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Do Less God Bless

Author: Trey Kennedy & Jake Triplett

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Trey Kennedy is a comedian and content creator who's generated tens of millions of views with his comedic skits. While he's always been in front of the camera, the same guy has been behind it, Jake Triplett. These two have been creating content together for years and now they're creating a podcast! The Do Less God Bless podcast breaks down their bizarre social media comedy lives, the "Do Less" moments happening all around us, and much more. Tune in to this weekly, family-friendly comedic show every Friday as these two fairly mature 20 somethings in the midwest give their takes on what's happening today. For advertising opportunities please email We wanna make the podcast even better, help us learn how we can:

3 Episodes
On this episode Trey and Jake discuss some interesting tennis opponents. Also how world famous might not mean world famous. They give their takes on the upcoming boxing match and much more!
In the premiere episode, Trey and Jake discuss how Trey’s neighbors think they’re lame, the curves of Covid vs Kim K’s, Lizzo is in shape and Jake’s Target poop. All this and much more!
Introducing the newest podcast from Trey Kennedy and Jake Triplett. Trey and Jake are influencers who have noticed everyone being a bit over-the-top lately, and they have something to say about it. Join them weekly as they discuss everything weird from all four corners of the internet, as well as their life behind the social media presence, touring the country doing comedy and everything else under the sun... except politics.
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