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Divorced, Happy & Successful
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Divorced, Happy & Successful

Author: Divorce recovery, divorce and kids, divorce happiness, success and spiritual growth. Helping parents find happiness and peace after divorce every day.

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My divorce podcast is a podcast created for you, parents who want to build a better life for yourself and your kids after divorce. Divorced at 35, I realized that I was miserable, confused and completely unhappy with my life. I believed I was a failure and that I was letting myself and my young son down. And I desperately wanted to change that. So I committed myself to turning my life around and figuring out how to make myself happy. Since that time I've spent thousands of hours ready, studying and working with coaches who have helped me find joy and the success in my life that I wanted. I'd love to share with you what I've learned in hopes that it will help you. If I can do it, you can do it too! Each episode covers specific topics that directly affect your post divorce success. The do's, the don'ts, pitfalls, hurdles and so much more. Most importantly, each episode concludes with an actionable step you can implement in your life TODAY that will elevate the essential physical, mental and spiritual aspects of your life.
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It's a fresh start. Don't fall back into your old patterns. Do this instead...
337 What Inspires You?

337 What Inspires You?


In your darkest hour all we have is what inspires us. What inspires you? if you want help finding hope...
Can we live without dysfunction?
Visit for help with your post divorce emotional recovery.
Visit for help with emotionally recovering from divorce
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