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Author: 'B' - Bethany Clemenson

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Welcome to "Do The Thing" – the podcast where we strip away the superficialities and get real about turning your dreams into reality. If you're weary of the repetitive mindset and motivational talk that never quite hits home, you're in the right place. I'm not your typical coach. I've walked the walk, and I continue to walk it every day. Everything I share with you is tried, tested, and proven – not just theories, but real strategies that have reshaped my life and the lives of thousands I've had the privilege to help.
Join me on this journey, and let’s do this- one step at a time!
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Inside this episode, I share an exercise that has helped me and my clients see their self-imposed limits I can't wait to hear what comes up for you You are SO Powerful - it's time to get real about what is limiting you. The Circle Membership- Trifecta - Hybrid Group and 1:1 Coaching Program
We use our imagination all day. Our mind doesn't know the difference between real and imagined so why not use that to be intentional. Inside this episode I share a story about how being intentional about saying who I was every day, got an extraordinary result! I also share my unnatural fear of spiders :) The link to get the I Am statement I talk about is Here: Want more information on the Trifecta hybrid private and group program - click here Thanks for Listening! ~B
The choice is all yours. Every moment. Every day. - *this episode audio is taken from an IG Live Our automatic thinking determines what we believe about ourselves and the world every day. It's great if we are feeling good and getting the results we want but if you find yourself stuck, feeling frustrated or irritable, or not getting the results you want in your's time to look at your thinking. Thanks for being here - don't forget to subscribe Live on YOUR Terms ~B P.S. The Circle Membership is not accepting new members. Try it 30 days free and pay $37 monthly after that Click HERE for more info
This is JUICY!   This episode is taken from a discussion that I had with my sister, Amanda Weber, who is also a certified coach, about expectations and disappointment inside The Circle Membership (hence the "Hey Circlers" greeting at the beginning) I felt like the whole interaction and perspectives needed to be shared here, too. In this convo we talk openly about disappointment and the thoughts that keep us in a cycle of expectation and disappointment.  Also - in the discussion, Amanda shares her thoughts about her husband unloading the groceries and her not being available to help (because she was talking with me). She had a full story about what he was thinking and feeling and after the call, she talked with him and learned he wasn't thinking or feeling anything negative towards her. It was her own expectation and pressure internally wasn't even "real" outside of her own thoughts. If you enjoyed this deep-level discussion, check out the Circle Membership where this kind of thing is the norm! Thanks for being here and listening!  Don't forget to subscribe so you never miss an episode! ~B
Inside this episode, Marcus shares his story of growing up poor surrounded by loss, tragedy, dysfunction and struggle to become the man he is today. Marcus is a powerful storyteller and motivator. You can connect with Marcus below: IG: Other Links: Thanks for listening today! Don't forget to subscribe so you never miss an episode! Here's the link to the Addition by Subtraction Workshop happening on March 31st, 2022 @ 6p CDT Want to stay connected between episodes?  Get on the newsletter mailing list>
Hey There, We have a lot of new faces around here and I thought it was time to share a bit about my story. I simply sat down and shared from my heart.  I am passionate about helping you transition from a place of feeling stuck into a thriving life on YOUR terms.  I've been there and know what it feels like. If you're ready for your next steps, reach out to me directly at or you can join my free Addition by Subtraction Workshop happening March 31st at 6pm CST CLICK HERE for details and to sign up. As always - thanks for listening ~B P.S. Don't forget to subscribe and leave a review!
Do you feel like you are walking through hell with gasoline pants on when it comes to making things work in your biz or your life? Check out this short episode about how to notice the difference in ideas, connection to new ideas, and the feeling of alignment. Thanks for listening! Check Out More about The Circle Membership:
In this episode, I go through a quick list of 13 things you need to let go of and share what happens when you do! Questions to ask yourself for reflections: 1. Which ones do I need to let go of 2. Why am I hanging on 3. What is one next step I can take to let go Brene Brown's Blame Video We are diving into this in a deeper way in the free Addition by Subtraction Workshop on March 31st at 6pm CDT This workshop is a 2-hour event where we do the work inside and you leave with an action plan specific to you. Find out more and sign up at
Yes, that's right...only 2 people!!! Thanks for being here!  Hope you enjoy this short episode about advice Don't forget to subscribe so you never miss an episode
Listen as Dave takes us through the steps he took to face his desire for more, take action on that desire, and turn it into a highly successful multi-faceted business!  If you are thinking there is a better way to use your gifts but don't know how to take the steps to get there, Dave drops some great tips in this episode.  As he shares, you can clearly see how his consistent action brings clarity and results over time. Dave Gambrill helps others unleash their awesome through executive coaching, leadership consulting and corporate training. He also has a special knack for helping his colleagues monetize their message online through tribe building and digital assets. You can learn more in his Digital Marketing Mentorship Facebook Group at  Be sure to subscribe to Dialed IN!  so you don't miss an episode:)
I wish I could put a video here to show you my excitement for this episode!  I promise you that after listening to Melanie, you will feel better about yourself. She just has that magical power. Melanie is a multi-passionate entrepreneur who owns three businesses Melanie Massey Physical Therapy, MoCo Leadership, and MoJoy Studio. All three business are thriving and highly successful. Melanie uses her gifts and talents to help others discover and use theirs and the ripple effect is positively incredible! I asked Melanie to be a guest on the Big Life series because she is a ball of positive life-giving energy! She is one of those people that make you feel like a better human – just because you spent time with them. I love her heart to serve others using her gifts and talents and can’t wait for you to hear her journey of living big. Melanie talks about her upcoming retreat  - check out more information HERE!  It will be incredible. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thanks for listening and don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss an episode. Know someone that's living a Big Life that I should talk to?  Email me at
