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Do the Woo - A WooCommerce Podcast
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Do the Woo - A WooCommerce Podcast

Author: Bob Dunn aka BobWP

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Conversations with people from the WooCommerce community about products, services and news. Co-hosts: BobWP, Brad Williams, Jonathan Wold and Mendel Kurland.
59 Episodes
Marketing products for WooCommerce stores is a big challenge for many individuals and companies. Tavleen shares some of her secret sauce around content and learning what customers are looking for.
What happens when you get a group of WordPress geeks, gathered in a virtual networking space at an online summit, and you drop it on them that you are going to record a podcast live, then and there?
Working with a large client and going deep into the checkout process. That is how Clif started while moving to develop a product that makes checkout quicker and more efficient.
When you start with full-fledged agency, and add products into the mix, there is a fine balance you need to meet. Rohan shares with us his story behind WisdmLabs and how they have met this challenge.
What is involved with bringing a hosting company deeper into WooCommerce based on clients needs. Chris shares with us his deep dive into WooCommerce with his newest challenge at WPEngine.
Finding your niche in the WooCommerce extension world may come naturally from a scratch you needed to itch. But how Niklas created his business model stands out a bit from the standard product shop.
Moving into the WordPress and plugin space with a security plugin can lead to so much more. With the importance of logs and how they play into a WooCommerce site, it goes beyond just a secure site.
In this special edition of the Do the Woo podcast, all four co-hosts come together to talk about the Coronavirus and how we are seeing it through.
When you leave a rock band and start creating websites for clients, you never know where it will lead. For Vito is led to a small website agency using WooCommerce and ended with creating a product.
Selling coffee online takes a lot more than nice photos of beans and packages. Doing it right goes deeper. And getting creative during these challenging times is a must.
The journey from client work to product is always interesting. But add to that the running of a plugin that brings marketplaces to WooCommerce sites adds to that mix and makes for a great conversation.
It's alway great chatting with someone who works or owns a company that puts out WooCommerce plugins. But chatting with someone about their 100+ plugins is a different story.
When you have the chance to chat with the General Manager of WooCommerce it brings some great opportunity to dig deeper into the ecosystem. Hearing the vision of 2020, including WooCommerce payments, to the thinking behind the recent Marketplace pricing structure, we have it all in this episode.
While WooCommerce store owners and builders run tests on their sites with new releases, have you ever wondered what kind of testing happens at WooCommerce? Well, let me tell you. It's impressive. In fact, this show is one of our longer ones, and yet, we couldn't cover everything in detail. But we covered a lot.
What happens when you start using WooCommerce and the development of a plugin leads the way into site development. When Anyssa and her partner started looking at options of building eCommerce sites, they tested the waters and discovered their place with WooCommerce.
What paths do you take from the early days of eCommerce in the WordPress space? Justin Sainton shares his experience from working on an eCommerce plugin to using WooCommerce as his choice of plugins.
What challenges are there facing WooCommerce plugin developers when working with Gutenberg? Katie Keith shares what she has learned and tells us more about her WooCommerce journey.
When you call yourself an eCommerce problem solver, why wouldn’t you use WordPress and WooCommerce? Jeff Daigle has 20 years under his belt on the web, and shares his journey with us.
In episode 37, we chat with Zach Stepek about his work with WooCommerce, how he discovered Woo and what brought him to the eCommerce space.
Scott shares his own journey in the eCommerce space and how he moved to WooCommerce along the way. Not unlike a lot of guests we have had, he created a product first off to scratch his own itch and then decided to sell it publicly.
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