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Does This Murder Make Me Look Gay?!
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Does This Murder Make Me Look Gay?!

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Vandy Monroe III is about to die. So he invites his best friends (aka his mortal enemies, each of whom has a reason to want him underground) to his Hudson Valley home. He plans to catch the potential killer... only he’s poisoned. When an unexpected storm cuts off power and access to his grand estate, it’s up to James Wilson—aspiring writer and active homosexual—to figure out the killer’s identity before they strike again! Was it the German chef? The demented chanteuse? The Cockney porn star? WHO CAN SAY!!!

DOES THIS MURDER MAKE ME LOOK GAY?! stars Michael Urie, Kate McKinnon, Cheyenne Jackson, Frankie Grande, Lea Salonga, Jonathan Freeman, and a slew of Broadway stars. Buckle up, queer listeners. You’re in for one hell of a gay time...
8 Episodes
DOES THIS MURDER MAKE ME LOOK GAY?! follows James Wilson, an aspiring writer and active homosexual, as he attempts to solve a murder in the Hudson Valley.See for privacy information.
When aspiring writer James Wilson stumbles on a murder, he investigates the gaggle of gays who may have killed his boss, director Vandy Monroe III.  See for privacy information.
A storm has trapped some hungry gays in the Hudson Valley. As secrets pile up, a shocking discovery turns the investigation on its head.See for privacy information.
Episode 3: Opening Doors

Episode 3: Opening Doors


Vandy Monroe III is dead. But who done it? Active homosexual and amateur detective James Monroe thinks he’s found his man… but a second (gay) murder sends (gay) panic throughout the house!See for privacy information.
Lies, and sex, and murder, oh my! A new suspect has emerged, but just as James is about to do some real (gay) detective work, an unexpected guest throws everyone for a loop.See for privacy information.
Episode 5: Ring of Keys

Episode 5: Ring of Keys


A lesbian has entered the mix, and no one is happy about it! But first, James and the guests must deal with something even gayer: ANOTHER murder!See for privacy information.
A missing will, a missing witness, and more slicked-up bodies than a Pride parade. James is at an impasse: can he find the (gay) killer before it’s too late?See for privacy information.
A supernatural breakthrough leads James to finger one of the houseguests. (Not sexually, get your mind out of the gutter!)See for privacy information.
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Bella Ring

As a start woman I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this as much as I did ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ #woke ;)

Jul 23rd