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Raw, real, hilarious, and insightful conversations by women of color for women of color to educate, inform, affirm, celebrate, aspire, inspire, and empower eachother.
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In this episode of Tweet This!, host Charli recaps June 26th's episode of Queen Sugar.
In this Rising with Phoenix rant, co-host Phoenix has something to say to our beloved followers concerning the latest news that blacks are disproportionately affected by COVID-19/Coronavirus and the like, health and financial disparities, being greater than, and taking control of the narrative.
Charli, Kay, and Phoenix discuss J. Holliday's latest Instagram rant about Beyonce, Cardi B, and Sza, Monique's call for a Netflix boycott, Loretta Patton being sent back after sending for April Ryan, and Essence Evans' quest to teach her five-year-old daughter about financial responsibility.
Hosts Charli, Kay, and Phoenix are back to discuss the Super Bowl Half-time show, Philadelphia's celebratory parade, Stacey Dash's political aspirations, San Francisco's move to reverse misdemeanor charges stemming from marijuana possession, and Jacob Copeland's mother walking out during his College Signing Day event. Grab your girls and get ready to do better, sis.
Hosts Charli, Kay, and Phoenix discuss relationships: who, what, and why, sis.  They ask the burning question is marriage still practical, who do you have on your team, are you protecting yourself in longterm relationships? Listen for a bonus episode coming up later this week.
In this bonus episode titled, "Hella Random with Charli, Kay and Phoneix", we continue the conversation from episode three about relationships, riding for our friends, forgiveness, checking on your loved ones, too-tight Timberland boots, and more.
Hosts Charli, Kay, and Phoenix chat it up about everything from men's natural hair hangups, boycotting, recent racial discrimination incidents at both Starbucks and Cheddar's, building, religion, men with disconnected beards (LOL), and so much more.
Black girl magic and dope artist/poet, Krystal Kantrell sits down with host Kay to discuss her book currently available, "Grimoire of a Black Girl". Kay and Krys discuss the inspiration for the book, upcoming plans, HBCUs, being a shy creative, and much more. For the full interview, read more at
Co-hosts Charli and Kay get together to discuss television shows they tweet weekly. Sit back and listen to this cackle session as they discuss American Soul, Boomerang and Black Lightning.
Hosts Charli and Phoenix (let's not forget the crickets) sip wine and catch up on the front porch to discuss topics including religion and sexuality, twerking, the Green Rush, depression, and so much more.
Dope businesswoman Tanisha Hall of In All Series-Ness joins the Do Better, Sis Podcast to discuss breaking into the board game industry with The Hillman Game. Listen as they discuss standing in your truth as an entrepreneur, the importance of the youth seeing themselves in board games, the inspiration behind The Hillman Game, what we can expect from In All Series-Ness in the future, and so much more.
Dope businesswoman Kisha Dixon of Rebalance 2 Transform joins the Do Better, Sis podcast to discuss personal and fitness training, total body workouts, fad diets, intermittent fasting, virtual training, and much more. Listen and get this work from Kisha as she schools the ladies on fitness and total body health.
2019 has been about securing the bag for us and we met one of the dopest women in the game, The Queen Coin, Stephanie Hoist. Sis, get your pen and pad and join us as we discuss how to not only secure but save the bag, get yourself in the best financial shape with Stephanie's 50/30/20 worksheet, discover your financial personality, and so much more.
You've heard us dish about the amazing soy candles from hot.thang.candles on social media and now you get to meet the beauty and brains behind the brand. After daydreaming a way out of her 9-5 and channeling her love for healthy non-toxic candles, owner Zakia has created not only a dope brand but a movement. Get into her reasons why, what's next for the brand, and much more! Oh and we're just in time for the launch of the Erotic Collection. Visit and use promo HOTTHANG10 for 10% off your first order over $50.
It's time for another Dope Businesswoman segment and this time we had the pleasure of interviewing dope businesswoman Maurda B. Maudra is a veteran of the Public Health industry, specializing in Maternal and Child Health both in the United States and Internationally. Join us as we discuss black women's relationship with healthcare, interconception care, self-care tips and tricks, and advocating for yourself.
You aren't ready for the latest episode of our Dope Businesswoman segment, sis. We jumped in the studio with Farmer Cee Clarenda Stanley of Green Heffa Farms with the intent to discuss breaking into the green rush/hemp farming. Little did we know she would hold a masterclass on life, doing better, representation and reclamation, organic hemp farming, equity in the space, best practices when farming, and so much more. Turn up the volume as Farmer Cee drops gems honey and gathers the ladies of the Do Better, Sis Podcast!
Sis, we're back with season three and Charli hijacks the podcast to ramble about A Fall from Grace, Power, Cherish the Day, and The Photograph. Get ready for season three!
What happens when you mix hosts Charli, Kay, and Phoenix along with too much Crown Black and red wine? Listen as the hosts ramble while a bit too tipsy about Zaya Wade, Tyler Perry's A Fall From Grace, gospel music, and some other ish we can't remember.
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