Want direct action-focused steps to live big??   You've GOT to listen to Allison talk about her journey, her tribe, approval, confidence, and more... Allison Liddle provides clients massive results, strategic vision, and creative solutions to their challenges. Liddle is an award-winning entrepreneur and a 2x bestselling author that teaches from experience on how to build sustainable businesses and organizations. Allison is a faculty member on The John Maxwell Team who speaks about leadership, change, and communication. She knows how to engage teams to move forward quickly and get massive results. Her bestselling books, "Life Under Construction" and “The Art of Imperfect Action” highlight useful lessons people can apply in their lives to set and achieve larger goals, find life/work balance, and dream bigger! Find Allison on social media and sure to connect with her through her website Prefer to connect through podcast>>>Check our Allison's Launch Podcast *Don't forget to subscribe to Dialed IN!  so you don't miss an episode xo B
Check out Eric G Reids story of Living a Big Life in this episode.  Eric talks candidly about his struggles to be everything that everyone else wanted of him and how he began living true to himself.  If you wrestle with pleasing people or doing things you were told to do to live up to other's expectations....this episode is for you. Eric G Reid is committed to your success. His mission to impact people and help them to take their life and their business to the next level. To see individuals get more of what they want out of life. To truly help you Live Life With Success. He believes that success in any area of life, be it business, financial, health or relationship starts with mastering your habits and controlling your mindset. I’ve seen how Eric pours into the lives of others on a consistent basis in a real and authentic way. He takes you deep into things that we all struggle with but may not always talk about in a way that is encouraging, direct, and fun! Connect with Eric on his Facebook page HERE Be sure to get on his email list for weekly communication on how to live your Success Life Thanks for listening -  xo B
Mandy is the founder of a ministry called Nurture her Soul which is a community for all women regardless of their faith walk. Mandy creates unique experiences to meet God wherever you are through teachings, sharing, connection, and conversation. Mandy lives in Iowa but does events nationwide! Mandy and her family love to travel and bring the message to you! I’ve attended her events and heard her speak and it’s like sitting down with a long-time friend, laughing, sharing, and getting real! She also has online Soulinars that are brand new! Mandy will share more about those and more at the end of our time together. Connect with Mandy on Facebook or on her website Nurture Her Soul Thanks for listening  - Don't forget to subscribe to Dialed IN! so you don't miss a thing! XO B
Jenna is the founder and chief empowerment officer of Attract. Engage. Inspire. Jenna’s passion is helping business and individuals grow. She does that through speaking, leading workshops and conducting training sessions. Jenna also has a one-on-one individualized mentoring program. Connect with Jenna HERE I’ve got to tell you – Jenna is a POWERHOUSE! She is skilled at stepping outside her comfort zone in order to live a Big Life. You’ll want to grab a pen and paper to write down the wisdom she shares today! Here are just a few nuggets from this time with Jenna Feeling stuck can be a great jumping-off point to living big Small Hinges Swing Big Doors - changing your life begins with small changes Be Present - Give full attention to others  Go deep with quiet time to think (not just experience your thought) Thanks for listening - Don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss another episode!
It was such a treat speaking with Andy Hall!  His story from a corporate career in retail in the UK to highly successful coach and speaker is full of twists and turns.  Andy's story shows us how risk is necessary to live big!   Find Andy on Facebook @andyhallcoaching  and on his website.  Thanks for listening-
This episode features coach Krista Resnick.  Krista shares her journey and how she went from living on autopilot to living a life she loved!  Grab your pen and paper for this'll want to catch the wisdom Krista gives out! ----------------- Krista Lynn Resnick is a life coach and creator/founder of The Selfish Badass Movement- she helps women who want it all get it all by developing radical self-love and putting themselves on their own calendar. She also helps women ditch dieting and love the skin they’re in. 💗 >>Check out this free webinar from Krista where she walks through the 7 Step System to be a Selfish Badass Thanks for listening! B Check out the SHift Intensive MiniCourse - It starts live June 21st but you can join and catch all the lessons and replays -
It's one thing to talk about staying Dialed IN! and living your best life and a whole other to actually do it!  In this episode, Michelle shares part of her story and how she figured out what living big means to her and the steps she took to get there. Grab your pen and paper because Michelle is leaving nuggets of wisdom!    Michelle Burkhard is the Owner of Grow By 1; a business built to serve and increase clients’ ability to lead themselves and others well.  She received a B.S. Degree in Elementary Education and a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education from Central Michigan University. She is a PhD candidate at Walden University.  Her specialty is Assessment, Evaluation, & Accountability. Her experience includes extensive work in the education and business fields for over 20 years, and she is a highly requested speaker and trainer around the United States.  Her coaching clients span several fields of study around the US and the international arena. Her passion for seeing others reach their own personal and professional goals fuels her work as a coach.  When not studying or serving others, she enjoys actively engaging at home with her husband Josh of 17 years, and her three children, Josiah, Hannah, and Eliana. Connect with Michelle at and on her podcast  Connect with Bethany here to stay up to date about upcoming podcasts, speaking/training events, and more!
This episode dives into how our attachment connects to our pain. Get your pen and paper ready!  There are steps to take to reduce disappointment in your life. Want to know more... sign up for the weekly blog? Live Big, B
HI!  I'm Bethany Clemenson.  Welcome to Dialed IN!  I believe that each of us has the ability to live big and fulfilling lives. It all starts with the awareness that you CAN live big and then desire to take action!  I'm thrilled to have you on this journey. Thanks for listening and for sharing this podcast with someone you know. Don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss an episode! Go here to sign up for the insider list so you are in the know about how to stay Dialed IN! and Living Big! Live Big, B