can bring value in our lifes. In this episode we talk with Julie and Will about what they learned, why they opened the farm, what homeschooling they used and why, as well as places they recomend for travel. Come with us and get to know them and what they have to offer, as well as recomeded places they have traveled and what to expect in the future in Sasquatch Farm. www.aflashbackllc.comIG: at:
In Honor of Brain Cancer Awareness Month, we interview Author, Editor, and Songwriter Doris Siu. With her work she brings awareness to the cause through her book, "Hold on Please, Emily", and her collaboration with musical artist Kromatix_  to bring the songs in her book to life.  We also talk about the culture in and around Toronto Canada, and my favorite comfort food, fries. www.aflashbackllc.comIG: at:
Who won the bet? Who knew driving RV's was so easy, (Full sarcasm here). We give you a review of the process of picking up the RV and a small review of the 2021 Entegra Aspire, a purchase made online with lots of research. We also discuss our saving grace parking location in Tennesse at Sasquash Farm, after a difficult 24 hours. It was an adventure to remember. www.aflashbackllc.comIG: at:
Delays caused by mother nature to the expectation of the future. On this episode we talk about the delays of the motor home, to long wait times for passport applications, and traveling to Canada. The thrill and exitment is dindling but are hopefull it will come back soon. www.aflashbackllc.comIG: at:
The process has begun

The process has begun


Purchasing a Jeep, RV, doctors appointments and shows keep us busy. Come join us in catching up after the crazy freeze in February. www.aflashbackllc.comIG: at:
The Preparation

The Preparation


Cosidering what you need to do prior to a vacation can be simple, but preparing for a year long travel experience takes time, add to that children and a business, things can get complicated. It take a lot of planning and preparation. In this episode we discuss what we have found are things we have considered priorities in the preparation processes, and we get a little more personal.www.aflashbackllc.comIG: at:
Come with us as we begin the journey through North America and share it with you by using your five senses. We will begin with the preperations prior to leaving and share with you ideas, recipes, culture, and sounds of the areas which we visit. This journey will take us from Texas to Canada an then Alaska. Come on the adventure! www.aflashbackllc.comIG: at:
A great find for the ones who try to get away from technology and the world. A location for star gazing, nature viewing and peaceful nights. Slumgullion Pass is a gem hidden in the San Juan Mountains in Colorado. Come here my story of our stay. www.aflashbackllc.comIG: at:
Chama, New Mexico

Chama, New Mexico


A diamond in the ruff and well hidden gem. The Town of Chama is a great stop for some peaceful relaxation, wildlife viewing and incredible hikes. www.aflashbackllc.comIG: at:
Even the best of prepers make mistakes. We ill prepared for a hike at enchanted rock on a rainy day that ended up with sunny skies. Two hours turned to 6 but we made it through. Come hear the details. www.aflashbackllc.comIG: at:
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