DiscoverDo the Woo - A WooCommerce Podcast
Do the Woo - A WooCommerce Podcast

Do the Woo - A WooCommerce Podcast

Author: Bob Dunn aka BobWP

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Conversations with WooCommerce community developers, designers and agencies who build websites, services and products for WooCommerce.
101 Episodes
When we hit 100 episodes it’s time for questions and celebration
Listen in to an interesting deep-dive into load testing your WooCommerce shop.
Bet has a deep passion for accessibility. This is filled with stories, insights and tips for both WooCommerce and WordPress sites in general.
Patrick talks about the WooCommerce space over the years, the rebranding of his agency Mindsize and the potential WooCommerce has.
in 2007 three guys, two from South Africa and one from Norway got together when an idea to start a theme shop called WooThemes. Well, one thing led to another.
In this episode we chat with Marieke, CEO at Yoast SEO about eCommerce SEO, building plugins and local SEO.
Noëlle Steegs is one of those rare freelancers that jumped on WordPress and WooCommerce at the same time. And the rest is history.
This tip-filled episode results from a threaded tweet based on someone who share what they wish they had known when they started their eCommerce site.
Michael designs and codes and brings a unique talent that is truly a commodity for the ecosystem.
Sharon Yates, owner of Creative Mouse Studio, chats with us about her experience in the tech industry, including WordPress and WooCommerce.
Listen in to learn more about WordFest, tips for Woo builders and a bit of "in hindsight, we should have used WooCommerce".
Mary Job has the passion to bring WordPress and WooCommerce to Nigeria and beyond in Africa.
Listen to these tips from some WooCommerce pros for builders of products, services and websites in 2021.
A chat about bootstrapping to product sales and when you are hit with product challenges resulting from 2020.
Hear how one solopreneur is moving into the WooCommerce space and how she manages her business as a single owner.
Listen in to hear how this year's Black Friday and Cyber Sunday sales went for three popular WooCommerce plugin shops this year.
Robert Jacobi, Industry Analyst Strategist shares a very diverse background in the web space, open source and WooCommerce.
A lively discussion around who the Woo builders are and what opportunities can be found in thee ecosystem.
We have a chance to talk about her transition to Automattic, a bit around the space of subscriptions and, of course, her active role in support at WooCommerce as a Happiness Engineer.
Alex has helped dozens of WooCommerce product builders and he has seen it all. Alex has a pulse on this space and a lot of great insights to share.
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