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They’re four-legged, full of love and often times more like family than their nickname suggests. Parcast Network’s endearing original series, Dog Tales, tells the true stories of heroic canines that have gone above and beyond their “best friend” duties. Every Monday, embark on a new journey of courage, service and unwavering sacrifice by our most loyal companions.
Zenit: A Life-Saving Bond

Zenit: A Life-Saving Bond


Military dog trainer Jose Armenta never expected to fall for his bomb-sniffing German Shepherd, Zenit. But a life-changing accident in 2011 taught Jose to open his heart to the dog. Then, it was Jose’s turn to save Zenit.
With a powerful blizzard sweeping across the Alaskan Interior, the Great Serum Run of 1925 was in serious jeopardy. But Togo, Balto, and their determined mushers refused to back down in the face of adversity. The lives of the children back in Nome were hanging in the balance.
In 1925, a deadly diphtheria outbreak gripped the town of Nome, Alaska. Togo, a 12-year old Siberian Husky, was chosen to run a 674-mile relay to transport a vital case of medicine across the Alaskan interior. He’d find help in the form of an unremarkable 6-year old Husky named Balto.
Born on a farm in Switzerland, Buddy was far more than just an ordinary 1920s working dog. She was a German Shepherd bred to fight alongside soldiers, help police track criminals, and assist the Red Cross. But Buddy’s true destiny was yet to come—becoming America's first seeing-eye dog.
Welcome to Dog Tales

Welcome to Dog Tales


Every Monday, hear tales of inspiration from all breeds of life in the new Parcast original series, Dog Tales. Each episode is as unique as the pups themselves, and sure to bring you closer to the furry friend in your life. Like “Buddy” the German Shepherd—the world’s first official seeing-eye guide dog. Or Huskies “Balto” and “Togo,” the sled-dogs who made a life-saving medical delivery from Anchorage to Nome. Dog Tales premieres November 11th. Listen free on Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts. Subscribe today!
Comments (9)

Holly Dawson

I've never been a great fan of German Shepards but after this ep and the first about Buddy, I think I've found a new favourite breed of dog.

Dec 2nd
Reply (1)

Rhonda Hurcum

Fabulous. I'm going to love listening to more true dog stories in this podcast. Such a nice break from true crime stories. Keep up the great work.

Nov 21st

Michelle Monroe

such a great story. Buddy and her owner were so brave and helped so many others.

Nov 14th
Reply (1)

Bri W

So heartwarming about Buddy and her blind owner/friend. So refreshing to hear amid crime and murder broadcasts. thank you parcast!🥰

Nov 13th
Reply (1)

Richard Plessinger

gotta love parcast... need a break from the great crime shows

Nov 13th
Reply (1)
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