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Do the Woo - A WooCommerce Podcast

Do the Woo - A WooCommerce Podcast

Author: Bob Dunn aka BobWP

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Conversations with WooCommerce community developers, designers and agencies who build websites, services and products for WooCommerce.
122 Episodes
Listen in as we hear from ten past guests about how they discovered and started using WooCommerce.
Whether it's your clients site or your own store, you may or may not be keeping mobile apps aligned with what you are building.
We catch up with what's happening with blocks and get some insights from Greg on how WooCommerce blocks play into the bigger picture.
Warren has been with WooCommerce for ten years and sheds some light on some very important questions with his insights and experience.
From being an expert into hooking WooCommerce into a warehouse to being a release lead for WordPress Core, David has done a lot as a full stack developer for 17 years.
There are a lot of opportunities for developers to attend or even start up a WordPress or WooCommerce meetup. Alicia and David dive into it from first-hand experience.
As a WooCommerce builder, you need to keep on top of all the major changes in WordPress core. This episode will get you started.
Get agencies and developers to become your fans and recommend and use your WooCommerce product or service.
A great conversation around the WooCommerce ecosystem and community.
Aidan shares thoughts on outside funding, seasonal inventory, low risk businesses and how he views WooCommerce favorably as a deliberate choice.
Listen in to this live chat with Allen Smith as we talk about WooCommerce documentation, resources, contributing, headless and more.
We are bring more conversation to the podcast. Added perspectives through both the Woo Builder Events and WordPress core.
Listen in as Robbie shares her diverse background of open source work through her agency and her experience with online training.
This conversation takes us deeper into accessibility. Not only do we learn the important basics, but how eCommerce fits into the picture.
Listen in as Adepeju talks about developers, selling on WooCommerce and the future of the marketplace.
Listen as the co-organizers chat about what WooCommerce builders can expect if they attend the weekly events.
Darren Ethier and Gary Murray from WooCommerce join Manos Psychogyiopoulos, Head of Product at SomewhereWarm to talk WooCommerce blocks.
Timmy works on the Woo team and shares what people may not now about building a WooCommerce shop on
Jakes shares his insights about WooCommerce in the enterprise state as well as the 10-year growth of his agency.
In this episode I share the results of my WooCommerce Builder Survey and some snippets on 2020 from past episodes.
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